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  2. Hi, I duplicated the database before the upgrade. Everything went fine, but by simply copying the database, it's getting bigger every time. As an example, our database was 640 MB before copy, the copy version with exactly the same data is now 1.55 GB. 2 tables seems to be mainly affected, see below : Before : rv_data_summary_ad_hourly - 814 639 entries - 128.3 MB rv_data_summary_ad_zone_assoc - 1 604 550 entries - 342.6 MB After : rv_data_summary_ad_hourly - 2 307 907 entries - 366.5 MB rv_data_summary_ad_zone_assoc - 3 568 792 entries - 804 MB
  3. The Revive Adserver team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Revive Adserver v5.1.0. We are pleased to announce the release of version 5.1.0 of the Revive Adserver software. This new version has several enhancements and improvements, and addresses some low risk security issues that have been discovered recently. Here is a list of enhancements in Revive Adserver v5.1.0: We redesigned the email sent to users when a password reset request is made. We added an agency status, allowing to suspend or deactivate accounts, optionally showing custom messages during delivery for such
  4. Hi, I have created an HTML5 Banner with google web designer tool, the banner is uploaded and showin on my website but when i click on it the revive-adserver don't count any clicks. I have also added the configuration for an exit on the tap area, so i'm wondering what i'm missing ? Please look at the screenshots to see what i did : Statictics photo show impressions but no clicks ? should i add some other functions on the google web designer ?
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  6. Hi, What do people do for video ads on revive? I noticed there is a video player plugin that you can get but I wasn't sure what the best way to utilize video ads. Any info would be appreciated.
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  8. Problem: - Let's say I want to present 100 producs of advertiser xy on a website - When a user clicks on a "buy" link or button, he should be redirected via the revive adserver (so that clicks can be seen and sales on advertiser's website can be tracked) - In order to do so, currently one has to create 100 campaigns and (and 100 banners with 100 links, 100 zones, etc.) - Then the invocation codes have to be placed on each product page (and will potentially be blocked by adblockers) Suggested Solution (similar to "deeplink" options in most good affiliate networks): - "Dynam
  9. I tried to create a simple component for the banner invocation code like this: <template> <div class="d-flex justify-center"> <!-- Ad-Server Asynchronous JS Tag - Generated with Revive Adserver v5.0.2 --> <ins :data-revive-zoneid="reviveZoneId" :data-revive-id="reviveId" data-revive-target="_blank" ></ins> <script async src="//adserver-url/asyncjs.php" ></script> </div> </template> <script> export default { name: 'JobListingBanner',
  10. I had an issue like this and found that if the banners came from an unsecured site they would display on the secure site. I don't remember how I fixed the issue so I hope someone with more knowledge offers more.
  11. Ubuntu 18.04 Plesk Control Panel dedicated server I'm in the middle of a complete redesign of my web site and have been using Revive for years and this is the first time I've seen this and it is really weird! My local server is identical to the production server except that local is Ubuntu 20.x. I updated the index page with the banner script working on the local server but I don't see banners on the live site. I know I'll figure it out but if you have any ideas or found the answer. What I'm looking at first is https although both sites have valid SSL certs I found the iss
  12. Hello, what is the best way to integrate an adzone in a vuejs application? Which kind of snippet/code of banner invocation is the best way? How can I handle a new banner-request when clicking inside the vuejs single page application? Thanks for some help! Best regards, Timo
  13. I had similar issues with Hosted Edition where on a couple of days it was out of control. Ridiculous impressions in a couple hours and insane click numbers for a coupe of hours. More than 10x the average clicks on a couple days. These are with email ads, which shouldn't even be seen by bots.
  14. Okay we've followed the Update procedure (4.x to 5.0.5) and replaced the domain and path to the new subdomain environment in the config php file. (and of course replaced the banner zone js snippets) Everything works fine. No cross domain conflict. Thanks ;3
  15. Hello revive Community, our customer (using revive) like to use the new 5.0.5 version of revive adserver. The problem is, that the main website still needs to run under php 5.6 (don't discuss this please). So our idea now is to move revive adserver to a subdomain and switch that to php 7.4. Will that work? Both environments would have SSL certifications. Does anyone run a similar environment? Will we have problems running different php versions or with that subdomain vs domain setup?
