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  1. I'm just saying what I did. I just could not bother spending more time on it. So I reinstalled from scratch. Could never get it working with sendmail. Even reinstalled sendmail on the server. If you find a way to do it then I´m sure other Revive members would appreciate if you share the solution.
  2. I ended up with tossing away my glowes and reinstalled the whole darn thing. There was no other way around this issue.
  3. No... I meant in your coding from the screenshot with the container. ;-)
  4. Hmm... I can see that you are using fixed CSS values for the image. Have you tried with using percentages instead e.g. 100%? Not sure if that will work but using relative values instead might work. You sure won't lose anything by testing it.
  5. The whole zone is response so in theory it should work. I mostly use Adsense so I don't work much with images. I tested in the past some affiliate ads which was image banners and it worked fine. I've ditched the affiliate stuff though because it was not very profitable. Try and set up an ad test zone and run some of your image in it. It should work fine, but you will of course see it when you run the test for yourself. :-)
  6. Hi @isabella You just need to enter Asterix symbols * in the size fields in your zone's settings and then it will be response. ;-) It is that easy! Cheers.
  7. @jooruThanks for sharing I'm going to try and test your suggestion as I'm stuck too with this horrible update and no devs are responding... Appreciated! Kind regards
  8. What is the point of posting here if no-one responds back, not even the devs?
  9. it just you and me then @RedPill ha ha lol
  10. Hmm.. The silence here maybe confirms it? It is true, it is very sad.. I hope someone from the Revive team does reply... Kind regards
  11. So i added the follwing to my servers php.ini: sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail /usr/lib/sendmail is there any agruments/paramenters that needs to be added to it? I have read the https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Email but it isn't very helpful. So some more clarification would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance..
  12. I think it is a valid question because no-one seems to answer anything anymore here and most posts/threads are quite old - even by years.. Not even the admins here seems to be active. Is the Revive project active at all? Kind regards
  13. Did you just run a new updater over the older installation then? Thanks in advance for your answer. Kind regardsAngryWarrior.
  14. No responses to this issue at all? Is the forum and its community totally dead? The issue still persists and help would be appreciated. Kind regards AngryWarrior.
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