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  4. Hi, Does the Revive AdServer support *.webp image files, for ads? Many thanks, Jason
  5. Hi, we have some troubles delivering Adsense banner using our Revive instance. We followed the guidelines on https://www.revive-adserver.com/faq/using-google-adsense-with-revive-adserver/ but the banner is not rendered. We tried both adaptive banner and fixed dimension banner but the result is the same, a blank box in the sidebar (https://www.calciolecce.it/). How ca we solve it?
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  7. Right now Google PageSpeed Insights marks all images from the Revive Ad Server as 'problematic'. Serve images in next-gen formats: Both 125x125 and 728x60 Efficiently encode images: 125x125 What can we use to optimize these images so they aren't marked as issues in Google PageSpeed Insights? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I am trying to upgrade my Revive Ad Server to the newest version. I followed all the steps shown here: https://www.revive-adserver.com/support/upgrading/ Currently I'm stuck in the section "Performing the upgrade" > "2. Run the upgrade wizard". "After you’ve completed copying the database as described in the previous step, you can run the upgrade wizard. In your web browser, enter the address of your new Revive Adserver version, which in the example used in this article would be: http://www.example.com/adserver_new" In my installation, I did as instructed but I'm having the following error message that doesn't allow me to complete the upgrade process: "Sorry, but the Revive Adserver installer system cannot currently be started Detected problem: PHP version 7.0.8, or greater, was not detected." I contacted my Hosting Provider but the said that the domain have PHP 5.6 and if they force it to 7.1 it will potentially damage the code of the plugins in the site and that it is irreversible. Please help! Thank you!
  9. Hi Revivers! We are managing a website and have recently set up an online-video format for our advertisers. The format is a stand-alone-outstream-video, so the ad space only contains advertisers videos, no other content. Which plug-in should we invest in to provide our advertisers with, number of views, VTR view through rate, and so on, in the best way through revive adserver? Best regards Victor
  10. I just change some details inside a banner, that i had already created on an old campain, and i change the img and the size and i cant see the change on my website. Do i have to wait some time to see the changes? i tried deleting the cache and cookies and nothing happend. Thnaks
  11. During installation Database phase, the following error appears: Installation failed to write database details to the configuration file. I can't continue with the installation due to this error. Any idea how to overcome this problem?
  12. Hello, we have a very simple setup for our Revive Ad Server. It is Revive 4.1.4 as we currently are unable to get off PHP 5. It is delivering Ads to one website. Each page on the website has up to three zones on a page maximum and all campaigns are remnant campaigns. We wanted a banner to go when place when clicked if on mobile as opposed to a different place when a desktop user clicks the banner. It seemed the simplest way to get the desired result was to add the banner once as "Mobile" with one link as the target when clicked and the second time as "Desktop" with the other link for when it is clicked. Then we would just add the appropriate Delivery Rules to "Only show this banner when" for each one. The issue is that no matter what I have as rules, the mobile version of the banner is the only one shown on desktop or mobile. I have tried changing the invocation code to javascript rather than async but that didn't help either. Here are the rules below. I added the REGEX one while testing as a last ditch effort to get it working. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Mobile Banner Delivery Rules Desktop Banner Delivery Rules
  13. I am having trouble linking my campaigns to any of my zones of Revive v4.2.0. I can link them at the banner level, but when I click on linked zones on any campaigns it does not appear with any zones available. I am using custom banner dimensions 327 x 273 (the zones are the same dimensions). Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. The second question: Is there any Callback (JS function) that the banner in the zone number # has been loaded?
  15. Hi there! I have several zones where banners are displayed. Sometimes the banner is removed from publication, it's OK, but the zone stay on a page. How can I use JS to determine in which zone the banner is missing or zone is empty? I noticed the data-revive-seq attribute in the <ins ...> tag, but cannot find it in your documentation. What is it for? Thank you, Damir
  16. How to Use Revive Adserver Introducing the new How To article section, with tutorials for new and experienced users of the Revive Adserver software. How to use Revive Adserver – Getting Started Tutorials Anyone using the Revive Adserver software will agree that it is relatively simple to use. There aren’t as many bells and whistles as we see in other ad serving systems, many of which every day users won’t actually need. How To Articles Still, as with any specialized software, there is a bit of a learning curve. In order to help new users get started quickly and easily, we’ve worked on a new How To section here on our website. Right now, there is already a nice collection of articles covering the basics of the software: advertisers, campaigns, banners, websites, zones, and preferences. Once you’ve studied these articles and followed the examples, you’ll have a good level of understanding for the most commonly used features. Each article is filled with a large number of screenshots, visually demonstrating the explanations and instructions. There are also many tips and best practices, straight from the developers of the software, and based on over a decade of hands-on experience helping literally hundreds of users and clients. Over the coming months, we will continue to add articles, making the new How To section even more comprehensive. The table of contents below will automatically be updated every time an article gets added. Articles about How to Use Revive Adserver Advertisers Create an Advertiser Campaigns Create a Campaign Link a Campaign to Zones Campaign Types Campaign Pricing Models Banners Create a Banner Define Delivery Rules Websites Create a Website Zones Create a Zone Create Zone Invocation Code Preferences Create Delivery Rule Sets The post Announcing new How to Use Revive Adserver articles section appeared first on Revive Adserver. View the full article
  17. If $adId is empty then you have no banner whose URL should be used in place of the oadest URL. The problem I was solving was a request that contained both a banner ID and a bogus oadest. My change forces the use of the banner's URL when the banner ID is supplied, ignoring the oadest URL. It does not affect the behaviour if there is no banner ID provided. Sorry. The alternative would be to modify the procedure return an empty string if no $adId is specified, but I have no idea how often and/or where requests without a banner ID may be generated otherwise, so that modification might break some other functionality that I don't know about.
