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  1. Amazon Searchwords

    Yes, there's a Site - Variable delivery rule for passing in variables from the website.
  2. add extra field addresss in advertiser

    Haven't we had this conversation before? :-)
  3. It's probably not relevant now that you've managed to get things upgraded, but if that's the entire debug.log file, then we would also need the upgrade log file as well to understand what's going on. You can't - Revive Adserver requires an admin user login to upgrade, and from what I remember, that is pretty integral to the upgrade process, so removing it would be non-trivial. Okay, that's great new - I'm glad you managed to proceed. I'm afraid I still don't have any idea why this is the case, though. I don't see any mention of this question above! But the answer is that we DO provide the plugins with the install - they are all located in the /etc/plugins directory of the release package. I believe that the errors in the debug log are simply the Revive Adserver initialisation process looking for the details of the installed plugin XML files, and failing to find them, because it's a clean install package. This should be okay, because when the upgrade process gets further on in the process, it will use the location of your old installation to retrieve the plugins that you had installed, and copy the details over (and them upgrade the plugins to a later version, if required, based on what's in the installation package). So, I think those errors are a red herring, and don't have anything to do with your issue relating to the admin username/password not working. It would be interesting to see what the upgrade log file says, but if you have it working now, and don't want to go down that path, I would understand. It's a strange issue though, I don't ever remember seeing anything like it.
  4. Hi @prophoto, Ah, interesting re: the attachments. I get something next to that box that lets me add new ones. I will let our team know. You seem to have managed to put up a screenshot of the forums, though - so I guess you did this as a URL? Yes, of course - it's possible. What you're describing doesn't sound like that, though. I don't think it's likely that if you've managed to access the installer UI, and progress to the point where it's asking you to log into your admin account, that the use of SSL or not is going to affect that. The SSL is between your browser and the web server, so if that works to get the initial installer screen up, then it should work when you get to the point of logging in - unless there's anything in the web server logs to indicate otherwise, but you've said there's nothing in the web server logs to suggest an error. So, I don't think the SSL matters. I think this is _probably_ okay. There are all kinds of routines that check for things, and output errors, as part of the process of detecting what's going on. Provided this isn't the end of the log file, and this is where things stop, then I think this is just a normal part of initialising the system during upgrading. What is at the end of the Revive Adserver debug and upgrade logs files, at the point where the login fails? It might be easier to set up a clean upgrade attempt, and go through the upgrade process, and then pop the complete logs on line somewhere we can see them...
  5. please fix all errors

    I've updated https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Revive+Adserver+Broken to cover SELinux.
  6. Plugins fail to install 4.11

  7. please fix all errors

    The directory appears to be writable - are all the files and subdirectories within it also set to be writable?
  8. Just below the text box when posting, I see an "Insert other media" option... Okay, thanks, that's fine - if you can be the admin account, then the user has admin rights. Are you attempting to upgrade using a package downloaded from the Revive Adserver website, or a checkout from Git?
  9. Upgrade Error

    Hi @joesc230, Looks to me like what has happened is that you've managed to upgrade the database (hence it saying the database is stamped as 4.1.1), but you're still accessing the system using a 3.2.1 code base. Unfortunately, part of the upgrade process includes doing things like adding new config file options to the file(s) on your server, while maintaining the values that you had, and also upgrading plugin files, so, simply copying the files from a Revive Adserver zip file over the top of your 3.2.1 code base won't capture everything, unfortunately. Do you still have the 4.1.1 code base that you put onto your system to perform the upgrade? If do you, it would be better to move your old 3.2.1 code base out of the way to another location, and then move the 4.1.1 code base into where the 3.2.1 one used to be. That 4.1.1 code base should have the correct configuration settings and plugin files in place - although you might then have to update some configuration file options to match the new location of the directory after moving it.
  10. Hi @prophoto, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here, but I want to be clear - this is an open source project, and this is a community support forum. It's not a place where you are entitled to support. So, please, don't come in here and SHOUT about how long you've had to wait for a response. No one is under any obligation to offer you free support. Yes, we have a Patreon page, that the income from that is starting (slowly) to get to the point where I can actually dedicate time to this project without asking my family to make sacrifices because I'm doing this, instead of things that earn money - but that still doesn't mean you can come in here any complain that the response time was too slow for your liking over what (for many of us) is downtime around the end of the year. Anyway, enough of that. Let's try and sort things out, yes? Okay. Nevertheless, as I said, screenshot always help us to see what's going on, and where. Could you please show us what's happening? I asked if you were sure that the account you are using to log in with during the upgrade has admin permissions. You responded with: However, all I can see from your original post is that you are sure that your username and password are correct. Nothing about which account you are using to log in with, and if that account definitely has admin permissions for Revive Adserver or not. With regards to logs, you said: Do you mean the webserver logs? Have you looked in the Revive Adserver logs?
  11. Install Tron -> just 3.x avaiable

    Again, just to be clear - we don't have anything to do with Installatron. Use it at your own risk - we cannot help at all if something doesn't work as a result of using a non-Revive Adserver based installation.
  12. Error in debug.php file

    Hi @crsurf, Sorry, no, as an open source project, we don't offer a paid support offering. If the change was that you updated myPHP, I would carefully at that change, and what it did - seems like that might be somehow related. Did the myPHP upgrade also make other changes, e.g. MySQL permissions, etc?
  13. Banner show on wrong Useragent

    Glad that the latest version is working - seems like something wasn't right with your old install, but hard to know what without digging around on it.
  14. Rotate different active banners each days

    Could you use the "Time - Day of week" or "Time - Date" delivery rules?
  15. Banner show on wrong Useragent

    Hi @Display Name, I don't know what you mean by "page refx.at" being somewhere I can see the problem. Version 3.0.5 is very old now - I would strongly recommend upgrading.