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  1. Well, it would have actually deleted them; but there was a bug at some point where (if you use a different URL for the upgrade to that which is configured) the upgrade of plugins didn't work correctly. That has been fixed now, however, so hopefully others will not have this issue again.
  2. You may need to check a different error log, or increase the level of logging provided by your web server. Or it may be in the PHP error log!
  3. Yep, sounds to me like maintenance is not running, if the stats are in the database, but not in the UI.
  4. Yes. From the error messages, it's clear that your PHP installation is set up to not allow non-static methods to be called statically. Although the code in Revive Adserver tries to tone down your PHP error levels & strictness checking, something in your configuration of PHP won't let it. For now, I don't have time to completely gut and refactor the internals of the application to newer PEAR libraries (which, as you can see from the error, is the cause in the MDB2 library), so you need to update your PHP configuration so that it can work.
  5. You're most welcome - glad to hear the upgrade worked!
  6. Well, we used more than just the Singleton design pattern! However, there really is not any good documentation for developers, nor is there a description of the architecture other than "it evolved, and is evolving". Unless you are willing to commit time to running through the code in a debugger, you're not going to get very far, unfortunately - and it's very. very difficult to customise. But please do give it a shot! We welcome PRs in GitHub.
  7. Yeah, if the page is blank, I would expect to see some kind of error in your webserver log that will help diagnose what's wrong.
  8. We might be able to do something re: donations for hosting costs eg. for the sync server - something for me to look into, anyway. For now though, save up your spare cash ;-)
  9. Erm - don't all the delivery files (not the creatives!) deliberately go to some effort to avoid being cached by browsers, to ensure that on each page load, the script is loaded fully from the server, to ensure correct delivery of the right ad, and correct logging?
  10. At present, beyond the planning that you can see in GitHub, I don't think we have anything concrete. But we are working on some ideas for where we want the ad server to go -- but we also want your input, which is what this part of the forum is all about! Tell us your ideas, and we'll see what we might be able to accommodate...
  11. Correct! Now that it's Revive Adserver, and not OpenX Source, and given that OpenX (the company) have shut down the OpenX Market, there is no point in having a plugin for OpenX Market any more - there's no point. The workflow plugin was related, and has also been removed. You will note that this is mentioned in the release notes: https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/blob/v3.0.0/RELEASE_NOTES.txt#L24
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