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  1. Hi @warmbells, Do the banners work on their own, in an empty HTML page?
  2. I think there is a delivery debug logging option - take a look in the configuration file?
  3. What error(s) do you see after disabling open_basedir?
  5. Hi @EricMonkey, What do you mean?
  6. Hi @kopcheto, I've just tested this, and all three invocation tag types (Asyc, JS and iFrame) seem to deliver correctly, both in the "contains" and "does not contain" cases for Page URL. If you're using mod_rewrite to alter URLs, well... I suspect that would be a good place to start looking.
  8. Anything on help?
  9. Hi @warmbells, ?
  10. Hi @aidangig, Please see - changing scheduled maintenance to 5 minutes is not going to do what I think you are wanting it to do. In addition, please also see:
  11. Hi @femdom, Sorry - the ticket is showing that we've just developed a new feature, due to be released in 4.1.0, which will allow users to optionally disable the recording of clicks for disabled (expired) campaigns/banners.
  12. Hi @huanxing.wu, In what way is it "not working"? That is, what's the error you are seeing?
  13. Hi @Faton Sopa, Okay. What about the zone? Where there any impressions recorded for the zone? We do record blank impressions, so if your zone was in place and delivering, then I would expect that this would show up? (I am assuming that maintenance is running, and you are getting stats for other banners/zones?) Is your remnant campaign delivering in the zone?
  14. Hi @scott001, 1. Yes, you can, and it should. 2. I cannot reproduce that - a single advertiser/banner in a zone, delivered by the async tag, works for me. Do you have a test page that demonstrates this that you can DM to me, please?
  15. Hi @warmbells, Yes - MySQL is denying access :-) e.g. Incorrect username, incorrect password, duplicate matching user/host pattern without access, etc.