  18. IvorD, Unless I am doing something wrong, when there is: empty($aAd) it still forwards the page. i.e. <server>/www/delivery/ck.php?oadest=https://www.google.com brings up Google. It's messy PHP, I know - sorry 😉, but I think if you also stick the red text in MAX_querystringGetDestinationUrl then you just get a white page (the same as if $dest is null) for above. if (empty($aAd)) { return; } if (empty($dest)) { return; } Is there anything I missed doing this? 🤔 Alex
  19. Hi I have problems displaying Revive (just installed on a shared hosting server)re, in Firefox and Brave browsers (Windows 10). Basically the page doesn't load properly with no styling/graphics which actually makes it tricky to use. I tried clearing the cache but that didn't help. Similarly the Revive forums also do the same, and the Revive website's header doesn't load properly. I'm not experiencing issues with other sites. I switched to using Safari in Mac to be able to use the ad server (and the same used to be the case with Open X before Revive so it's a longstanding inconvenience) as that browser/system seems to be OK. Any ideas please? I'd prefer to use FF in Windows. Thanks
  20. Problem: I need your help because after migrating the version of the AdServer from 4.1.3 to 5.0.5. All start working fine but then, randomly the application stop working and then start working by itself. This happen constantly. Infra info: Let me give more detail about my infra, I have my domain pointing to an Application load balancer and this pointing to an EC2 instance m4.large with a centos fedora. We are using autoscalling on this solution. Thoubleshooting: 1) I did extended ping to my instance, I never lost packets. 2) I did telnet to the ports 80 and 443 I could stablish communication. 3) I tested the connectivity to the application by browsing through Internet (80 and 443). The connection is unstable, sometime work, sometimes not. 4) I tested the connectivity to the application by browsing inside my network pointing directly to the instance through (80 and 443). The connection is unstable, sometime work, sometimes not. That means the ALB is not problem. 5) I disable and enable all the plugins, one per time and I still facing the same issue. At this I think the problem is on the application and not in the infra, but I don’t have any idea how discover where is the problem and how solve it. Anyone have any idea what could happening with this installation? How can I discover the problem
  21. IvorD, Many thanks, I'll give it a go tomorrow. I am confused too. I can't think what they're doing that would mean it would use an alternative URL for an Ad?! All I need it for is one URL/Ad. Alex
  22. Caveat: My solution below may or may not break something else of which I am not aware. I have not had ANY response to inquiries about under what circumstances the oadest URL would legitimately differ from the URL associated with the banner identified by the "bannerid" (aka "$adId") in the same query. I even asked someone directly who said they had spent hours unsuccessfully looking for a workaround to the open redirection requirement, but have had no response so far. It's evidently a deliberate design choice. I solved my problem (see previous post in this thread) in function MAX_querystringGetDestinationUrl with the following change to force it to use the URL associated with the banner instead of the URL supplied in the oadest parameter when the banner is identified in the request: < if (empty($dest) && !empty($adId)) { --- > if (/* id: Force use of ad's url: empty($dest) &&*/ !empty($adId)) { In the source code the function is in www/delivery_dev/ck.php but that is assembled into both www/delivery/ck.php and www/delivery/lg.php for distribution. I wrote a bash script so I can re-apply the patch to future releases for our deployment. It saves the original file with a .save suffix: #!/bin/bash # # Apply this script to the following adserver files: # www/delivery/ck.php # www/delivery/lg/php # # to avoid open redirection in ad click URLs # file=$1 tmpFile=${file}.tmp if [ "$file" = "" ]; then echo "usage: $0 filename" exit 1 fi if [ ! -w $file ]; then echo "Cannot write file $file" exit 1 fi if [ $file:h = $file:t ]; then file=$cwd/$file fi egrep "function MAX_querystringGetDestinationUrl" $file > /dev/null status=$? if [ $status -eq 0 ]; then if [ ! -e $file.save ]; then echo Copying $file to $file.save cp -p $file $file.save fi script=/tmp/sed.$$ cat > $script <<EOF s|(empty(\$dest) && !empty(\$adId))|(/* empty(\$dest) \&\& */ !empty(\$adId))| EOF sed -f $script $file > $tmpFile status=$? if [ $status -eq 0 ]; then diff -c $file $tmpFile /bin/mv $tmpFile $file else rm -f $tmpFile fi rm -f $script echo "Fixed $file" fi
  23. Hi Ivor, I have this problem too! My VPS provider emailed a link, it forwards to a page that is virus laden and I have to sort it out. Did you find where you can stop it have open forwarding? Alex
  24. And performing a clean install, following documented upgrade procedures, results in the upgrade process copying over the backdoored file from the previous installation and then crashing, because it's still bugged. I give up
  25. Exact same problem here. doubleclick.class.php was replaced with a backdoor file. Running revive 5.0.2. The file modification date was Dec 2019, we just didn't notice it until now. This forum topic was the 1st result on google search for the issue, so hopefully this helps someone else.
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