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  1. No idea! What does your log file say?
  2. The Revive Adserver team don't maintain an Azure package. Where are you finding this?
  3. Can you please post a link to a site where it's not working? Or is this for an internal site only, given that it's installed and running on localhost?
  4. My advice would be to add a remnant campaign to the zone. Revive really only works when it knows about all the inventory, and unfortunately, doesn't currently log blank impressions; so you need a remnant campaign there to take up any "spare" inventory and let Revive figure out your real inventory to do a decent job of delivering contract campaigns.
  5. Sounds good! Can you please create an issue in GitHub (ideally, with a pull request too!) Thanks.
  6. Please note that statistics in Revive Adserver are not real-time. You'll need to wait for maintenance to run after the hour is completed before you will see anything appear.
  7. Always interested in pull requests on GitHub! Please by all means, send them through!
  8. Happy to accept pull requests on GitHub!
  9. Yeah, you'll have to trace the code execution with e.g. xdebug, so that you can see where the page submission goes, and add in your support for processing the input to the code. (And then manually manage that change with every upgrade.)
  10. Hi Martin, 1. Yes, it can, and I think XML-RPC is probably the best way to do this. 2. I don't think so, unfortunately. The SPC functionality is only done for JavaScript. 3. Documentation is slowly in progress! (No help now, I know, but if you have specific questions about it, ask away, and we will do what we can.)
  11. Sounds more like you need to ask your hosting provider how to figure out your database username/password, and ensure that the right permissions are available for Revive Adserver to create tables etc.
  12. Should be possible. Just create an HTML banner, and pop the supplied code in - it works for most ad network banners.
  13. Statistics and priorities are only updated hourly, when maintenance runs. Please see documentation!
  14. More likely is that APC didn't correctly cope with the change in files for the upgrade, and clearing the APC cache would have worked? You may find it works again with a cleared out APC cache in place...
  15. I would check the location & permissions for your image storage folder, as you're uploading to the webserver.
  16. Quite possibly! First thing I would check is - do the Adsense banners appear in the Revive UI when you preview the banners? If that is okay, take a look at the zone probability page - do the banners have a non-zero probability? Is the sum of all probabilities for the zone 100%, or is it less (i.e. are you just happening to see blank impressions because you're only using a small part of your inventory by not including a remnant campaign?) HTH.
  17. Back in the day, when Revive Adserver was OpenX Source (around about version 2.6 I think), conversion tracking was done server side. The problem is that the storage requirements for all the data just got too large when you had more than a trivially sized installation. So, everything was moved to be cookie based. I honestly can't see us changing things to work in a non-cookie way. But I suspect you probably could make calls to Revive as you have suggested - or, if all else fails, just write the appropriate data to the database!
  18. Hi, As above, sorry, but we need more information. Post some screenshots of the campaign and banner details for those banners that are not delivering? Also, take a look at the probability % values for those banners in the relevant zone(s) and tell us what you see. Thanks.
  19. Maybe post some screenshots of the campaign and banner details for those banners that are not delivering? Also, take a look at the probability % values for those banners in the relevant zone(s).
  20. See also the documentation: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Revive+Adserver+Documentation
  21. Check your PHP settings - Revive Adserver tries to suppress these warnings, but it can't do so if your PHP config won't allow it.
  22. Sounds like a bug to me - can you report in GitHub, if not already reported, and reference the details & this thread, please?
  23. Can you please provide a lot more information? Like for example - what tag type you are using? Where we can see the generated invocation tag in raw form? Where we can see the tag working on a non-SSL site, and not working on an SSL enabled site? Thanks.
  24. See some of the many other posts on the same topic! However, in short - this was resolved in 3.0.4 (and only affected users running automatic maintenance).
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