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  1. Can't get campaign total limit working

    Hi @ivela, Just to confirm your testing process: 1. Fire up a browser, and try and view the banner. After 5 impressions, you should no longer see the banner. 2. Close the browser. 3. Fire up the browser, and try to view the banner again in a new session. You should now see the banner again. After 5 impressions, you should no longer see the banner. You now have 10 impressions in 24 hours. 4. Do steps #2 and #3 twice more. You now have 20 impressions in 24 hours. 5. Close the browser, and fire it up again. Even though you are in a new session, you should now not see the banner again, because you are at the maximum impressions. 6. Wait 24 hours, and all the counters will now reset. Or - are you assuming that only the session counter is being reset? :-)
  2. Individual text under a banner does not work

    Hi @tobean, Thanks for this - and sorry for not responding sooner. You are correct, the Async tag does not support this. The page that is linked in the text you have quoted is https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Tag+Settings, and if you scroll down to the "Show text below banner" option, you can see that only JS, SPC, local mode and XML-RPC tag support this. @Matteo Beccati is definitely the person to confirm this, as he's the async tag expert, but I think that there were "technical reasons" (yes, I'm waving my hands here) where the feature wasn't (can't be?) supported in async tags. I might be wrong though - but as far as I know, we have no immediate plans to support this.
  3. User and adding new banners

    Hi @femdom, Okay - so, in that case, no - you can't allow an advertiser user to create new banners.
  4. Hi @cema0110, It looks like you are using Revive Adserver with a hosts file entry to perform IP resolution, based on "revive" being the domain name the service is running on. I am not sure, but it might be that Revive Adserver won't work like this, because it's somehow recognising that this is not a valid domain name - Revive Adserver does use the domain name to help manage configuration files. I might be wrong, but this could be related. Could you please try on a real domain? (The localhost domain is okay, if you're just installing and testing locally).
  5. Running Revive Adserver v4.0.1 on PHP7

    Hi @karl-pogi, Is the UI broken everywhere, or just in the parts where it's displaying the banner you added in the UI?
  6. Product Updates Info

    Hi @jsheedy, I really like this idea. I haven't thought about how to do it, so no idea how hard it is, but it's a great idea! Could you please create a ticket for this on GitHub?
  7. Doubleclick tracking without a banner

    Hi @mgh, Not as far as I'm aware. In order to record clicks in Revive Adserver, there must be a banner ID in the system, against which the clicks are recorded. So, you could potentially set up a dummy banner, and then use the click recording URL for the banner as a way of recording clicks, even without having the banner delivered or clicked on (e.g. use an external system to trigger the click recording), but there nevertheless needs to be a banner in Revive Adserver for this to work.
  8. Displaying ads to all vs. new visitors

    Hi @scott.huish, Not as core feature with no additional effort, no. The override campaign type is ideal for setting up banners that are shown to users, no matter what else is going on - but then, naturally, you need to set such campaigns up so that they stop showing (stop overriding everything else) once your initial "new visitor" stage is "over". It's possible to use capping to limit the number of times a banner is seen - which can be once, of course, but that doesn't relate to any specific location (e.g. page). You could, of course, then set up a separate banner for every page, and use delivery rules to limit the banner to only appear on the specific page, and then cap the banner to once per viewer - but that's a rather cumbersome way of achieving the outcome! Probably the most efficient solution that comes to mind would be to track the "new visitor" stage externally from Revive Adserver (e.g. as part of your website code), and to then pass in this information as a paramter with each call to Revive Adserver, and then use delivery rules based on that in your override campaign's banner(s), so that they only deliver when the visitor is "new" to the page. HTH.
  9. Passback tags and retargeting

    Hi @Sari, There's a core option in the advance zones tab that provides an option to waterfall to another zone, in the event that a blank impression would otherwise be delivered. No core RTB or retargeting options at this stage, but I am aware of at least of a couple of 3rd parties offering commercial plugins for these.
  10. The best plugin for Geotargeting ... GeoIP2 ?

    Hi @ZISSA, Sorry, no updates yet. The legacy GeoIP databases are still the only ones supported.
  11. User and adding new banners

    Hi @femdom, That depends on the type of user. Are we talking about an advertiser account level user?
  12. Add user with limited privileges

    Hi @adhero, Yes, I read the topics, and do my best to answer them all, when I can! No, you can't create an advertiser-level account that has ONLY statistics access. Even if you don't allow the user all of the optional permissions at the advertiser level, there are still certain actions that they are allowed to perform beyond just viewing statistics.
  13. Error when setting maintenance schedule

    Not the full path to the maintenance file, the full path to the PHP CLI executable.
  14. Error when setting maintenance schedule

    Hi @DougW, To me, that sounds like the CLI version of PHP that is being used by default is a different (lower) version of PHP than the one that's set up for the web server. Try specifying the full path to the correct version of the PHP CLI executable.
  15. Individual text under a banner does not work

    Hi @tobean, Does this happen with a clean banner in an otherwise empty HTML page? Just checking if it's CSS or similar on the target site that is hiding the text under the banner. Thanks.