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  1. How can I make it work with only 1 banner? It may have more banners in the future, but it is just starting with one.
  2. I have a zone with one campaign with one banner linked to it. That one banner shows in the Probability list as 0.00% and no ad is displayed. Campaign is set as remnant / Tenancy. I've entered a cost and set a reasonably large number as minimum impressions. Note I have "Use eCPM optimized priorities instead of remnant-weighted priorities" enabled and this campaign shows an eCPM of 0. However, even if the eCPM is 0, it should still show the ad because $0 it is still the highest eCPM for that zone.
  3. Advertisers should be able to create their own banners, change the images, change the weighting, etc. The impression limitations, etc are done in the campaign so I don't see any reason for them to not have this functionality.
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