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  2. Yes it can be used for video advertising
  3. Can this software be used for video advertisements or print only?
  4. Unless I am missing something, I see no way to create zones without attaching them to a website. So it would be nice to be able to create your zones a head of time (one time only) and then attach them to the website using a dropdown instead of manually having to add each one every time. It is a little tedious the way it is set up now.
  5. I'd like to use Digital Ocean's managed database and managed kubernetes but their managed database only supports mySQL version 8 (which will not work with Revive according to the revive help docs) and PostgreSQL version 10 and above. If you have experience installing revive on Digital Ocean, please send me a message. Thanks!
  6. I have just installed Revive Ad Server onto my server which uses a wordpress platform and installed the Code Embed plugin. After setting up my website, campaign and linking I got my invocation code and used the Code Embed plugin to place it where ever I like. When I view it on a mobile phone it always resizes to the viewport being used. Even when I resize my browser on a laptop or desktop it always resizes to fit the viewport. Not sure if this helps in your case but maybe it is the way you are implementing the invocation code into your wordpress pages.
  7. The solution is deactivate the Apache ModSecurity, from "active" to "just detection".
  8. I gave up trying to find the answer and uploaded the backup. I'll install on my local server to see if I can replicate the issue and find an answer but for now, I gave up trying to find the answer to the 403. Things I tried: changed permission directories to 777 or a+w changed permission on config files switched from php7.3 to 7.4 to 8.05 cleared browser cache checked .htaccess Hope this helps find the answer if you run in to my issue. The thing that's strange is that the previous version of Rivie works without issues. Thank you
  9. Good morning, I have several questions about revive: - I do not find the button 'delete' anymore so I can't cancel campaigns, advertisers, ... - There are a huge difference between impressions and requests, would you have some reasons ? - Normally, we have a banner which appears on our webiste at severals places. Since a month, it appears only on the top of the website, not anymore on the others places. I can not find a reason . Could you help me ? Thank you for your help, Best regards
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  11. Revive Adserver v5.2.0 running on Apache, PHP 7.4.12 and MySQL 5.7.28-log. Maintenance indicates it's running normally. I'm a newbie with a fresh install of Revive server. I have 100 campaigns set up, all identical except for name and banner links. They are remnant campaigns with unlimited views and low priorities. Banners are all generic HTML ads from a large affiliate service. All display on banner setup page. All are linked to the same set of zones. The campaigns page indicates they are all running. The banner proba
  12. at least we can help one another... this is what I'm trying to do sharing my experience & findings (I wouldn't have done it without this forum otherwise).
  13. When testing my vast tag at https://developers.google.com/interactive-media-ads/docs/sdks/html5/client-side/vastinspectorI see the following error in the event log of the tester (6:05:39 PM) Ad error: AdError 1010: The ad response was not understood and cannot be parsed. Notes: The tag is of the following form: https://revive.mydomain.com/www/delivery/fc.php?script=bannerTypeHtml:vastInlineBannerTypeHtml:vastInlineHtml&format=vast&nz=1&zones=pre-roll%3D5 where 5 is the zone ID When I enter the URL in my browser (just to see what the response is), it looks
  14. Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource. Apache Server at adserver.440music.com Port 443 adding an advertiser is forbidden, the install is flawless and database is built and I can navigate around but can not add as the manager or administrator. I have full control over the server and was working prior to moving to the new servers. Been struggling with this for a few hours and haven't found the solution in the docs or forum. Any ideas would be help full. can not save any information changed permissions still same error fresh install ----- install back ---
  15. Hello GoodVib, have you looked at this? https://www.revive-adserver.com/blog/maxminds-new-license-key-for-downloading-geolite2-files/ with more details about how you are using GeoTracking(MaxMind) would allow replies with a better answer. Good luck. Tommy
  16. Or you can just ignore this and nearly every other post in your forum...it seems like nothing ever gets a reply here. I'm not sure who's running the show, but it seems like most issues posted here go unanswered. Why bother having a forum at all? Just ignore it, and it will go away, right?
  17. Can someone please help me to find the API? Thank you!
  18. Tricky issue! While during any upgrade they could (should?) check that particular folder for php files (none should be there...) and alert users that the server was compromised. The course of action after is beyond their hands depending of what the hackers did. There is also no garantee that they would catch all compromised servers -- the hackers would certainly rush to add more backdoors to the servers they have access to... Having a false sense of security is worst than knowing you are exposed ๐Ÿ˜ž ๐Ÿ˜ž ๐Ÿ˜ž T.
  19. Turns out this was a mistake on my part. Not an issue after all.
  20. Glad I could help! I did not find any other file. To spy on my hacker I did replace their file by one of my own that would capture their payload and allow me to understand what they were trying to do... The hacker tried to connect a few more times to my server last July then quitted for a while. He made another attempt last January, I haven't heard back since. As I sadly cannot assume there isn't another backdoor left somewhere... ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž I did set a cron job to check on the PREPEND fields every 5 minutes and alert me if something goes wrong (that's probably their favorite ways of delivering
  21. Has anyone ever noticed some strange behavior with banners URLs when you include a reference on a page in the URL for a given banner eg: https://site.com/#position It seems that when you click on the banner in Revive as a test it works; however, when delivered to a target zone it just takes you to the URL https://site.com but does not take you to the page position for the URL #position. Just wondering if this is by design, or possibility a bug?? I'm running the latest version of Revive. Thanks!
  22. Thank you Ian. But where can I find it? Is it already integrated or do I need to install a plugin?
  23. Hi, Sorry if I am bothering you with my topic but Iยดve searched for it and could not find anything related. We want to use Revive as a default adserver and deliver ads to users who have declined cookie consent. Now it would be great if we could automatically transfer banner stats from Revive to our internal dashboard. Is there either a interface we can use or is it possible to create csv-reports and send them via email (automated)? Thanks for your help!
  24. I'm looking for the same information, but since you've gotten no reply to this in 8 months, it doesn't look like they want to help those affected by their security issue.
  25. Any word from Revive on this??? Just ignore it and it the issue will go away, right? Thank you for sharing this. I was just reading about a widespread exploit against Revive, but can't find anything here from them, only from individual users who've had the issue. It seems like Revive should be publishing methods for finding such exploits, since they left the hole in the software that caused this.
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