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  1. andrewatfornax

    Max Db connections while maintenance

    The data_bkt_m table is updated in real time as impressions for delivery are logged. The maintenance process will read from, and delete rows, from that table - but not insert anything.
  2. andrewatfornax

    What Files, What Permissions

    Check that all the files in the directories & sub-directories are also writable?
  3. andrewatfornax

    Rotating Banners

    The calls you have in the code above to the lg.php script are the ones that perform impression logging. Are they being triggered?
  4. andrewatfornax

    What Files, What Permissions

  5. andrewatfornax

    Revive Adserver understanding

    Hi @Korona, The terms Advertiser and Publisher as used in Revive Adserver are defined on the docs page at https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Key+Concepts. Revive Adserver is not a "self-service" application by itself - you cannot use it to go an find advertisers for your website. Instead, Revive Adserver will help you manage the advertisers that you do find - be that directly, or via one or more ad networks.
  6. Please work through https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/No+Statistics and let us know what you find.
  7. I agree with @Ian van Marwijk. I can see from your screenshot that this is an HTML banner, that is loading a <script> tag. That tag is clearly being loaded correctly by Revive Adserver into the user's browser, because the script is on a totally different URL from the one that is then failing. That tells me that the ad is being loaded, the script is being run... and then it's doing whatever it's doing, and ending up with a problem. Now, I don't know why that script works when you put it directly into HTML, but doesn't work when it's loaded via Revive Adserver, but that's something you can really only track down via a process of looking at the calls made, and talking about them with the relevant 3rd parties.
  8. As I understand it, asynchronous tags load banner content after the main document has been written, so, you cannot use document.write to put content into the main document, because it's already been written. See: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24297829/execute-write-on-doc-it-isnt-possible-to-write-into-a-document-from-an-asynchr I think the work arounds are: 1. Don't use asynchronous tags; 2. Use a different mechanism for writing the banners other than document.write; or 3. We look at using something like https://github.com/krux/postscribe I'll raise the idea of #3 with the core team.
  9. Yes, you do need to enable cookies before you can use the admin UI of Revive Adserver. I'm not sure what you mean by your second sentence, though. Are you saying that something is not working? https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Revive+Adserver+Broken
  10. andrewatfornax

    Why don`t count clicks revive?

    No, I would not attempt to modify a 3rd party banner - if their banner is designed to work in an iframe, then that's how it should be used. Altering it could have any number of unexpected consequences.
  11. andrewatfornax

    Invocation code not showing / Error 500

    Hi @King of Ads, As a general rule, I would say yes, most of the code is required. If you go changing things, then who know what will work or won't work. I hate giving this advice, because it always seems a little lame and unhelpful, but honestly, if your hosting provider cannot give you a host where you can upload files and they files you put in place actually stay there, then you're wasting your money. There are plenty of other hosting companies out there who actually deliver the service that you pay for.
  12. andrewatfornax

    Why don`t count clicks revive?

    Yes, that looks like an iframe as external content to me.
  13. andrewatfornax

    Invocation code not showing / Error 500

    I'd maybe double check all the plugins really are installed and enabled?
  14. andrewatfornax

    Invocation code not showing / Error 500

    Alas, a 500 internal server error means exactly that - something went wrong internally with the server. That could be a web server problem, or it could be that there was a fatal PHP error. Either way, the logs on the server (both webserver and PHP logs) are where you need to look. If there's nothing there, you may need to increase the logging level. https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Revive+Adserver+Broken#ReviveAdserverBroken-HTTP500ErrorCode
  15. andrewatfornax

    Speed up Adserver Stats