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  1. More likely is that APC didn't correctly cope with the change in files for the upgrade, and clearing the APC cache would have worked? You may find it works again with a cleared out APC cache in place...
  2. I would check the location & permissions for your image storage folder, as you're uploading to the webserver.
  3. Quite possibly! First thing I would check is - do the Adsense banners appear in the Revive UI when you preview the banners? If that is okay, take a look at the zone probability page - do the banners have a non-zero probability? Is the sum of all probabilities for the zone 100%, or is it less (i.e. are you just happening to see blank impressions because you're only using a small part of your inventory by not including a remnant campaign?) HTH.
  4. Back in the day, when Revive Adserver was OpenX Source (around about version 2.6 I think), conversion tracking was done server side. The problem is that the storage requirements for all the data just got too large when you had more than a trivially sized installation. So, everything was moved to be cookie based. I honestly can't see us changing things to work in a non-cookie way. But I suspect you probably could make calls to Revive as you have suggested - or, if all else fails, just write the appropriate data to the database!
  5. Hi, As above, sorry, but we need more information. Post some screenshots of the campaign and banner details for those banners that are not delivering? Also, take a look at the probability % values for those banners in the relevant zone(s) and tell us what you see. Thanks.
  6. Maybe post some screenshots of the campaign and banner details for those banners that are not delivering? Also, take a look at the probability % values for those banners in the relevant zone(s).
  7. See also the documentation: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Revive+Adserver+Documentation
  8. Check your PHP settings - Revive Adserver tries to suppress these warnings, but it can't do so if your PHP config won't allow it.
  9. Sounds like a bug to me - can you report in GitHub, if not already reported, and reference the details & this thread, please?
  10. Can you please provide a lot more information? Like for example - what tag type you are using? Where we can see the generated invocation tag in raw form? Where we can see the tag working on a non-SSL site, and not working on an SSL enabled site? Thanks.
  11. See some of the many other posts on the same topic! However, in short - this was resolved in 3.0.4 (and only affected users running automatic maintenance).
  12. Can you provide a link to more information, please?
  13. I haven't done it yet - but when I do, these will all be explained somewhere around this page in the documentation: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Invocation+code
  14. Revive Adserver support pop-unders. Create a zone of type "popup" and you are away! http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Creating+a+zone
  15. Hi! When you say "sidebar widget", it makes me think that you're pasting the invocation code into the UI of some kind of CMS (e.g. Wordpress), inside a widget for displaying things. Sometimes, those kind of CMS tools try to be nice and prevent you from putting HTML code in them, and escape all the code, so that it doesn't display correctly when you view the page. Have you checked the source of the page you're viewing to make sure the Revive Adserver invocation tag is appearing as it should?
  16. Check your spam filter, perhaps, or your mail server logs? Revive really does use mail() to send mail. Of course, perhaps it's not sending mail at all to the mail server, but then, your mail server logs should be able to confirm that.
  17. @bmanke I never heard back - please let me know if it works for you, so we can resolve this topic if it helps?
  18. No; the Google Adsense (or other network) targeting will not be affected. Google (and just about every other network) uses JavaScript-based tags. While Revive Adserver can deliver these (and add/modify as required to ensure that it can track impressions & clicks), in the end, the JavaScript will be executed by the user's web browser, on their computer; the fact that you are using Revive to deliver the JS code in the first place has no effect at all on what the tag does; as a result, any geo or other form or targeting or logic that the ad network implements in their system is unaffected.
  19. Most likely this was due to the recursive nature of the above commands, rather than the absolute vs. relative path. Permissions actually need to be set appropriately for all files/sub directories; for a clean install, it's not an issue, as the folders are empty. But on migration, that may not be the case, depending on how the files were move and what else may be changing.
  20. Banner weights operate in exactly the same way as campaign weights, which are described in the documentation: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Creating+a+campaign Having just re-created your example above (having three banners with weight 1, and one with weight 2), I get exactly what I would expect - the weight 1 banners have probability of 1/5 (i.e. 20%) and the weight 2 banners has probability of 2/5 (i.e. 40%). I wonder if the above updated when the maintenance script ran? Or did it stay like this?
  21. Good news! The Revive Adserver documentation explains: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Email
  22. Normally, they should be. What version of Revive Adserver was this? Was it an upgrade from OpenX? Direct, or were there versions of Revive Adserver in between?
  23. Hi Paul, What version of Revive Adserver are you running? What version of OpenX did you upgrade from? Did you go directly between those two versions, or have there been versions of Revive Adserver in between? Thanks.
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