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  1. Just upgraded to 3.2.4 using the "SQL code" above from @Segr and it worked like a charm!! Thanks to you!!
  2. I will try and upgrade the latest release tonight and let you know how it goes. I am frustrated that NO ONE FROM REVIVE TEAM commented on this yet ??
  3. Anyone on this ?? There has got to be someone who knows what this means ??? Thanks!!
  4. Trying to upgrade to 3.2.1 from 3.1.xx Any help would be great!! Getting an application error on database: error getting database definition getTableConstraintDefinition- table ox_account_preference_assoc already exists in database XXX
  5. ANyway to customize this email or information ? Basically a great customized email to clients after the campaign has run, with great detail of stats without any confusion. Also, would be nice to copy to an "admin" too. ?? Possible ??
  6. I appreciate the cache in the revive, but I am constantly finding myself HARD REFRESHING the browser in Firefox ALL THE TIME to SEE LIVE STATS ? Please let me know how to have the functionality of Open X come back... thanks.
  7. I go to the database and see that impressions are being recorded? I am using 3.0.0
  8. I am not getting any stats at all. It has been two weeks since the upgrade? Please help!
  9. That isn't checked, because I wanted to set up a cron to do it! Is there no other options any more ??
  10. I am having a problem too. error saying: Scheduled maintenance hasn't run in the past hour. This may mean that you have not set it up correctly. This just happened after the upgrade ?? I have a cron job set up for the last 4 years and has been fine ?? What is going on ? wget http://www.website.com/openx/maintenance/maintenance.php -O /dev/null -q
  11. So I can just uninstall these, otherwise they error out ??
  12. I have tried to ENABLE, but no dice. How can I get those plugins on github zipped ? THanks
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