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  1. Hi @svsanchez, To do what you are looking for, you need to use "direct selection". Unfortunately, that's one of the areas I have not had time to document yet. You can either google about re: direct selection, and see if you can find something, or, if you'd like to help us improve, please consider becoming a sponsor on Patreon, to help us have more time to do things like document all of the features! Thanks.
  2. Hi @mgh, Not that I am aware of... But that doesn't mean that there isn't!
  3. Hi @Sperber, Could you just PM me one of your async tags that doesn't work? Thanks.
  4. I'm one of the core team members of Revive Adserver: Nothing to do with OpenX :-)
  5. Duplicate of:
  6. Hi @prophoto, Thanks for the feedback, but again, I'm not sure where more information could be added. I appreciate it's not easy, but I still think that if the docs are ready fully and carefully, then they do explain which option to work. It sounds to me like the plugin isn't missing or disabled - it's there and enabled? If that's the case, then is the guide that you want, in which case, the option to use is the Import (code only) button.
  7. Hi @scott001, No, sorry - we do test Revive Adserver with PHP 7, and it should work. It would be worth checking with a simple file with phpinfo(); in it, served from the root Revive Adserver directory, that your setup is using the correct PHP version, and then you can check that all the requirements for Revive Adserver are met based on the information on that page.
  8. Hi @carthouse, The banner caching that Revive Adserver performs relates to the banner meta-data (e.g. frequency of delivery, delivery limitations, capping rules, the location of the banner image, etc.), and not the actual banner image itself. (Well, actually, if it's an SQL-stored banner, I think the banner itself is actually cached - but if you're talking about an externally hosted dynamic banner that updates every minute, then that won't be the case.) So, I don't think in this case there is a need for a different delivery information cache expiration timeout - even with the default 20 minute cache, you should still see that your dynamic banners are changing every minute (provided the source of your banners is setting all the necessary HTTP headers to ensure that proxies & browsers are not caching the banner for more than a minute, of course!). Make sense?
  9. A thought on this topic - was there a Varnish cache in use at all?
  10. Hi @tbobker, Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing comments etc. on the GitHub issues.
  11. Hi @femdom, Which bit is insane? The fact that it's not there, or the fact that you told something to one of your customers without checking to see if the free product you are using actually supports what you said it would do first? :-) Seriously, though, it does seem like this is a feature that would make sense to have. Would you please create a ticket requesting the feature in GitHub, and consider supporting the project on our Patreon page to help us get new features added faster? Thanks!
  12. Hi @tom83, So, this looks very unusual. The code should not be attempting to delete from the ext_market_stats table, and indeed, that table should not exist - it was removed with the first release of Revive Adserver. I suspect you have had an issue with an upgrade at some point coming from OpenX to Revive Adserver, and something has gone wrong. Do you have an OpenX Market plugin (or similar) installed, that is not one of the core plugins?
  13. Hi @l0gan5, One of the real difficulties with testing geotargeting is that even though you know that you are located in Cambridge, that doesn't mean that your IP address actually shows up in Cambridge in the geotargeting databases! Often, you will be somewhere completely different, based on your ISP details.... Try flipping it so that the banner shows if you are in the UK, but NOT Cambridge, and see if it displays? At least that would confirm that geotargeting is "working" (in as far as Revive Adserver is getting the information from the geo database and targeting according to what is in there...)
  14. Hi @femdom, I haven't had a chance to check, but I am sure that if you've logged in as a non-admin Advertiser user, and can't see the number of clicks remaining for a campaign, then it must be the case that seeing this information is not supported.