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  1. On default.conf.php i have... ;<?php exit; ?> ;*** DO NOT REMOVE THE LINE ABOVE *** realConfig="edngt.com" The database details are correct... I check and Re-Check a lot of times...
  2. Hi Eliza, tnks for the answer i've tried this before.... And i can go to the /adserver_new/ Dashboard bot no to the updater.... And in the Update Section of the admin of my -adserver_new- I have and error and warning . http://edngt.com/cloud/public.php?service=files&t=ae873bcd07c4b446194038a77185f607 The redirection still not work... So... i change all the entries from -adserver- to -adserver_new- in the config file. and i have the same problem... the updater not runs...
  3. Hi Eliza.... Tnks a lot for the answer... This is the config file of my -adserver_new- (revive)... https://gist.github.com/Mimer/9373131 (i change my domain for myweb.com for security) My config file it's in the correct Path..... in the /adserver/var/ and /adserver_new/var/ If i need change something please tell me.
  4. Hi, I'm trying upgrade my OpenX 2.8 to Revive 3.0.2 but i have an issue... Thi's is what i do... (my current add path is http://mypage.com/adserver/ -adserver- is the openx current install) 1- Unzip the revive to a _new directory (http://mypage.com/adserver_new -adserver_new- is the revive directory) 2- Create a new database. 3- Dump all the data from -adserver- database to my -new_database- (I check and re-check nd the tables are equal) 4- copy the -adserver- mypage.com.conf.php to -adserver_new- (in the /var/ directory) 5- In the -adserver_new- conf.php file, Change the old dabase info (name, username and pass) for the new database created in the step 2 <- I re check this and all it's OK So.... Here is the problem... When i Go to... http://mypage.com/adserver_new/ the browser redirects to http://mypage.com/adserver/ Here I just have the login form, and when i write my Admin credentials Nothing more happens... It just load all the old server normally I've read a lot of posts here and try a lot of "solutions" like put the database pass in " " but nothing more happens... the upgrade just don't start... Please Help! And tnks a lot for the answer
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