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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to target Android devices with setting banner delivery limitation to "Client - useragent" contains "android" and setting the campaign as contract. If I do this with iPhone, it works perfectly. However with Android, I'm seeing other campaigns which has none delivery limitations and are set as remnant. Any idea what's wrong here? Thanks
  2. We have a content targeting technology and would like to know what is the best way to integrate into Revive Adserver. It takes published content (free texts, product names, barcodes like UPC, EAN and ISBN), returns IAB categories, product categories, keywords, etc. Individual banners can be targeted with specific categories or keywords. We have implemented it in our ad server as a new type of delivery options. We would like to know if the open source ad server would like to have it as well. Please let me know if you would like to know more or click http://www.adrelevantis.com.
  3. Hi there, is it possible to use banner delivery restrictions on zones? In my case, I'd like to show certain zones only to users that are not logged in. Is that possible, and if so: how is it possible. Moreover, I don't really understand the concept of the targeting groups. I can create one, but how can I link a targeting group to a zone or a banner? Kindes regards, Johannes
  4. I am looking for some documentation on the targeting channels. I have created a website, zone and the corresponding targeting channel in Revive Adserver 3.0.4. But the delivery limitation that are set in the targeting channel are not getting honoured. If i set the delivery limitation in the banner, it works fine for me. Can someone please point me towards the documentation of targeting channels? Thanks, Neha
  5. Hello, when i installed and begin to use Revive Adserver, i had an error Error: File permission errors detected. These may impact the accurate delivery of your ads, See the debug.log file for the list of unwritable files It was solved by adding correct path to "Webserver Local Banner Storage Settings". Now i decided to set up GeoIP Plugin to target ads, but when i added "Path to geoipCountryLocation file", the error was rise up again. When i delete the path, the error is going on again. The path is correct for 100%. What can be the problem? Thanks in advance.
  6. I am trying to figure out how I am able to geo-target by zip codes. How are we supposed to list zip codes in the postal code field for geo-targeting? Are zip codes separated by commas, hyphens, spaces, no spaces? If they cannot be separated by those characters, what option do I have?
  7. Could you please add Yandex-Browser to the list of targeted browser. It's getting more and more popular in russia. Here is a list of its User-Agent http://myip.ms/view/comp_browsers/1302/Yandex_Browser_1.html
  8. Hello, I wonder if using google adsense (or other ad network) trough revive adserver will affect the targeting functions of Google adsense (or other network). In other words, does the request to the google adserver comes from the website on which the ads will displayed or it comes from my revive adserver? For exemple, my revive adserver is hosted in Montréal, Canada. If a person from Paris visit it, does the request to the google adserver will be made from Paris (where the user is) or it will be made from Montreal (where the revive adserver is) ? Thanks
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