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  1. I have one Remnant campaign running and for testing purpose I put impressions to 10. but even after ad displayed many times the count never get decrease. Also Even after 10 impressions ad didn't stop displaying . I have set Targeting for banner as site Variable. why these impression count didn't updated after ad visits.
  2. yes I used Remnant type of campaign as Matteo said. Forgot to update here. I solved this issue. I haven't created other campaigns yet. Will do and check if issue exists after that
  3. yes its contract type of campaign, I am testing with Banner display on revive with Limit campaign views to and Impressions per day and per session:2147483647 2147483647 Impressions allowed (which is max limit I think) and CPM model. I didn't set anything else in that campaign, It displays ad but not everytime
  4. I have same issue , can someone Help http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/303-probability-shown-5-even-with-one-campaign-and-one-banner/
  5. I am Testing revive ad server for the first time I have used Contract Campaign I have One Campaign Running and six banner activated every Banner have default weight 1. I have one website and one zone and I used Invocation code of that zone allowing custom 300 * 50 size banner. Invocation code is JavaScript I have attached these 6 banners to above campaign Even with Unlimited Impressions The Probability id Divided from 5%. i.e. for 4 banners Probability is 1.25 % but it should be 25% each. why this behavior occurring Problem is that the probability is shown only 5% for t
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