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    CORS Error When URL Ends Question Mark

    You could probably raise this as a bug, but I'm not sure if we'd want to fix it - the URL should probably not end with a ? character. Raise it though, and we can discuss if a fix is appropriate in GitHub. Thanks.
  2. andrewatfornax

    Under delivery of contract Campaigns

    Hi, Okay, good news that there's no delivery capping or delivery targets for the contract campaigns - that rules out one possibility. The fact that the traffic comes in during a time window of 9am to 6pm should not matter too much - Revive Adserver has a relatively simplistic way of predicting the volume of traffic expected each hour, which is needed to calculate the probabilities, but that should not be causing an issue with this type of traffic pattern. I think if we want to go any further with debugging this, we'd need to get information about what the "maintenance priority engine" is actually thinking is going on, and what it's deciding to do. In your config file, under the [log] section, can you please change the priority value to 7? (It would normally be 6.) Then empty our your debug.log file, and wait for hourly maintenance to run. Then we should have a complete view of what the MPE is doing... Thanks.
  3. andrewatfornax

    Under delivery of contract Campaigns

    Hi @Dharmesh Maniar, Thanks - this is a terrific question, with some excellent detail, which makes understanding your problem easy! You've inspired me to write a new troubleshooting guide - please take a look at https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Contract+Campaigns+Under-Delivering and see if this is of any help? Thanks!
  4. andrewatfornax

    Empty rv_data_bkt_* tables

    Hi @MiB, If you have been through the https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/No+Statistics guide, I'm not really sure what else I can advise. If the Banner Delivery Logging Plugin is definitely installed and enabled, and banner logging is enabled, and you don't have any block logging options set, then really the only reason I can think of that you don't have anything in the data bucket tables is either a permissions issue (Revive Adserver can't write to the database tables) or a database issue (it's not working correctly). Have you tried manually connection to the database and inserting some data into one of the data bucket tables using the same database credentials that are configured in Revive Adserver?
  5. andrewatfornax

    Banner image won't upload

    Where are your images configured to be stored? Looks like the error relates to failing to perform a DNS lookup on an FTP server address?
  6. andrewatfornax

    Revive for Mobile apps? Need Mobile SDK?

    Hi @dmitry-p, At this stage, no, core Revive Adserver does not have any mobile SDK support, just the standard invocation methods documented.
  7. andrewatfornax

    horizontal scaling

    A plugin that caches delivery write data (e.g. into memcache, redis, etc.) would definitely be possible, if you believe that database clustering/failover, and vertical scaling won't meet your needs. Don't forget that Revive Adserver also support PostgreSQL as well as MySQL - you may find performance differences there that assist with larger scale deployments.
  8. andrewatfornax

    Can't link more than one banner to a zone

    Can you please post a screen shot of the error? Not sure I understand what you mean.
  9. Thank you for the excellent feedback @remy_php! While the core Revive Adserver project won't specifically recommend 3rd party plugins, it's great to hear from the community when they do move forward with a 3rd party on how that has worked for them, so that others can make more informed decisions. Thanks again.
  10. andrewatfornax

    Error on Login

    Check the database logs, that might explain why the query is failing.
  11. Hi @Marty_SVK, Publisher accounts already exist... Perhaps you mean publisher accounts that work differently?
  12. What custom sizes?
  13. andrewatfornax

    horizontal scaling

    Hi @murichej, If you only have one database, you do not need distributed maintenance. With a one database, multiple delivery servers setup (with or without CDN), you only need to run maintenance on the one database. Distributed statistics is for when you have multiple master database. Not recommended/supported.
  14. andrewatfornax

    New user - having geo issues

    Hi @ukescapee, Based on what you are describing, that sounds like a valid solution. Another solution would be to ensure that the targeted banners are in exclusive campaigns, but the default banner is in a remnant campaign. Also, another other solution would be to put all your geo-targeted banners into one zone, and the default banner into a second zone, and the zone-chain the two zones. That way, if a user visits from a country that has a banner which can be shown in the first zone (full of banners that are targeted to specific countries), then they will see the banner for their country. However, as all the banners in the first zone are targeted, if they are not from any of the countries listed, then no banner will be able to be shown - and then it will chain through to the second zone, and they will see the default banner there. Either way, this would save you from having to target the default banner to only deliver when users are NOT from the target countries.
  15. andrewatfornax

    hide globel setting some menu

    There is no general option to allow you to do this - it would need to be a code change.
  16. andrewatfornax

    Get URL Redirect Banner

    Hi @VesperDev, Thanks for this. Based on what you have put above (the Image Tag), I cannot see how you are seeing a different URL when you inspect the click URL in Chrome. If you are still seeing something different, I'd suggest putting the Image Tag into an otherwise empty HTML page, and looking at it there. If that's still showing a different click URL from the tag, please share this as example, because I don't see how this would be true. In terms of the "redirect" not working in your app, I guess that is something you will need to debug - we don't have enough information to know how your app handles the click URL when clicked.
  17. andrewatfornax

    Banner not linked with zones

  18. andrewatfornax

    Zip Code Targeting

    I think it is comma separated - but if you can confirm that would be great - just try it and see!
  19. andrewatfornax

    2 revive Tags are not working on the same webpage

    Any options like companion positioning enabled?
  20. andrewatfornax

    responsive ads serve on a zone

    Hi @garfieldmypet, Yes, you certainly can - just use a different zone tag type. https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Invocation+Code%3A+Zone+Level
  21. Hi @Sabrina Muntean, Yes, the linked issue https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/924 was resolved in Revive Adserver 4.1.2.
  22. andrewatfornax

    New user - having geo issues

    Hi @ukescapee, For UK visitors, yes, both Ad1 and Ad2 will be shown, as there is no delivery rule associated with Ad1 or Ad2 that prevents the banners from displaying. It is not the case that Ad1 will be shown more often as a result of its delivery rule. All that delivery rules do is effectively decide which banners from the total possible set of banners that could be shown need to be removed from that set. Once that is done, you have a set of banners which can be shown - and the normal priority selection mechanisms apply. You can read more here: https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Banner+Selection+Mechanism
  23. andrewatfornax

    Displaying multiple banners in a zone

  24. andrewatfornax

    Get URL Redirect Banner

    Maybe give us some more information please - like where are you getting the first URL from? What type of invocation code tag are you generating?
  25. andrewatfornax

    revive login and panel appears different

    Duplicate post.