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  1. Well, that's what you think you did, but the Revive log is saying something different - or perhaps you repeated the upgrade by accident - or someone else accessing the site did too, and if you look further back in the log file, you will see a different set of messages?
  2. I can answer 1 & 2 - which is Yes, and Yes. 2a isn't really a question, but Revive can support any size banner at all, really, so this is not an issue. 2b isn't something I really know much about - I know there is a Wordpress plugin, but we have not really looked at bringing this over from OpenX to Revive at this stage. But that doesn't matter - you can do all of the above even without a Wordpress plugin.
  3. Targeting channels are just a way of setting up a pre-defined set of target(s) that you can use over and over when doing delivery targeting for banners. However, it certainly sounds like this is a good idea for you - you want to set up a channel for each of the "topics" that you want to target. However, exactly how you define a "topic" depends on how you think you can define where the content is. If each topic lives in a section of your site that is well defined by the URL, then "Site - Page URL" might be a good choice. If you can modify your site's generated content, so that you dynamically insert a variable into the page depending on what the topic is, then the "Site - Variable" option could be what you need. Does that help?
  4. It goes through a process of looking for various options - so as you can see, it says that PAN (phpAdsNew) was not detected, then that MMM was not detected, etc. until it eventually says that it could find "OpenX" 3.0.2, which it "upgraded". However you did it, you must have upgraded the database to the new version at some point, and have then repeated the upgrade!
  5. I'm pretty sure that it will keep all stats, forever.
  6. There's a chance, but it's probably low down the list at the moment for me and the team. You're welcome to put the idea into GitHub, though - or submit a PR for the feature, which would be even better ;-)
  7. Fair enough - I agree that I don't think Revive supports this. Want to log a feature request in GitHub?
  8. Maybe try re-generating the invocation code for a zone, and try testing that to see if clicks get registered?
  9. If it's a brand new Revive Adserver installation, it may take some time before it "learns" how many impressions your zones get, and can accurately set how many impressions to try to allocate to banners. I seem to remember back in the day, we used to recommend that new zones run for a couple of weeks with just remnant inventory before scheduling other types. Give it a try and see if that helps?
  10. If you're missing any of the default plugins for any reason, you can install them by, as an administrator using, going to the "Plugins" tab. Then, click on the "Browse" button in the "Install new plugin" section. Browse through to your Revive Adserver installation root directory, and then look in the "etc/plugins" directory. You can find the .zip files of all the default plugins shipped with Revive Adserver there. Pick the one you want to install, and click the "Install" button.
  11. Great! Could you please also do me a favour, and create a bug in GitHub to note that there's no option for that delivery file? Then we can make sure it gets added to the UI at some point.
  12. I think others have reported that to get the upgrade to proceed, simply create an empty file in the location(s) that the upgrade wizard is requesting. I would think that, at best, this file then gets replaced when the plugin is upgraded to a later version (I am pretty sure all plugins have now been updated to some degree in Revive Adserver), or, at worst, the empty file you create gets copied into the new Revive Adserver installation, but as an empty file, it can't introduce any new exploit and won't add any missing features that you're not already missing as a result of the file being absent. Please note, however, that as you've mentioned old exploits from OpenX, upgrading to Revive can't deal with your server if you've been compromised - you still need to manually clean up all compromised data in your database, remove any users that are not ones that should be there and ideally change all your passwords manually.
  13. As an administrator, go to "Configuration > Global Settings > Geotargeting Settings". Here you can configure various options for letting Revive Adserver do geotargeting, which is what you're talking about for option #1!
  14. ... and what do the log files say about what maintenance is doing, please? Anything interesting in there? If you look in your data_bkt_m table in your database, is there anything in there? (That's where the raw impressions get logged before the maintenance script counts everything up).
  15. If you'd like to contribute to the translations present, please jump over to GitHub, fork the project, and submit your pull requests with any changes or additions. We'd love to have them!
  16. Just for completeness of this thread, there really should be no need to download the default Revive Adserver plugins from anywhere. They are included as part of the install/upgrade package, and should be installed/upgraded when you install/upgrade Revive. If that's not working, please ensure that you take note of any errors that are displayed when installing/upgrading (it should tell you about all plugins that fail to install/upgrade) and look in the Revive Adserver log files, which will also note this and provide more information, which will help us figure out what's going on. Thanks.
  17. It also looks to me like at some point in the past, you have managed to install OpenX twice into the one database? So, if you look in your database, for example, do you see both a table called "acls" and one called "ox_acls"? (It looks like all the OpenX tables are duplicated, from the above error - each being there with and without an ox_ prefix.) This is likely to cause all kinds of issues and confusion for the upgrade system! If you're able to make sure you have a good clean backup of your database, and then figure out which tables are valid, and remove the invalid ones, that would possibly help with some of the errors above.
  18. If you have already got to a certain point of previously installing (rather than upgrading) Revive Adserver, it may be that the Revive Adserver installation is no longer configured in the default state to allow an upgrade to happen. I would remove your Revive Adserver installation (assuming you have not changed over to using it yet), and start again with a fresh un-zip of the install package, and make sure you copy over your OpenX config files (*.conf.php) from the old OpenX var directory to the new Revive Adserver var directory, before you start. It should then do an upgrade, instead of an install. Don't be confused by the config files in any etc directories! They are for new installations only, so leave them well alone.
  19. Which version of Revive are you running, please?
  20. Any reason why we wouldn't support this Matteo? If not, Denis, you could log the feature request in GitHub for us, please? Thanks!
  21. I have to admit that I'm going from memory here - but does it work if you simply use a comma separated list of emails in the field for the email to send the report(s) to?
  22. Yeah, to the best of my knowledge, this isn't something we support natively in Revive Adserver. But it's an interesting idea - want to log it as a new feature request in GitHub?
  23. Exactly so - companion positioning is the feature you're after here.
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