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  1. Hello Revive Adserver Community, I am trying to figure out why my community edition of the revive adserver stopped logging the statistics for the banners. Here is what I have found out thus far. The Cron job is running without any errors being entered into /var/logs/cron. If I manually run the maintenance.php script, I get an output of #!/usr/bin/php -q (not sure what that means). Looking in the debug log, I found that the script for maintenance is running, but this line was odd: - Updating the data_summary_ad_hourly table for data after 2016-03-20 15:00:00 UTC. Ironical
  2. EDIT: As clarification, I am running Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS. Hello everyone! New to the forum. I have been digging around the code to find a solution to this problem: looking on Github link, I see the message is originally displayed based on the following condition: $extensionLoaded https://raw.githubusercontent.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/eb2a1703e538d157e7a1c2aeeb2a1ce8591795d5/lib/templates/admin/dashboard/graph.html If we follow the use of this variable, it leads us to the file linked below, specifically where the following variable is declared: $
  3. This should be simple I hope. I had multiple issues doing an upgrade so I just did a fresh install on another server so not to confuse anything. Added a few small sites to test and all seems great except for one minor thing, my stats are blank. Now the graph on the home page shows impressions and the adgraph plugin also show impressions by day also but the reports show nothing. I did the clearing of the 2 folders as suggested - no difference. Checked, via diagnose, all plugins, no issue either. Exporting shows no stats also. Other than that, all seems well. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Hi there, I've installed and successfully configured Revive, and it is awesome. I'm serving a test ad on a test property right now, and I want to know how frequently the Statistics page in Revive is updated, and if this is a customizable variable. My test ad has been running for about an hour, and I've clicked it several times from external sources, but have not seen the statistics reflected within Revive. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. And thanks again to the Devs/Contributors, this is a pretty amazing platform. EDIT: Turns out I was just being antsy, the sta
  5. I have two Revive installations. One of them has been active for 7 years (was OpenX) and is working fine. The other is a couple of months old and is working well except for statistics. On an advertiser/advertiser history page of the older installation I see stats and a date range selector. On the new installation the page is blank. On BOTH of them if I go to Advanced Reports/Campaign Delivery Report I see the date selector/advertiser and site dropdowns and when filled out and submitted I get an xls with stats. Do I need to change a setting somewhere which is preventing me from seeing
  6. Hello, I set up Revive and already managed to set up and deliver a text banner. The impressions of this ad banner are correctly counted (f.x.) on Statistics / Global History. So, as far as I can tell, everything works just fine. Now I would be interested in more fine grained statistics on an impression / request level. Especially I would like to be able to figure out the HTTP Referer information which was sent along with the impression / request. Taking a look at the DB I found to very promising tables: rv_data_raw_ad_requestrv_data_raw_ad_impressionBoth tables contain a field named "referer".
  7. Hi all, I'm currently looking at implementing Revive but I need raw impressions and click stats which I understand (reading the forums) was originally part of OpenX but has now been removed in favour of the stats bucket system. Is there an easy way to reenable the recording of raw stats that will include things such as browser type and geo information where available. Thanks, Matt
  8. Hi, for now Revive generates the statistics once per hour. Is there a way to have this done twice per hour or even every 15 minutes? Thanks, Marti
  9. I was wondering if there is any way to remove some columns from statistics page when an Advertiser logged in. Currently it shows the eCPM and Rev. details to advertisers. We can remove those columns globally but not only for advertisers. Is there any way to modify that? Thanks in advance.
  10. I am not able to see any statistics on revive-adserver application. Everything else is working fine on revive adserver except statistics. It is showing only dates and not the adclicks and other information. On further debugging, I found that data is not storing at table rv_data_bkt_m. I am using only google adsense as banner. Is this the reason for not showing statistics Please suggest.
  11. Hi, I have recently installed the Revive Adserver v3.2.2 , I have created 2 campaigns. One remnant and one contract. Both are serving one banner. I have served these banners through Revive and they did appear on the site's zones. There are currently 2 websites and each site has 1 zone each. My Current statistics reports say.: There are currently no statistics available for the period 23-11-2015 to 29-11-2015 I have checked quiet a few solutions online about it. My maintenance is working fine. I have checked the logs in the /var folder. The following are the tables i have in my database:
  12. My Revive installation stopped counting stats all of a sudden the other day. The reason was quite simple, one of the Mysql tables (<prefix>_data_intermediate_ad) was broken (and the var/debug.log grows quite fast). Here's how to fix, in case someone else runs into the same issue: mysqlcheck -uroot -p <revive_database> --repair
