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  1. The download is unlikely to have lacked the plugins. However, it clearly did not install the plugins. Do you still have your log file with the details of what happened?
  2. Hi! Easy question to answer - because of the history of the project. It started out way back when as an open source product to do what was needed - and this really is a long time ago now - and billing & payment simply wasn't a need. Then it was adopted by the company that is now known as OpenX, and again, that company as it developed the software simply didn't need this functionality. Now that the project has been brought back to the open source community, it's possible that we could add this feature, if there's demand for it, and time and/or funding to make it happen. But as a volunteer-based open source project.... Well, the team does everything it can to make Revive Adserver great, but I can basically guarantee we can't make everyone happy & add every feature. Not unless someone wants to come along and come up with a finance package for it that lets us code full time on the project!
  3. If I was trying to debug the issue, I'd start with a clean browser, no cookies, and use a cookie inspector tool to see if I can see the cookies being set, and at least confirm if the cookie magic is happening; if that's okay, then I'd look at what is being logged in the database; if there's nothing happening there on conversion, I'd use xdebug to walk the code and see what's happening.... But that's a pretty heavy process, unfortunately. I hope to get to conversion tracking documentation soon, so chances are I will be stepping through the process and confirming that it really is working soon - and given that I'm not hearing really loud shouting that it's broken, I'm pretty confident that it can work; so chances are you have a configuration issue with the setup...
  4. If by "control panel" you mean the Wordpress control panel, then no, you can't upload and install Revive Adserver through the Wordpress control panel. However, as mentioned above, you mean your hosting provider's control panel, then you may be able to do this. Please see your hosting provider's documentation on how to upload files, if that's what you mean.
  5. Which account is ID 2, and is thus set to GMT time? Is that the account you see the statistics displaying in GMT time in?
  6. I don't see why not. Revive Adserver can deliver ads to any website where you can put code into the site to make banners display.
  7. Maybe you could be clearer, please, on what you mean by saying that you "can't edit" a banner, and what "the link" is that you are clicking? Are you talking about something not working in the Revive Adserver UI, or are you saying that the banner you have created is not working as you'd expect? Some screen grabs of how things are actually set up and/or somewhere we can see the banner(s), if appropriate, would help. Thanks.
  8. After going to the Plugins tab, you need to click on the "Details" link for the Invocation Tags Plugin, before you can see the "Settings" link, but otherwise, the above is spot on.
  9. The Revive Adserver configuration file will be in your installation's "var" directory. It will have a name based on the domain name the site is running on (or installed with) with a .conf.php extension on the end. So, for example, it may be called "www.example.com.conf.php".
  10. Please let us know how you get on! The option for changing the operation interval was introduced for a specific need way back in the day, but unfortunately, unless you have amazingly high traffic volumes, reducing the OI from the default of 60 minutes tends to cause issues, because the (relatively) small number of impressions per OI means the maintenance script struggles to do a good job. Note that changing the OI will mean it takes a while for Revive Adserver to "learn" what the new impressions/OI values are, so don't expect instant and immediate results. One other tip might be to add some delivery capping to the banners, so that you only show each banner a few times a day (e.g.) to any given user. That can really help prevent over-delivery by thinning out the number of impressions that are possible. HTH!
  11. Ah, now, there used to be a feature to allow eCPM-based prioritisation, but I have to admit that I'm 100% sure that this is still definitely around and working. This is something that I suspect I will be looking into while working on documentation updates - but feel free to have a poke about and it might be in the config options somewhere and you can let us know if it is?
  12. I've created some documentation for this now! http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Running+Maintenance HTH.
  13. Revive Adserver uses PHP's mail() function to send email - so, exactly how that happens depends on your PHP configuration. See http://www.php.net/manual/en/mail.configuration.php for details.
  14. HTTPS connections will be enabled & handled by your web server - please see your webserver documentation!
  15. Check your web server logs. Blank screens are usually the result of an internal server error, which you'll need to look in the logs to understand what's happening and fix.
  16. Or it could be that the hardware is not the same, or PHP opscode caching is present on one but not the other - unfortunately, there are a very large number of variables when it comes to asking "why is the performance different between two different installations". Fundamentally, there is very little different between late OpenX Source releases and current 3.0.x Revive Adserver releases - it's all been rebranding and fixing a lot of bugs; certainly nothing has changed to fundamentally change the performance of the application, so I would look hard at your systems setup -- which is unfortunately well beyond the scope of support we're able to help out with here.
  17. We're also happy to accept pull requests in GitHub for translation improvements or new languages, if that's something you're interested in taking part in!
  18. Well, that's what you think you did, but the Revive log is saying something different - or perhaps you repeated the upgrade by accident - or someone else accessing the site did too, and if you look further back in the log file, you will see a different set of messages?
  19. I can answer 1 & 2 - which is Yes, and Yes. 2a isn't really a question, but Revive can support any size banner at all, really, so this is not an issue. 2b isn't something I really know much about - I know there is a Wordpress plugin, but we have not really looked at bringing this over from OpenX to Revive at this stage. But that doesn't matter - you can do all of the above even without a Wordpress plugin.
  20. Targeting channels are just a way of setting up a pre-defined set of target(s) that you can use over and over when doing delivery targeting for banners. However, it certainly sounds like this is a good idea for you - you want to set up a channel for each of the "topics" that you want to target. However, exactly how you define a "topic" depends on how you think you can define where the content is. If each topic lives in a section of your site that is well defined by the URL, then "Site - Page URL" might be a good choice. If you can modify your site's generated content, so that you dynamically insert a variable into the page depending on what the topic is, then the "Site - Variable" option could be what you need. Does that help?
  21. It goes through a process of looking for various options - so as you can see, it says that PAN (phpAdsNew) was not detected, then that MMM was not detected, etc. until it eventually says that it could find "OpenX" 3.0.2, which it "upgraded". However you did it, you must have upgraded the database to the new version at some point, and have then repeated the upgrade!
  22. I'm pretty sure that it will keep all stats, forever.
  23. There's a chance, but it's probably low down the list at the moment for me and the team. You're welcome to put the idea into GitHub, though - or submit a PR for the feature, which would be even better ;-)
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