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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! One of our Publishers' wants to show static banner when the ad server is not reachable for any reason such as it's down or just slow in responding. So if the banner cannot be fetched from the ad server in 5 secs, then a static banner should be shown. Is there a way to implement a solution for this? Has any one done this before? Any information you can provide will be helpful. Regards, Aditya
  2. I wonder if anyone can give me an opinion regarding the following issue. What is the horizon of CPU % utilization and system load, after which the load begins to negatively affect delivery latency? Let's say, we talk about Linux system with 4GB RAM and 4 CPUs, using memcached, without GUI (only delivery)
  3. Hi, I've been testing out Revive and I'm finding that I need to be able to scale my cluster horizontally as my traffic grows. I came across a few old OpenX blogs which mentioned configuring OpenX for 'Distributed Statistics'. Is this possible with Revive ? And can anyone point me in the direction of any docs which show how to set it up ? Thanks Keith
  4. Hello, We have 115M impressions per month. Our VPS configuration is : 8 CPU, 18 Gb Ram, 100Mb/s bandwidth. Despite of the performance of the VPS, it is taken down by Revive at least twice a day. On the monitoring, we can see that the CPU usage is (monthly average) at 50%, the server load at 50% too. We have 180 hits/sec on the server. We can also see that the MySql requests are about 50-100/sec for INSERT, and 800/sec for QUESTIONS (what are mysql questions ?). Our VPS console doesn't have any Memory monitoring, but I've created mine, and I can see that the free memory is going down for about 600Mo per hour, while the available memory is stable at 16Gb. Have you any thoughts or advices about this situation ? We already have contacted our hosting support, they say that the application (revive) is too greedy and does not free memory correctly.. they also say that the memory consumption crashes the server, then it reboots. What do you think ? Attachments are monthly server monitoring.
  5. Hi guys, I am running latest revive ad server, I tuned absolutely everything what I could. Last month my RA serves 382 million banners (hosted on 1 server)... The thing is, I would like to optimise this even more. Playing with xdebug, I can see in my app this is slow down - the most time takes RA server to process. I am calling via local tag (xml-rpc was too slow). Here is screenshot of webgrind: I got couple of campaigns and banners, for banners I have to use REGEXP match (because no OR condition). I guess deleting inactive campaigns will not help. What I can do to improve speed? I saw you offer REDIS plugin, but I am not sure, if this helps in this case (mysql seems not a bottleneck here, I got it on SSD...) Thanks
  6. Hi everybody, I am new to Revive and just installed everything and setup my portal with Revive. I am looking in something like 100.000.0000 ads per month and want to make sure that I have all setup as good as possible. I would be happy if somebody can short give me some tips on what I should configure or use for best performance on my server. Are there any options which I should NOT use, or plugins I should use? Any tip is welcome in this case to get the most out of it. Right now I use about 50% Adsense ads, and 30% other third party generic html ads from outside and only the rest image ads. I opted for upload into MySQL for the images. I would like to use the Geo Target opotions but I fear this is going to pull a lot of performance? Thanks in advance, Oliver
  7. Earlier this week, I upgraded to 3.2.0 with no issues, however since then, I have noticed performance issues on the server that hosts this program. It appears that in moments of higher usage, somehow the CPU steal time and CPU system time raise dramatically. I saw that this could possibly be attributed to the physical machine the server is on, so I moved it to a different one last night. However there appears to be no change in this behavior. It also seems that this has been occurring every day on the server, the 3.2.0 update just made me more aware of it. The reason I believe Revive Adserver has something to do with this, is because none of the other servers I manage show this sort of resource usage, this server only powers Revive Adserver and nothing else, and this is the second time I've moved the virtual server. I'm not really sure what more I can look into at this point. A lot of PHP processes under the user account are spawned and usually stick for some time before eventually quelling themselves. If anyone can provide any assistance or guidance, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with this... Several times when a campaign is about to expire and the banner should deliver the last impressions I notice that the whole campaign is "slowing down" and the impressions ticking sooo slow. From about 35.000 impr./day to just a few. This has happend several times and I wonder why. So thankful for some help here! Best regards Fredrika
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