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  1. Hi @Genum, If you do not have the required database tables present, then something has gone wrong during the installation process. I would recommend removing the installation completely, and re-installing from scratch, and carefully double check both the requirements for running Revive Adserver and the installation process.
  2. Hi @Brian Cronin, Revive Adserver is not an extension to Joomla, it is a completely separate and stand alone product. You will not be able to upload Revive Adserver via Joomla - it is a completely separate installation process. You will find the installation instructions on our website.
  3. Glad you managed to find the root cause. My experiences with the OWASP WAF ruleset is that it's great if you're doing something simple, but once you move into more complex web applications or services, it's not always going to be compatible with a working service.
  4. I agree, this appears to be a file permission issue - the web server appears to be unable to modify a number of files that it needs to. This may be a directory permission issue, rather than a file issue - perhaps review the upgrade instructions and double check the recommended process & permissions?
  5. It depends if you want to purchase a SaaS model of Revive Adserver, where you just have to worry about using the system, or if you want to do all the administration/upgrades, and worry about capacity planning and performance monitoring of your server yourself. You say that you have 100k unique visitors per month, but you will note that Hosted Edition is based on the number of requests/month - see https://www.revive-adserver.net/pricing/ So, it depends on how many ads you plan to serve - roughly, that's going to be the number of page views times the number of ads per page. That should help you set an initial view for the plan to choose, if you decided to go down that path. HTH.
  6. I said it above, but it's probably worth saying again - an HTTP 403 error is a a permission error - your web server is not allowing the request. You will need to look at your web server configuration for this, it's not a Revive Adserver issue.
  7. Hi @lpa, Correct - if you set the "Don't show a banner from the same campaign again on the same page" option for a zone, then the banner that is shown in that zone will have its parent campaign added to an exclusion list, and banners from that campaign will not be shown again on the same page - no matter what the setting is for any other zones. See: https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Banner+Selection+Mechanism (Otherwise, the option would be "Don't show a banner from the same campaign again in this zone, if the zone is displayed on the page more than once" - but it's not - it's don't show a banner from the same campaign again on the same page, which is what is happening!) Note that you could technically work around this, though, but using a zone invocation type that doesn't support this setting for the zone placements where you don't want this feature to work.
  8. Sure, no worries at all - happy to have a stripped down DB, if you could please verify that the upgrade issue still exists after sanitising the data.
  9. This error is, I believe, indicating that it cannot access the plugin files in your PREVIOUS installation's directory. It looks at your previous installation's plugins, because it's possible to install 3rd party plugins that won't be included in the Revive Adserver release package, but which you would want to have included in your installation after an upgrade - so it looks there and copies them over. I suspect the issue is the new installer is either being given an incorrect path to your previous install location, or it doesn't have permission to access the previous install.
  10. Not knowing what the issue is, other than not meeting the PHP requirements, I can't really say if that's likely to be successful or even possible.
  11. You may also need to consult your web server documentation re: what it logs, where it logs it, etc. As you say, there's no 403 error in the log information above, so, it's either being logged elsewhere, or is at a different time from what you have - or logging of it is not enabled. There could be lots of reasons.
  12. "Targeting Channels" are now called "Delivery Rule Sets". https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Change+History
  13. Hi @scott001, No news, but I'll ask the same question of you as I asked above - are you willing to share your installed code base and a DB backup, so that I can take a look?
  14. Hi @JLW, From https://www.revive-adserver.com/support/requirements/ For Revive Adserver v4.2 and above: PHP 7.0.8 or higher We also don't recommend using anything other than our official releases - we really can't support the software if it's managed via a 3rd party auto-installation service.
  15. Please see our troubleshooting guide. HTTP 500 errors are an issue with your webserver, before execution of Revive Adserver code. You will need to diagnose and resolve the issue with the webserver.
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