  13. Hi. In revive statistics are updated every hour. If that is true, is there any way for faster statistic update?
  14. Hi, Recently we started to note huge differences between the amounts of requests and impressions. There can event be more than twice as many requests as impressions. This problem affects only certain combinations of banners and zones. Thus: What can be the reason for non equal amounts of requests and impressions?Is this problem on server side or something fails in the browserWhat is the typical/acceptable disproportion. (I assume there will always be some difference)Are there any tests we can perform to gather more data about the problem?We are using: Revive Adserver v3.2.1 running on Apache 2
  15. Hi, I would like to see my reports in UTC or GMT. I do not see such option in the list of timezones in Account preferences, under "Timezone preferences". Currently, "GB" is UTC+1 (in contrary to what the interface states - "GMT+0000"), so I can not really use "GB". I have manually edited database and entered "UTC" instead of "GB" in the table of preferences, and this fixed my issue, but the question is: is there a conventional way to set UTC unsing UI?
  16. After inserting some banners i noticed the last banner do not give me statistics i guess after updating Revive, i noticed the statistics stopped after 9 juli 2015. i also have notice some tables wher not in the database: rv_data_bkt_a rv_data_bkt_a_var rv_data_bkt_c rv_data_bkt_m rv_data_bkt_r rv_data_bkt_vast_e Those tables i inserted in the database and noticed in rv_data_bkt_m some statistics then strange tables rv_z_2c0b71c7be138cd7 rv_z_5b84e47292cda283 and so on.... what is wrong
  17. Hi All, I am new to AdServing and thus have a few questions: 1) I have used various types of image banners, can I use .gif banners like that? 2) For scheduled maintenance, can I use wget on Windows 7? 3) May be this is a silly question but still I wish to ask, how will my clients get convinced by the results when I show them the XML sheets of statistics of the campaign ? It is because they may have doubts that the results are woven by me. Kindly let me know on that as I am a new guy in this business. Thanks a lot !!
  18. I have two sites. a server does not record the impressions revive adserver, as in other accounts. what's different between them?
  19. I have configured geotargetting OK an I show banners with geografical conditions. For Example banners where city= Madrid OR city=Barcelona etc ... but how can I see the number or ads shown in each different cities?
  20. For whatever reason, clicks (via ck.php) don't seem to be tracking in my adserver. The zone tags all display properly, and the click passes through to the correct destination URL via the 'ck.php' delivery script. I've tried: a) enabling the global debug log --> No delivery or impression warnings/notices b ) repairing the stats via the republish & other maintenance tool scripts--no errors in the debug log c) checking `rv_data_intermediate_ad' (no clicks registered)... `rv_data_bkt_r` and `rv_data_bkt_m` (the impression tables) look fine, but `rv_data_bkt_c` is empt
  21. Is there a way to hide/show the nav links on the left side of the stats page based on if the user is an advertiser, publisher, or admin? I'm talking about these links in stats.php: advertiser history, campaigns, website distribution, and advanced reports. Also, is there a way to add additional links there? I can't find where this is handled... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  22. Hello friends, okay? I'm using version 3.0.5 and apparently is working perfectly. However, I do not know why, some campaigns and clients, have data and statistics of views and clicks, but some do not have anything. However, the banners are displayed correctly, but do not generate statistics for some advertisers. What can it be? ---- Edited ---- Friends, I am doing a test. I had upgraded from Open X (latest version). With this, all plugins were used in OpenX. I disabled and uninstalled all well then (now). I installed again all existing plugins in the install file of Revi
  23. Hello! My employer has been using Revive Adserver for a long time (well before I started early in the year), where over the past couple of months I have been able to successfully migrate it to a new server and perform an upgrade to the latest version with no issues (at least, no issues with the software). A few weeks ago, we came across an issue where stats hadn't migrated for a couple of weeks, which was quickly fixed by running maintenance manually and adjusting its settings. Things were running with no issues until this past Thursday, where it looks like the server it resides on was r
  24. Hi there, Is there a way to see reports of campaigns broken down by country and city, displayed in a table as all other types of standard reports? Cheers, Alex
  25. Hi there: I upgraded to Revive and my stats pages - all of them, Advertisers & Campaigns through Advanced Reports, are blank. I tried the suggestion here: http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/1007-displayed-stats-after-305-upgrade/ And that didn't help. Do you have any other suggestion as to how I can restore my statistic reporting and get them to display? Thanks!
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