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  1. It also looks to me like at some point in the past, you have managed to install OpenX twice into the one database? So, if you look in your database, for example, do you see both a table called "acls" and one called "ox_acls"? (It looks like all the OpenX tables are duplicated, from the above error - each being there with and without an ox_ prefix.) This is likely to cause all kinds of issues and confusion for the upgrade system! If you're able to make sure you have a good clean backup of your database, and then figure out which tables are valid, and remove the invalid ones, that would possibly help with some of the errors above.
  2. If you have already got to a certain point of previously installing (rather than upgrading) Revive Adserver, it may be that the Revive Adserver installation is no longer configured in the default state to allow an upgrade to happen. I would remove your Revive Adserver installation (assuming you have not changed over to using it yet), and start again with a fresh un-zip of the install package, and make sure you copy over your OpenX config files (*.conf.php) from the old OpenX var directory to the new Revive Adserver var directory, before you start. It should then do an upgrade, instead of an install. Don't be confused by the config files in any etc directories! They are for new installations only, so leave them well alone.
  3. Which version of Revive are you running, please?
  4. Any reason why we wouldn't support this Matteo? If not, Denis, you could log the feature request in GitHub for us, please? Thanks!
  5. I have to admit that I'm going from memory here - but does it work if you simply use a comma separated list of emails in the field for the email to send the report(s) to?
  6. Yeah, to the best of my knowledge, this isn't something we support natively in Revive Adserver. But it's an interesting idea - want to log it as a new feature request in GitHub?
  7. Exactly so - companion positioning is the feature you're after here.
  8. Just to check - please post a screengrab of your plugins admin page? That will help us see exactly was is, and isn't, installed. Thanks.
  9. Hi stix_121, The formatting above makes it a little hard to tell what Revive Adserver is saying - would you please be able to post a screengrab of what Revive looks like when it's saying that the unknown version has been detected? Also, can you please have a look in the log files for Revive Adserver - sometimes there is extra information in there that may help explain what's going on. Thanks.
  10. Not sure! Can you please provide some more information about the problem? Your webserver log files are usually a good place to start re: web redirect loops - they can tell you (and us) exactly what web page(s) your browser is getting, and where it's being re-directed to.
  11. Just checking - do you run your Revive Adserver installation over more than one server?
  12. Try this: SELECT * FROM phpads_account_preference_assoc WHERE account_id = 1 AND preference_id = 0; It appears that there is already something in the database using those account ID and preference ID values. If you take note of the value (so that you can restore it again, should you need to do so), and then delete that row, perhaps you will then be able to correctly set the timezone via the UI.
  13. Have a look in the "data_bkt_m" table (with appropriate table name prefix, if present). This is where Revive Adserver stores the counts of impressions as they are recorded during delivery, before the maintenance engine summarises everything up.
  14. For completeness, I think the separate topic suggested is http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/92-avast-detecting-trojan-in-the-openx-delivery/
  15. No, memcached is not required. The reason you are getting this warning is because your PHP installation is configured in such a way that it is looking for a memcache.so file in the listed location, but the file is not there. That's something to take up separately in terms of fixing your PHP configuration - but had nothing to do with your issue re: disabled plugins. I'm just noting it for completeness of this thread :-)
  16. There's an option to configure the names of the delivery files in the global administrator settings, under Banner Delivery Settings. Change the filename, and update the settings, and with any luck, that will work.
  17. Works for me in my local setup. Are you definitely using www.myserver.com to access your installation, and not another URL?
  18. Thanks, and I note that the request is in at https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/156 too; certainly something we can think about (or would gladly accept a PR for) as an addition to supporting filesystem and memcached.
  19. Well, it would have actually deleted them; but there was a bug at some point where (if you use a different URL for the upgrade to that which is configured) the upgrade of plugins didn't work correctly. That has been fixed now, however, so hopefully others will not have this issue again.
  20. You may need to check a different error log, or increase the level of logging provided by your web server. Or it may be in the PHP error log!
  21. Yep, sounds to me like maintenance is not running, if the stats are in the database, but not in the UI.
  22. Yes. From the error messages, it's clear that your PHP installation is set up to not allow non-static methods to be called statically. Although the code in Revive Adserver tries to tone down your PHP error levels & strictness checking, something in your configuration of PHP won't let it. For now, I don't have time to completely gut and refactor the internals of the application to newer PEAR libraries (which, as you can see from the error, is the cause in the MDB2 library), so you need to update your PHP configuration so that it can work.
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