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Found 10 results

  1. I've been running Revive Adserver for more than a year without any difficulty. Yesterday, it came up with notice of an upgrade to version 3.2.2. So, I downloaded it from your website (not Github) and extracted it. At first, I attempted to upload the files and overwrite the originals. That did not work well. BTW, even in a different database and different folder, Revive Adserver conflicts in upgrade with iThemes Security. After deactivating iThemes, I was able to get access, but it still wasn't working correctly, and would not connect to the database properly. My only option was to create
  2. Hi, Am new to revive-adserver, I have installed revive-adserver successfully in one instance. Now I have tried to create a new ad in revive, I have followed the steps by this youtube link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk8TGZ5_un4 But when I come to zone tab, none of the banners are visible here,My campaign is running successfully. Could you please help me in this. Revive-adserver version : 3.2.3 Thanks in advance. Regards, Prabhu.
  3. How do I display multiple banners in a zone? Example: I want to display on top of the site 6 300x100 images and manages them through a zone?
  4. Hey Guys, if I wanna use some banners in one zone, how i can divided zone by percentage for example: banner 1: 25 % banner 2: 75% and these banners are in different campaigns from different advertisers. Many Thanks
  5. We have a website that has three specific locations for ads (homepage top, left and bottom). However, our site content is displayed based on the user's profile and the specific content that they want to see. Example - the site has 4 main topic areas (A, B, C and D) if you choose that topic C is your preference, then all the content delivered on the pages of the site will be related to topic C. The banners will still be in the same positions (top, bottom and left). The site is dynamic so it is one page that the specific content will change, so i cant create separate "home pages" for each a
  6. Hi, I created a campaign, created a banner, but when I go to the zone and try to select that banner,I'm not able to select that. Please help me out and also let me know how I can go ahead.
  7. HI, I have done all steps but can not link zones and banners. So I can not get invocation code. Create advertiser Create Campaigne in Advertiser Create Banner In Campaigne Create Website Create Zone in Website In the campaigne chose the linked zones. The zones are not displayed in banners & there are not any banners displaying in zones. Please help . So urgent. Below are link to download screen shot of my steps Link for download screenshot
  8. Hi, We're using Revive Adserver 3.2.0 but this issue happened in OpenX 2.8.10, from which we've recently upgraded. In short, the issue is that *certain* zones are not rendering adverts in iOS devices (iPads, iPhones). This can be seen here on these demo pages: http://www.ichild.co.uk/dbcheckad18.php - zone ID 18 - works fine http://www.ichild.co.uk/dbcheckad19.php - zone ID 19 - doesn't show anything The invocation we're using for both is identical, apart from the zone ID. This works absolutely fine on all other browsers - including Chrome on Android - so this isn't a desktop/
  9. Hi there, having an issue when using more than one banner zone. The zone 1 (and 2) deliver as it should (http://hitradio.com.na/advertising/www/delivery//ajs.php?zoneid=1), but any other zone (e.g. 5 - I have a banner there for testing) does not deliver anything but fractures of a code (http://hitradio.com.na/advertising/www/delivery//ajs.php?zoneid=5). I found out that non-existent zones give out the same code, e.g. Zone 10 var OX_d32417d2 = ''; document.write(OX_d32417d2); I also set uo other zones for testing, but they all have the same issue. Any ideas? Many thanks edertch
  10. Hi everybody! I'm new on Revise Adsever, but I like it very much. I installed the server and I'm trying to test a simple case: one campaign with one website, with 3 zones. Just I configure the zones their probabilities are on 5% and there are an issue, because the banners rarely display. But some time later the probability is bigger and the banners appear most times (but not everytime). And sometimes the the probability is on 100% and the banners appear everytime (as I like). Here you can se a simple HTML page that I use to test: http://revivetest.hol.es/customer/custom
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