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  1. Hi @netid83, You will need to do some work yourself outside of Revive Adserver, because the Async JS tags don't offer banner reloading (aka refresh after X seconds). Companion positioning within campaigns may be of help to you, though.
  2. Hi @svsanchez, As noted by @Dave Brain above, if you are expecting to perform an upgrade, but you're seeing the install screen, then the Revive Adserver install/upgrade wizard is not finding your previous installation's configuration files, either because: You have not copied the configuration files across from your old installation directory; or You are accessing the Revive Adserver install/upgrade wizard using a different top level domain from the existing installation that you are attempting to upgrade.
  3. Hi @juan, For whatever reason, you have manged to get a duplicate entry for the phpads_preferences_preference_name key in the phpads_preferences database table. You will need to log into the database, and review the duplicates (SELECT * FROM phpads_preferences WHERE preference_name = 'default_banner_image_url';) and decide which entry is (or entries are) the duplicate(s), and delete the duplicate row(s).
  4. Hi @Kurogane, Yes, this is possible. There is no reason why you cannot include tags from multiple Revive Adserver installations on one website page.
  5. Hi @michal,
  6. The cache files are stored in Revive Adserver var/cache directory.
  7. Hi @aki, What version of Revive Adserver are you running?
  8. Hi @wilson diaz, Please don't do that - the webserver should not be given write access to all of the Revive Adserver directories & files - you're just asking for your system to be compromised by allowing every file to be modified by the webserver. Instead, completely remove your installation directory, and start the installation again from scratch, but this time, only grant those permissions that the install wizard asks for. It's quite clear which directories need to be recursively chmoded - the install wizard even gives you the commands that you can copy and paste into your server's console to make the changes, given that you're on a *nix system.
  9. Hi @amitmjoshi, I would assume that for those channels where you have an impression count of 0, the limitations are such that Revive Adserver is never delivering banners?
  10. Hi @Fred Weiss, Your configuration file will be where Revive Adserver has the definition of the directory where it's looking for files etc. I would take a look there and confirm that it's all correct.
  11. Hi @omml, No, I don't think so - the closest would be an image invocation tag, I suspect?
  12. It took a while - but Revive Adserver now has a Patreon page, where you can help us out financially, and we can spend more time providing support, writing documentation, and improving the product! Learn more at:
  13. Here are the list of all directories that Revive Adserver requires be set so that the webserver user can read/write to them. Please note that these permissions must be set recursively, so that all files/subdirectories of these can also be read/written to by the webserver user. revive-adserver/var revive-adserver/var/cache revive-adserver/var/plugins revive-adserver/var/templates_compiled revive-adserver/plugins revive-adserver/www/admin/plugins revive-adserver/www/images
  14. What does something like Chrome's developer tools tell you? Is it the delivery of the Revive Adserver code that is broken, or the delivery of the image itself? What is the HTTP error code for the part (or parts) that is (are) failing?
  15. Hi @haychart, Well, that error message seems pretty self-explanatory to me. I am not sure what you are asking, if anything?