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  1. andrewatfornax

    Read out "anonymous" Cookies for better Ads?

    What software redirects you to localhost? Sorry, but you've confused me. I thought we were talking about how to use cookie data and pass it into Revive Adserver for use with delivery rules? Are you talking about something else now?
  2. andrewatfornax

    Content Recommendation With Revive Adserver

    I cannot, sorry. I don't know anything about Taboola or Outbrain.
  3. andrewatfornax

    Read out "anonymous" Cookies for better Ads?

  4. andrewatfornax

    User management for campaigns

    There are both account types for Advertisers and Publishers, which have some degree of limitation around what they can see and do, yes.
  5. andrewatfornax

    Banner ignores delivery rules

    My usual idea is - "what changed"? Things don't just stop working - something changes to make them stop working. Can you track down what that was?
  6. andrewatfornax

    Installation failed to create the core tables

    @Matteo Beccati - MariaDB version issue?
  7. andrewatfornax

    Read out "anonymous" Cookies for better Ads?

    Get the cookie data. Insert the cookie data into your invocation tag. Target in Revive Adserver accordingly.
  8. andrewatfornax

    How to Embed Inline Video Ad

    The code needs to be embedded into a video player, as per https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Invocation+Code%3A+Zone+Level#InvocationCode:ZoneLevel-VideoInvocationcodeforInlineVideoadzoneorOverlayVideoadzone So, you need to be starting from the position of already having a video player for the HTML page, which plays the video the user wants to see. Revive Adserver then provides the code that you need to add in the inline or overlay video add to that pre-existing system.
  9. andrewatfornax

    Custom Query Parameters

    Two ideas: 1. Use two (or more) different variables, e.g. "reisen=true", "rostock=true", "katze=true". Then you can target accordingly. 2. Combine everything into one variable, e.g. "thema=reisen|rostock|katze". Then you can target accordingly using the "contains" or "regex" options.
  10. andrewatfornax

    Read out "anonymous" Cookies for better Ads?

    No, there's not one specifically for cookies - you'd need to extract the information you want from the cookie, and pass it into Revive Adserver, as either a Site - Source or Site - Variable parameter. https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Site+Delivery+Rules
  11. andrewatfornax

    plugin assistance

    1. Revive Adserver doesn't support that out of the box. 2. See the troubleshooting guides. 3. In what sense?
  12. andrewatfornax

    Output Stats -> Hours

    Understood, but if you have a lot of data, then yes, 6 months will take a long time to process and export. You may be better off querying the database separately if you have specific reporting requirements - or, write up a ticket in GitHub clearly explaining the use case and details of how it should work, and it might be something to consider for future releases.
  13. andrewatfornax

    GeoLite2 Licence Information (!!!)

    What? No, you don't need to put information into banners delivered with Revive Adserver to say that they include GeoIP2. That's the kind of thing that needs to go into Revive Adserver's documentation, when we support GeoIP2 (which we currently don't, but are working on). Just because someone delivers ads through Revive Adserver does not mean you have to call out an attribution for GeoIP.
  14. andrewatfornax

    open_basedir problem

    Okay - glad you managed to fix it, even if you are not sure how!
  15. andrewatfornax

    Read out "anonymous" Cookies for better Ads?

    You could feed the cookie data you want into Revive Adserver using one of the various targeting options.