  16. Hi, Thanks for your reply, No, this tag is used only on the website and this google animated banner. This is from revive documentation : https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/HTML5+banners Destination URL A destination URL must always be provided and the banner must use clickTag, as per the IAB's HTML5 for Digital Advertising v2.0 guide. Revive Adserver will always call the banner using the format: /index.html?clickTag={REVIVE_ADSERVER_CLICK_URL} where {REVIV
  17. Hi, Do you deliver this third party tag via Revive adserver third party HTML?In that case only macro will be supported.If you use inside revive third party html use this {clickurl}macro.
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  19. I'm using this script for a Ads Banner on a client website. This js code is generated from another agency and seems that it dosn't work because it shows an error when the user click on the banner. This is the error msg :"The requested URL /6255/REVIVE_ADSERVER_CLICK_URL was not found on this server." And this is the code that have the clickTag : <script> var clickTag = "{REVIVE_ADSERVER_CLICK_URL}"; </script> <script type="text/javascript" gwd-events="support">var gwd=gwd||{};gwd.actions=gwd.actions||{};gwd.actions.events=gwd.actions.events||{};gwd.acti
  20. This still is going on. ... anyone have possible insight?
  21. Hi, I have 2 INACTIVE banners linked to a working zone. They result as INACTIVE I do not know why. I duplicate them with EXACTELY the same settings. The copies are ACTIVE, the original aren't... How can I reactivate the originals? Please I'm going mad about this issue. In general: how to get a banner, linked to a properly working zone, ACTIVE? Thank you. Eugenio.
  22. How would one go about searching and finding out of this was a bot or scraper? What logs would log this data? A server-wide log? Or how would one set up logging to catch if this is going on? Well, I found the debug.log. It's full of these pieces of text, pretty much the same text over and over so just this piece I think suffices to paste? Jan 06 18:06:35 -0500 OX-maintenance-5ff6427b90ca7 [ info] Running Maintenance Engine Jan 06 18:06:35 -0500 OX-maintenance-5ff6427b90ca7 [ info] Running Maintenance Statistics Engine Jan 06 18:06:35 -0500 OX-maintenance-5ff6427b9
  23. Available for download: release candidate for the upcoming Revive Adserver v5.1.0 We are pleased to announce the availability of the first release candidate of the upcoming version 5.1.0 of the Revive Adserver software. The new v5.1.0 contains more than a dozen improvements and enhancements. It also contains a security improvement related to the click tracking functionality. Since this new version includes many changes and enhancements, including some breaking changes, we feel it is appropriate to first publish it as a Release Candidate. This will enable users, administrators, plugin developer
  24. Maybe a web scraper / bot triggering something. Hard to say without any logging or more information
  25. An advertiser brought to my attention today that their regular automatic statistics report showed a huge spike in impressions and clicks for their ad on 2 days during the reporting period and was wondering what that was about. Like they usually get 0-5 clicks per week and the report shows 450 in one day. We didn't have a commensurate spike in web traffic that day so I'm not sure what to tell him. Has anyone found a likely culprit for an inexplicable spike in the clicks report? I hate to undermine our advertisers' trust in the data we're showing them on their ad's performance.
  26. Hello there: I use JavaScript invocation and would like to know how do I add the tag rel="noopener noreferrer" on the links of generated banners. Is this still the solution? Which files? Thanks,
  27. Can anyone shed some light on this for me please? I am having some problems getting ads to show up on a site that is secure with https domain. Anyone else had this issue or now how to rectify? I have been reading other threads and forums and it seems like some say you may need to host the adsever also on ssl https in order for them to appear? Thanks!
  28. Hi, on a customer Website I need to show the latest three news articles, but if an ad is booked for a specific zone I only display two news articles. Means: If no ad is booked: article 1 | article 2 | article 3 if an ad is booked: article 1 | ad for this zone | article 3 Can I somehow find out if an ad would be shown on this zone? Depending on this I'd display different news articles. Thanks in advance, Michael
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