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  2. I realize that on the "Hosted Edition" version when I create a zone, in the "Zone type" part I don't have "Interstitial or Floating DHTML", is this a bug? Thx
  3. Hi guys, could someone tell me, how can I extend plugin openXDeliveryLimitations ? I mean - how can I add my own delivery rules. I saw dir with name "demoExtension" in "plugins_repo". I think that is what I need, but I don't imagine what I must did with this example.
  4. hi I just found RA and trying to find out how things are working. one of my requirements is to count and track all out-bounds clicked URLs (just like google analycitc even or google tag manager) . Does Revive has this feature ? to explain the situation in detail , i have a website which promote other websites and my viewer click on their links and transfer to my client website to buy things , i need to count and track all those links.(i also can use link forwarder tools but prefer to accumulate all ads data in one report) many thanks
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  6. Hi to all, before the update to Revive 5.0.5 I has Revive 4.1.4. Well, with the 4.1.4 version the sites that uses the Revive TAG to display banners, doesn't loads very speedly, but they loads in a little over of the user friendly time. Now, after the 5.0.5 version, the time to load the sites is very very hard... the load is very very very very slowly!!! Revive is installed on https://adv.inonda.tv and you can see one of the sites that it is too slow now on https://eventi.inonda.tv The server resources are not saturated, they don't come up over 40%. What could
  7. How to generate codes to show the ads in Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)?
  8. Hey Everyone. I am a manager who has just returned to working in web marketing after a 6 year hiatus. I was a former OpenX user and have installed Revive on our server with the purpose of running ad campaigns, as well as tracking internal links on our site. I am having an issue with a geo targeted campaign, whose banners I am running across 5 ad non-exclusive zones. When I check my stats, about 2/3 of the banners that I have assigned do not show any impressions. I cannot find any inconsistencies between how I have set these up, and I cant seem to figure out why. I am wondering if the
  9. It appears that the admin "statistics" UI pulls data from ox_data_summary_ad_hourly. Is it safe to prune ox_data_intermediate_ad and data_bkt_* data if it has already been added to ox_data_summary_ad_hourly (i.e. after the maintenance script has successfully run)? Thanks in advance.
  10. I did not set anything. all configs are default. did not config tls. at some point I expect to add it via letsencrypt cert installed to apache. I found the following in the install.php, uncommented it, re-ran. still nothing being logged to error.log in apache. still times out on infinite loop. anything else I should look at? maybe try a different OS and/or php version?? error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT); ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1); ini_set('display_errors', 1);
  11. hm, okay .. did you set a redirect in for example apache to use https or so ?
  12. the plan is to use cockroachdb. i'm ok with doing mysql or pgsql. the docs look like I enter the db config during the run of install.php?? does the db config need to be in config file somewhere in advance?
  13. new install, ubuntu 20.04, fresh apache2, revive-adserver-5.0.5 php7.4 by default failed. down rev to php7.2 apache access log shows infinite loop: get "/ad/www/admin/index.php" get "/ad/www/admin/install.php" where is the trigger(file, env variable, etc) to show that adserver has gone through the install? any other suggestions?
  14. With those kinds of volumes, running maintenance once per hour should be more than sufficient. There are almost never any good reasons to run it more often.
  15. See https://www.revive-adserver.com/mailinglist/ and we post every release on Twitter as well.
  16. Hi, I have bought the hosted plan but I'm encountering a strange issue. I have gone through the documentation. And I had successfully created advertisers and banners. To test it I created a simple html file that used asynch js, and also another on one that just use simple html with an image tag that pulled from "http://servedby.revive-adserver.net/avw.php?zoneid=6942&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&n=ae58fdb4". They both worked fine. Then a couple of days later it didn't work anymore! I thought perhaps I had added some expiration date to the campaign but there was no expiry dat
  17. Alex

    API access

    I need to access to the Revive API from a Wordpress Website, somebody knows how can i do that?
  18. Hi guys, Have you had any previous experience with the plug-ins offered by http://www.reviveadserverplugin.com/? Thanks!
  19. Same question here, we have pretty high volume (20-25M impr. / day), do we need to run maintenance more frequently? At the moment we are facing table locks during the maintenance (if we run once per hour). Thanks!
  20. Hi! Experiencing same problem, maintenance script locking database, any thoughts? Revive Adserver v5.0.5, DB: MariaDB 10.5 (InnoDB), PHP 7.4.11 Thank you!
  21. Hi, here a some more detailed information from the browser console (Filefox). Page: adserver/www/admin/campaign-edit.php Error messages: Content Security Policy: The page settings have blocked the loading of a resource on eval ("script-src"). min.php:409:23 Content Security Policy: The page settings have blocked the loading of a resource on eval ("script-src"). xajax.js:91:142 Uncaught EvalError: call to eval() blocked by CSP (about 20 more messages independant from content security policy declarations) I hope this information will help to fix the
  22. Hi, I have installed Revive in a subdirectory of my domain and it runs without problems since years. Now I installed some Content Security Policy rules in the .htaccess file for more security. After doing that the maximum number of the impressions of a campaign is 10. Higher numbers cannot be stored and will be corrected to 10. The priority level is also 10. If I reduce the priority level to a lower number, e.g. 1 the campaign can have only 1 impression. If I disable the Content Security Policy rule a campaign can have any number of impressions I put in. Has anyone an idea
  23. I realise I can add a remnant campaign to the zone which will display. This isn't a helpful solution though as I can't accurately track impressions. My override campaigns are all limited per day currently and I need to keep the reporting accurate
  24. Hi, really need some help with this one. For some reason my ads won't display on mobile. I have several zones set up and all of them have been set up in the same manner but with different banner sizes. I have been experimenting with adding different zones to the header section(the zone that isn't displaying on mobiles) and they work fine. All the other zones are remnant campaigns and all work on mobile. I have therefore narrowed the problem down to it being due to the contract and override campaigns. How can I fix this please? I notice on the zone page there is a small icon over the zone which
  25. I have a daily newsletter that goes out that can have a lot of ads on it, 15 or more on some days. I have had issues with my server slowing and/or crashing with max_children errors, which the host has mentioned email servers and Revive ad server scripts. I noticed yesterday when we had a very light ad day, about 6 or so, that the slow down didn't seem to happen. I have exhausted all other options other than Revive itself, I even took the website ads and pushed them to Revive Hosted to see if that would help. So now all that is hoisted on my server are the newsletter ads. Could
  26. Does anyone have a workflow to integrate Google Analytics on the campaign level? Is this even possible? I want to see this project thrive, but Google Analytics is the best reporting for stats. I must not be the only one out there with this question?
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