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  1. Otherwise:
  2. Hi @OldViking, No, the text above/below banners is restricted to text only.
  3. Hi @talaysa, Perhaps the default cache of 20 minutes? (See #3 on
  4. Hi @jerry2, Perhaps: ?
  5. Hi @carthouse, Preferences > Account Preferences > Campaign Preferences. You may have to change the setting in the config file directly, though, I am not sure you can do this from the UI.
  6. Hi @bdamage & @dwegner, Well, I've just spent the last hour or so setting up a clean Ubuntu 16.04 server, Apache 2, PHP 7.0, and I'm afraid it's all working for me. Here's the GD section from the phpinfo(); page, if that helps.
  7. Hi @savith, Okay - so, to display all of that (the images, button, text box, etc.) on the page, how do you do that? I am assuming there is some HTML code which describes how to display all of the parts - what images, what buttons, what text boxes, etc. Right? If there is, then can you not just put that HTML into Revive Adserver as an HTML banner?
  8. Hi @thesios, Technically, you can only have one active banner in an email zone at a time. So, you can link multiple banners to the email zone, so long as the campaign start/end dates mean that only one banner will be active at any one time. The reason, as far as I can recall from about 10 years ago, is that this was how the primary users of the application wanted it to work! Primarily, they were looking to send out assets as part of an email campaign, where the assets were specifically related to the email being sent out, so it was important to only have the one (correct) banner included in the email campaign. It was not intended for sending out "general" advertising banners in an email. So, I don't think it has anything to do with "identifying the client session". In theory, we could easily drop the requirement for only one active banner in an email zone at a time. However, that does, of course, mean that, if you're using multiple email zones, and you are trying to do branded assets, rather than general advertising, then you could more easily mess up and accidently have non-matching banners for your email campaign. Perhaps two different email zone types would be better? One for branded campaign emails, and one for general advertising emails?
  9. Hi @TKList,
  10. Hi @Ian Shalapata, Do you mean you made some changes to which banners are linked to a zone, but the banner(s) you removed from the zone are still displaying?
  11. Hi @carthouse, There used to be (probably still is?) an option to prioritise delivery based on eCPM - but I honestly have no idea how effective it ever was, nor if it really still works. If you want to have a poke about and see if that works for you, please let us know if it does anything!
  12. Hi @Ian Shalapata, ?
  13. Hi @Vadim Semenov, Also, what type of invocation code are you generating?
  14. Hi @savith, Would it work delivering as an HTML banner? You would need to host the "package" of resources separately, though.
  15. Hi @vladimir, Still an issue? What were you trying to change?