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  2. Hello I have an article about this problem. I hope this will help for you and others. https://www.thedevline.com/openx-blank-statistics-page-fixed/
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  4. I still try to understand this change in version 5.1.0. Click tracking via ck.php is deprecated and the behaviour of some ad render internal functions (_adRenderBuildClickUrl, _adRenderBuildParams) has changed accordingly. The "{clickurlparams}" magic macro has been removed. Does this mean, that I can't use any magic macros for passing {bannerid}, {zoneid}, {campaignid} or any user defined parameter like {uid} to the click destination like below. Is there any way to pass the informations of the used ad to the click destination? /cl.php?bannerid=xx&zoneid=yy&sig=xxxx&maxdest=http://destination.domain.com?uid={uid}&source={source}&banner_id={bannerid}&zone_id={zoneid}&campaign_id={campaingid}&destination=https://final.destination.com/
  5. The only workaround I've found for this is to use @media CSS in your page layout to hide the larger banner on smaller screens and vice versa for the smaller banner. If you use the Bootstrap framework (or similar) this is made simpler as you can use the display classes. Obviously not an idea situation because the stats will be off (inflated impressions and reduced click thrus). But it's a method. Cheers, Pete
  6. Hi all, I've just installed a fresh download of Revive on a dedicated server. So it's Revive 5.3.0 running on Ubuntu 18.04 (x86_64) running PHP 7.4. Everything seems to be working apart from two things. Firstly, downloaded Excel reports won't open in Excel... well, it 'opens' it, but it doesn't display (and if I try in Apple Numbers it says 'unsupported version of Excel'). Opening the file in a pure text editor shows about a page of what could be XLS format, followed by what appears to be the HTML for Revive's homepage. Not an Excel expert, but pretty sure that shouldn't be there. Is there a way to export in CSV or XLSX? Or just get XLS working? I'm pretty familiar with PHP so if anyone with knowledge of the inner workings of the export routine could point me in the right place I may have a stab at writing that myself. Second problem is more of a niggle, but I know once I let this server loose on the user he's going to complain about it. Default page after login takes me to the security maintenance page complaining the browser can fetch files it shouldn't, for example var/cache/README.txt. I've tried using .htaccess and even deleted the README.txt file, yet the warning still keeps popping up. Any ideas? Cheers, Pete
  7. Ads Not showed after first post, we had enabled continuous posts in wordpress. Post Ads code Present in post body but ads not showing.. https://mpcnews.in/maval-bandh-announced-by-mva-government-247783/
  8. My installation just gives me a small non graphical GUI with things to do on the left bar.. Is this normal or is there a GUI available?
  9. If anyone encounters a problem with SQL implode to table rv_zones or any others, below I left TRIGGER to fix it. DELIMITER $$ CREATE TRIGGER implode_detection_rv_zones BEFORE UPDATE ON rv_zones FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF OLD.prepend <> NEW.prepend THEN set NEW.prepend = SUBSTRING(NEW.prepend, 1, POSITION('span><script' in NEW.prepend)+4); END IF; END $$ DELIMITER ;
  10. Total Newbie question here. I've not yet installed Revive so hopefully this isn't a common question. I'm looking for a plugin where my advertisers can set up an account, submit their advertisements for moderation, if the ad is approved they can then purchase an ad run BUT the advertiser bids against AdWords for the ad spot. Is there such a thing?
  11. Hi there, Does anyone know how to display different banners depending on what device the user has? ie. 728x90 leader for desktop only, and a 300x250 for mobile only This seems like a standard requirement these days and I can't find any mention of this in the settings. Any help or advice is much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers, Dan
  12. We are experiencing the same exact issue except with most recent 5.3.0 release. New install with standard plugins. Apache, PHP 7.4.23 and mysqli 10.3.31-MariaDB. Test banner and other tabs in admin interface work okay for us as well.
  13. We finally got HTML5 banners working again with Revive. Unfortunately I cannot say what exactly the source of the problem was. My colleague re-created the banners using the latest version of Google Web Designer where he specifically checked the click tag settings before exporting. Important is to use the "export" option of Web Designer, not the "save" option to create the final .zip file. Also we have noticed that there might be problems with the click tag that depend on the browser or browser version. With Chrome based browsers there seem to be the least problems.
  14. Replied to myself. Solved most of the issues by re-running the update and loading the new version as root and flushing all the caches. Still, the issue with the security is appearing.
  15. Hello all, I just upgrade to version 5.3 from 5.05 and I keep getting a security flag. ---- Your browser was able to fetch some files that should not be accessible. For example: var/cache/README.txt ---- VAR is set on 777 as it was in the past. Any idea why? The files were uploaded via FTP as I did in the past, so the owner is the FTP user. Also for the first time I couldn't lock the settings file with 644 permissions, I had to set the file with 444 and when selecting the product updates button is putting the browser window in a loop, doesn't matter what kind of browser, even with cache cleared. Apache - PHP 7.3.30 - MySQL 5.5.68 Maria-DB Thank you
  16. Did this work in 5.0.4, but now is broken in 5.0.5? Because it kinda looked like things were going okay earlier in 2020...?
  17. I think there was a "solution" that didn't work, then then they did another solution that *did* work... if I'm understanding things correctly, and I could certainly be wrong. Here's the (possible) solution to the Google-Chrome-SameSite,issue:
  18. Dang. When I saw your subject line in response to my search, I was hopeful of an answer, and possibly even a solution. I guess not, huh? If I figure anything out (a big "if", as I'm not that bright sometimes), I'll try to remember to post a follow-up here. ============================== Edit: Is this (below) maybe the answer we're looking for...?
  19. Thank you Ian. Could you please direct me to some docs about the API or REST API ? Thanks
  20. We are new to Revive and really appreciate this beautiful project. Thank you very much. ๐Ÿ™‚ We would like to integrate Revive on our social media site. Meaning, every user can create and manage his own campaigns without help of the admin. The users will not have access to all the features, e.g. they will be restricted to some types and sizes of banners, zones, etc. Is it possible to do it? Thanks
  21. Is a good idea. Iยดm looking for this functionality for connect Revive Ad Server with Google Data Studio.
  22. I suspect it is some kind of SQL implode into the database. Have any of you encountered this problem? Ad server is running on AWS.
  23. Hi, I have a problem with imploding some extra date to rv_zones table. I found an extra code - JS script - in to my prepend field in rv_zones. It's a second time when I have come across something like this. Have any of you had to deal with this?
  24. Hey Long time Revive Adserver user here (since when it was OpenX). For each upgrade I have copied the existing config file over as per the instructions. Now I'm wondering if anything needs to be changed in the config to use/convert to utf8mb4? Here's the config I'm using (there doesn't seem to be a "reference config" to look at): [database] type=mysqli host=localhost socket="/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock" port=3306 persistent= mysql4_compatibility=1 protocol=tcp compress= ssl= capath= ca= [databaseCharset] checkComplete=1 clientCharset= [databaseMysql] statisticsSortBufferSize=
  25. I'm using Plesk Server Provisioning Control panel and I was also getting the 403 error until I switched from COMODO to OWASP ModSecurity which now allows me to add users and advertisers. Both COMODO AND OWASP are OpenSource programs
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