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  3. Hi, We use the self-hosted version of Revive and recently upgraded to the newest version (5.1.1) and one of our advertisers just reported the the error message "You Don't Have Access To That Page. You Have Been Re-Directed" when he tried to access one of his campaigns in his admin. (Because advertisers can´t create new campaigns (and upload new banners), they use the possibility to update the banners (image and links) of existing campaigns created by us. This normally spares us the work of constantly being emailed new banners and uploading them 🙂) I logged in as an advertiser an
  4. Templates from https://www.genecy.com/dfp/ are quite reliable but you'd need to use Google Ad Manager. If you wanted something custom, feel free to email me at hugh @ vmrcommunications dot com
  5. You need to modify the delivery file you use (asyncspc.php or afr.php) Search for : $imageTag = "$clickTag<img src='".htmlspecialchars($imageUrl, ENT_QUOTES)."' width='$width' height='$height' alt='$alt' title='$alt' border='0'$imgStatus />$clickTagEnd"; change it to : $imageTag = "$clickTag<img src='".htmlspecialchars($imageUrl, ENT_QUOTES)."' width='$width' height='$height' loading='lazy' alt='$alt' title='$alt' border='0'$imgStatus />$clickTagEnd";
  6. I saw a post that said you can do lazy loading by adding some line of code at www/delivery/asyncspc.php. But i don't know for sure that that is how is done. Can you show me how to do that.
  7. I am getting the following error when clicking on banner ads using any of the invocation codes, including the async code. Not Acceptable! An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security. Notes: 1. I checked permissions on cl.php and the folder containing it and they are 644 and 755 respectively. 2. Php version is 7.3 3. We are using hostgator as our server.
  8. I figured it out: 1. sudo nano /etc/php/7.4/cli/php.ini 2. uncomment ;extension=pgsql and ;extension=pdo_pgsql 3. sudo apt-get install php7.4-pgsql << choose your php version here 4. sudo ufw allow 5432/tcp 5. service apache2 restart postgresql is now an option in the dropdown
  9. I cannot connect to postgresql database using user and password I created... only show MySQLi as option for database type
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  11. Hi! nobody else has this problem? I found it also on github (https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/1232) and it seemed to be fixed in version 5.1.2. When will it be released? tobean
  12. I tried to install revive but it was unable to do first it shows "Installation failed to create the core tables" after trying again it says " The database you have chosen already contains tables with the prefix rv_Please either remove these tables or choose a new prefix " Image1 Image2 I checked the previous threads but they are for low version!! and my host provier says try to change database type to mySQLi to mySQL but there is no option to select mySQL!
  13. Thank you Thierry ... I've had a malware issue that is so sporadic it was hard to prove it was in fact revive. I just checked the www/image folder and sure enough there was the culprit. Have you found any other malicious files since? Thanks again!
  14. I am in need to find someone well versed in dealing with push down / expandable creatives to help create a solution. Currently we are mainly running Revive Hosted, but I can go back to the Revive local install if needed, and we also have a Google Ad Manager account if needed (hate it to be honest) We server out own banners bought on a time based sell. Per month mainly, and I have a request for a responsive push down banner ad, that would be 1920x100 expanded to 1920x400 changing on scroll or mouse in/out. I've tried a couple things, including using expandablebanners.com but it
  15. The var folder including all subfolders are not accessable from outside. See .htaccess
  16. Thank you very much. I am sure that is what is going on. I will work on fixing it. Mike
  17. Hi everyone, (TL;DR at the end) been a long time user of openx+revive (since around 2008). Just to say, that we know the product 🙂 Since a few month, we noticed that we had some adverts being hijacked with suspects links, etc... BUT ONLY FOR MOBILES PHONES Being a long time user, we checked everything (append and prepend on zones + banners), nothing there because we locked these tables since a long time. All password were changes and so on, php execition is allready forbiden in the image foder since a long time. Because we did not find the cause, we did a deep investigations
  18. hi there... probably a mix of http & httpS
  19. It is a http/https issue and chaning the invocation calls is not enough. Your banner images are stored as external links and they are still called by http. At first I would recommend to store banners locally in the adserver. Then they will automatically delivered by the protocol the adserver is using. Nevertheless you should use only https, on every site, both forums and adserver. properwash.com has a certificate, subdomain www not. Why?
  20. Not possible anymore. They have removed this way to track clicks. See https://www.revive-adserver.com/blog/revive-adserver-v5-1-0-released/ 3rd party click tracking is now very limited, revive nearly unusable, at least for some use cases. We are unhappy, to put is politely.
  21. I had the same. Error was thrown by reading the configuration file. It was not able to read or parse some values, or someting like this. I'd simply put some values (e.g. database password) in quotation marks and it worked.
  22. Hi! the last update crashes banner links containing "?" and/or "&". This is a heavy bug affecting all links with Google utm-Parameters! Here is the error message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to MAX_querystringGetDestinationUrl() must be of the type int, null given, called in .../www/delivery/cl.php on line 3353 and defined in .../www/delivery/cl.php:3224 Stack trace: #0 .../www/delivery/cl.php(3353): MAX_querystringGetDestinationUrl(NULL, NULL) #1 {main} thrown in .../www/delivery/cl.php on line 3224 Please provide a fix for
  23. then there is probably a backdoor placed on your server.
  24. I have the same problem on the latest version of Revive Adserver, it bothers me. I am on version 5.0.5 even though I am upgrading to a higher version. the problem remains the same. 1 - I clean the addition, the prefix of the tables 2 - updating with new files 3 changing the database password and username 4 - changing the administrator password 5 - the configuration of nginx when I request support for revive adserver. I only have one answer (please update revive adserver)
  25. How can I receive email notifications of updates to Revive? I just discovered that 5.5.1 is out with a security update, but never received an email about this. I thought I was on the list, but apparently I'm not.
  26. this is a security vulnerability that still exists on revive adserver 5.0.5 or higher. revive-adserver can't find a solution, they always blame the other "server ..." I delete rows from the database every day
  27. Hello, Since the update, we are unable to track clicks on 3rd party JavaScript tags. We understand the update has removed open redirects, however, we simply can't tell every advertiser that supplies us with 3rd party tags, that their code is no longer valid -- especially if that is the only code they have available for their ads. Does anyone know how to get these to work? Relying on a client's metrics is not a route we want to go for 3rd party delivery, either, since we utilize first party metrics to adjust our advertising campaigns and initiatives. We also have numerous clients who
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