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  1. I haven't done it yet - but when I do, these will all be explained somewhere around this page in the documentation: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Invocation+code
  2. Revive Adserver support pop-unders. Create a zone of type "popup" and you are away! http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Creating+a+zone
  3. Hi! When you say "sidebar widget", it makes me think that you're pasting the invocation code into the UI of some kind of CMS (e.g. Wordpress), inside a widget for displaying things. Sometimes, those kind of CMS tools try to be nice and prevent you from putting HTML code in them, and escape all the code, so that it doesn't display correctly when you view the page. Have you checked the source of the page you're viewing to make sure the Revive Adserver invocation tag is appearing as it should?
  4. Check your spam filter, perhaps, or your mail server logs? Revive really does use mail() to send mail. Of course, perhaps it's not sending mail at all to the mail server, but then, your mail server logs should be able to confirm that.
  5. @bmanke I never heard back - please let me know if it works for you, so we can resolve this topic if it helps?
  6. No; the Google Adsense (or other network) targeting will not be affected. Google (and just about every other network) uses JavaScript-based tags. While Revive Adserver can deliver these (and add/modify as required to ensure that it can track impressions & clicks), in the end, the JavaScript will be executed by the user's web browser, on their computer; the fact that you are using Revive to deliver the JS code in the first place has no effect at all on what the tag does; as a result, any geo or other form or targeting or logic that the ad network implements in their system is unaffected.
  7. Most likely this was due to the recursive nature of the above commands, rather than the absolute vs. relative path. Permissions actually need to be set appropriately for all files/sub directories; for a clean install, it's not an issue, as the folders are empty. But on migration, that may not be the case, depending on how the files were move and what else may be changing.
  8. Banner weights operate in exactly the same way as campaign weights, which are described in the documentation: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Creating+a+campaign Having just re-created your example above (having three banners with weight 1, and one with weight 2), I get exactly what I would expect - the weight 1 banners have probability of 1/5 (i.e. 20%) and the weight 2 banners has probability of 2/5 (i.e. 40%). I wonder if the above updated when the maintenance script ran? Or did it stay like this?
  9. Good news! The Revive Adserver documentation explains: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Email
  10. Normally, they should be. What version of Revive Adserver was this? Was it an upgrade from OpenX? Direct, or were there versions of Revive Adserver in between?
  11. Hi Paul, What version of Revive Adserver are you running? What version of OpenX did you upgrade from? Did you go directly between those two versions, or have there been versions of Revive Adserver in between? Thanks.
  12. See above re: my comments about the development team "not caring". Of course we care - we would not do what we do (for free) if we didn't care. (Either that, or we're all mad!). However, we do get a lot of new bug reports on GitHub, and sometimes, they just sound like requests for support. We could do support through GitHub, but if that's the case, then we're paying a lot of money (at our own expense, for free, for no reward other than personal satisfaction) for this forum! So, we'd rather close a few cases and ask people to come here first if it's not a clear cut, definitely a bug type of report. If you're able to make sure bug reports are clear cut, and include all the detail required to prove it's a bug (and even better, send a pull request with it), then this will hugely improve the Revive Adserver community for everyone, as well as making the development team more able to correctly and swiftly respond to bugs. In the mean time, when we get it wrong, and close something that actually is a bug because we think it's a support case - please accept our apologies. We're not perfect - just a few guys who love Revive Adserver, and want to do the best we can in our spare time to make it better. Cheers, Andrew
  13. Hello! If you disable maintenance, Revive Adserver won't work. Maintenance needs to be run to ensure that statistics are summed up, and banner delivery priorities are re-calculated. Please see: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Running+Maintenance As for us helping out in the forum - we provide the forum (for free) for the software we develop (for free), and we help out when we can (for free). I also have a day job that takes up 45+ hours a week. So, I do my best to make Revive Adserver as good as it can be, and to help out and answer what questions I can, when I have time. I also hope that the project grows, and more people help out and provide good answers. However, as this topic started out as an issue about missing stats in Revive Adserver 3.0.0, which was resolved by the user, but has now morphed into a discussion about the issue in 3.0.3, it's not always easy to see what's going on or be immediately responsive. Until someone offers to pay me to do this full time, I'm afraid support from the development team will have to be on a good will basis! It has been, and is fixed in Revive Adserver 3.0.4. Thanks to all who helped locate the cause and gave us the information needed to fix the issue.
