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  1. Some kind of PHP cache engine or other PHP plugin/extension? Not something that I have ever come across, though...
  2. So, just so I understand - you want the URL that users will be directed to, which will be off your site, to include a parameter that is not known to Revive Adserver? i.e.: User logs into your site and gets a session ID. User clicks on a banner. User is sent to remote site using URL www.example.com?session=ID Is that right? If so, I think the only way to do that is to have your site modify the JS invocation code before that code is output to the user's browser. I don't think there is any way to do this natively with Revive Adserver.
  3. Drop me a PM and let's see if we can't get you sorted out. I may have some time over the next few evenings to be able to help if you're still stuck.
  4. Not yet, although we're working on documentation and a section on delivery options has just gone live - geo delivery options should come soon.
  5. Yep, the MaxMind GeoIP plugins let you do that.
  6. Thanks, let us know how things go after you've unlinked old campaigns etc. and let us know if that has improved things...
  7. Does this still happen in later versions? Just wondering if this is still a bug that needs fixing?
  8. I have a feeling that, depending how the direct selection has been configured, the code may well happily ignore anything like if the campaign is active or has limits or not, and deliver the banner(s) that you've said you really want to deliver. Can you provide more details on how you're doing the direct selection please?
  9. Sorry, I forget I know what OI is, but not everyone else. OI = Operation Interval. If you're running just once an hour (and it's configured to 60 minutes, which it will be unless you have been fiddling in the config file), then that's fine. I wonder if that bug is really really fixed? I wrote a lot of the prioritisation code back in the OpenX days, and I would be a lot of fun to be able to completely re-build it all from scratch, and see if it could be made better. Maybe when I win the lottery :-)
  10. Most likely reason I think for something breaking with the upgrade is incorrect permissions on the filesystem, or a corrupted database....?
  11. The only way I think I will ever be able to figure these reports out is if someone who has the problem is willing to give me login access to their server. I simply don't see these PHP warning issues, even with old versions of PHP, because the Revive Adserver code specifically tells PHP to not worry about these. So, there's something in people's setup that prevents this happening - but unfortunately, I have no idea what.
  12. So (I guess) cpanel has some kind of issue with that being the case, and you need to fix it!
  13. Definitely not like that! You do not want to use a JavaScript tag in an email. Most email clients will not allow JavaScript tags to be executed. Look at the specific zone type that exists for emails & newsletters in the documentation, and use that.
  14. Unfortunately, no. The "data_raw_%" tables are a hangover from the really old days, when data was logged in non-aggregate (i.e. raw) format - but the overheads of doing so meant that (for the vast majority of users), the software simply didn't scale. So, we moved to aggregate logging. I believe there may be (external) plugins available to provide some degree of functionality here?
  15. Yes please! Pull requests in GitHub are very much the preferred way for proposed code changes. (Pretty much anything else is guaranteed to be very low on the list!)
  16. Unfortunately, a good diff UI is about the best way.
  17. Can you please post details of your webserver log? We really need to know what pages are being hit over and over to understand more.
  18. No, sorry. See the system requirements: http://www.revive-adserver.com/support/requirements/
  19. Same question about the log files, though, please - what do they say about what the maintenance script is doing?
  20. Yes, there is. Firstly, set up the campaign that you want to have always served as a pair, with the banners for zones 1 & 2. Configure that campaign for companion positioning. Then, set up any other campaigns that you need, with the banners for zones 1 through 5. Don't configure those for companion positioning. That's it! Whenever zone 1 has a banner from the companion campaign selected, then zone 2 will also be the banner from that campaign. Whenever zone 1 has a banner from any other campaign, then zone 2 will be able to be any banner from any other campaign too. Zones 3 - 5 will simply always be a banner from any campaign.
  21. For your "ExternalId" limitation, maybe try "equals", rather than "contains"? Also, try dropping the "Culture" limitation, as it makes no difference (as you use the same one on each banner)?
  22. Why not just have multiple banners, with appropriate delivery limitations set?
  23. Okay. How long has the zone been active for? And are you running the default OI of 60 minutes, or a modified (reduced) OI value?
  24. If you want to set up scheduled maintenance, you need to pass in the correct domain name as a parameter to the script. Please see the documentation: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Running+Maintenance
  25. In general, adding ads is the same no matter what device the user is viewing it on. The documentation at http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/User+Guide is still under development, but there should be enough there now if you read it through to understand how to add banners and get them displaying.
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