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  1. What do your webserver logs tell you? Hopefully, they will indicate why permission is denied.
  2. Can you describe the problem more completely, please? I routinely develop Revive Adserver using a root-based installation on a sub-domain, and never have any issues performing an upgrade, so I find the setup you've described to be an unlikely cause of any issues.
  3. Looks like a file is missing. Is it there? Or has it got lost when you unpacked or uploaded the files?
  4. Kinda looks like you're doing interesting things with your server setup - multi domains, perhaps - or maybe rather restrictive web server setup / PHP security mods?
  5. http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Email
  6. Turn off your ad blocking plugin in your browser.
  7. You copied over all of the *.conf.php files, right - not just the default one?
  8. Okay, now we're down to checking your web server log, unfortunately. Use something like Firebug to track the execution of banner invocation and see that there are calls being made to Revive Adserver to log the banner delivery. Try calling the URL manually, and watch your web server logs to see if it tells you anything. You may need to increase the logging level in your webserver and/or PHP.
  9. I think ultimately, it would be great if Revive Adserver can have support for letting website owners & advertisers to effectively self-service (including important features like moderation of new campaigns, banners & built in payment processing) -- but that is a massive job, and is at best a long term aspiration for Revive Adserver right at the current time. It's certainly something I will keep in mind, though.
  10. Can you please create a Git issue for this? Seems like something we would be able to do.
  11. Either you've made a mistake, and haven't copied the correct configuration file(s) over to the correct location, or your web server cannot read the configuration file(s) in the new location. Check that they really are there, and the permissions are correct.
  12. I don't think so. (I assume you mean display something like how often a user sees any given banner?)
  13. Revoke? Or "invoke"? Do you mean you're trying to have one banner display on one URL, and one display on the other URL?
  14. You can read about the three different types of campaigns in Revive Adserver here: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Creating+a+campaign
  15. That's the table where banner impressions are stored. So, Revive Adserver doesn't appear to be logging new impressions. Is the Banner Delivery Logging Plugin installed and enabled?
  16. Out of luck, I'm afraid. The HTML that you have sent in the email is already sent. The only way to do this differently would be to send very simple HTML that loads external content -- but then you run the risk that the email client won't load the external content and they don't see it.
  17. I'm the first to admit that Revive Adserver is not perfect here (and would love to have the time to completely re-think this problem!). However, one often overlooked issue with delivering contract campaigns where there is "enough" inventory is the effect that campaign and/or banner capping or delivery limitations has on the "available" inventory. Do you have any of these limitations set up?
  18. What you want to do is add a remnant campaign to your zones, to "mop up" any "spare" inventory that Revive Adserver doesn't need for your contract campaigns. See the documentation on the different campaign types: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Creating+a+campaign
  19. Yes, it should still be possible. However, hardware has moved on a lot since then, and I'm honestly not sure that this is the best way to do it. You would need to have a really, really, really massive installation to actually need this. Better would be to scale out your solution with multiple delivery servers, but stick with a single database.
  20. Please see your webserver logs. 500 is an internal server error, so chances are there is something wrong with your webserver, PHP installation, or Revive Adserver files (in which case, re-download the latest version of the code and try again).
  21. Yes - it uses whatever PHP is configured to use: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Email
  22. Okay, so you will only see a banner 50% of the time - load the zone tag a few more times and see if it shows up after a while. If not, check your delivery limitations and capping to make sure that's not preventing it from displaying for you.
  23. No. An upgrade won't re-create any default users. If you have changed users (removed them, added them, etc.) they will be preserved by the upgrade.
  24. You will need to use third party tags that support HTTPS -- assuming the third party actually does so. If they do not, then it won't work.
  25. Try ensuring that all files, and subdirectories, underneath the Revive Adserver var/ directory are correctly set to be able to be written to by the webserver.
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