  14. Yep - use the JavaScript tags!
  15. I think they can, it's just not recommended - without anything else present, if Revive Adserver decides that an impression isn't needed, a blank will end up being served, which means the impression won't be counted, and Revive's view of the available inventory will be wrong. Where are you seeing this warning, by the way? I have just tested linking a contract campaign to a zone, with no other campaigns linked, and I can't see where a warning appears... Can you provide a screenshot, please? If Revive does this, I may have a documentation update I need to do!
  16. Do you mean, can Revive Adserver display a certain banner (or set of banners, or externally provided invocation tag) in the event that it would otherwise have no banner to display? If that's what you're asking, then yes! You can definitely configure Revive Adserver to ensure that, no matter what, there is a fallback banner (or tag) that will be displayed to the user, so you don't have an "empty" impression.
  17. So, to clarify - if you've taking the (wise) precaution of running your Revive Adserver admin interface on an SSL secured site, you should check to see if your webserver's SSL capabilities have been affected by heartbleed, and act accordingly. However, there's nothing specific to Revive Adserver here - this is a general problem for many webservers etc.
  18. Please see the documentation on running maintenance: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Running+Maintenance
  19. I think we fixed this issue with the 3.0.4 release. Sorry about that - we had an issue with the automatic generation of some of the files.
  20. The two issues are related. :-) To try to stop people from applying Geo targeting to banners when their Geo targeting plugin isn't working properly, Revive Adserver won't show you the options to adding Geo targeting to banners when the admin interface can't see the GeoIP data. However, because some (advanced) users set up the admin interface and delivery systems on a different servers (for increased scale), and because some (corporate) users have an internal network that they access the admin interface with (which because of the IP address they use, will not get a hit in the GeoIP database), there is the option to override this "feature" to ensure that users can apply Geo targeting to banners. So, it looks to me like you have something incorrectly set up, and thus have no GeoIP data to target with - that's why you can't add Geo targeting to your banners without setting the option; and why when you do apply Geo targeting to your banners, they don't show up. What targeting option(s) are you applying? By default, the "MaxMind GeoIP Plugin" will only provide country information (where available).
  21. Looks like the answer I would have suggested if you didn't get to the solution first!
  22. The download is unlikely to have lacked the plugins. However, it clearly did not install the plugins. Do you still have your log file with the details of what happened?
  23. Hi! Easy question to answer - because of the history of the project. It started out way back when as an open source product to do what was needed - and this really is a long time ago now - and billing & payment simply wasn't a need. Then it was adopted by the company that is now known as OpenX, and again, that company as it developed the software simply didn't need this functionality. Now that the project has been brought back to the open source community, it's possible that we could add this feature, if there's demand for it, and time and/or funding to make it happen. But as a volunteer-based open source project.... Well, the team does everything it can to make Revive Adserver great, but I can basically guarantee we can't make everyone happy & add every feature. Not unless someone wants to come along and come up with a finance package for it that lets us code full time on the project!
  24. If I was trying to debug the issue, I'd start with a clean browser, no cookies, and use a cookie inspector tool to see if I can see the cookies being set, and at least confirm if the cookie magic is happening; if that's okay, then I'd look at what is being logged in the database; if there's nothing happening there on conversion, I'd use xdebug to walk the code and see what's happening.... But that's a pretty heavy process, unfortunately. I hope to get to conversion tracking documentation soon, so chances are I will be stepping through the process and confirming that it really is working soon - and given that I'm not hearing really loud shouting that it's broken, I'm pretty confident that it can work; so chances are you have a configuration issue with the setup...
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