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  1. Thanks Andre for your reply. Well it's certainly needed, so I hope they do something about it. Responsiveness is huge part of the ad market today as I am certain that you know and if it is not added then Revive will certainly fall behind other ad server solutions. Kind regards
  2. Responsive ads is along waited and much needed feature! This should be top priority for the dev core team In my humble opinion. Without responsiveness Revive will be outdated and not so relevant. I actually requested this feature myself 2 years ago: But so far nothing has happened...
  3. Yep @Geroge, its long missed feature. I personally asked the devs for it as feature request here long time ago: Bur so far nothing. Maybe add a comment to that thread and they see more people wants this? Kind regards
  4. Will this be added at some point or it isn't planned at all @andrewatfornax? Considering I asked about this two years ago I'm guessing the answer is no, but please correct me if I am wrong. 😃 Kind regards
  5. Hi 😃 Is there anyone here that could tell me what this function does? There is no information in the documentation about the Advertiser tracker so it would be nice to have that one explained. 👍
  6. Hi @andrewatfornax I'm just about to upgrade my revive server and in the process i started to go over the file perms and the documentation about it. I must admit after reading the docs and this thread I'm really confused about it. The page https://www.revive-adserver.com/support/upgrading/ tell you to use 777, but here in the thread it is NOT advised at all.(The documentation should really be updated to the correct file permission recommendations and not 777, and I too really dislike to use 777 too because it is dangerous for obvious reasons.). You also say here that you would not recommend anyone to use that permission etc. So I am kindly asking for the benefit of everyone and anyone that uses Revive Adserver if this could be settled once and for all? What is exactly the absolutely correct permissions for files and directories as they clearly should not run on 777 for a vanilla Revive server. Could you please clearly cut this out in the sand what permissions in that should be used for a vanilla/standard installation? For folders permission number? var var/cache var/plugins var/templates_compiled plugins www/admin/plugins www/images and for files permission number? It would be great to have this cleared once and for all. All this contradicting information makes no good for anyone. Not for the Revive community and neither for Revive Adserver as product itself. Thanks a lot in advance. Kind regards AngryWarrior
  7. I havent tried that. But that would of course require that you tweak the code itself. Probably the WP core files and hmm that would not be feasibible solution as that is deleted as soon as new WP update is released. Well please do correct me if I am wrong. 😉
  8. Hi 🙂 I'm in the process of setting Revive up on a wordpress system and using the html sidebar widget produces some odd result in that the box is smaller than the actual size set in the Revive banner settings. I have first setup a zone with wildcards * for sizes and then setup a banner with a rectangular size 300 x 250 px but that is not respected for some reason. But the ads doesn't fit, instead they are bit cropped in the corners and too small. WP HTML Sidebar with Revive: WP HTML Sidebar without Revive and just pure Google Adsense code instead: I even attempted and set larger sizes like 400 X 400 just to test but the result is mostly the same. Smaller box than the actual size set in Revive and the ads are more or less cropped+smaller than they should be. When using the banner test size 400 X 400px I also get this ugly box beneath the ad box itself which makes no sense to me: Now when using the pure Adsense code from Google themselves it works perfectly as you can see in the above example. Please correct me if I am wrong here but to me it doesn't seem to be an issue directly related to WordPress sidebar widgets as it works perfectly with as said the code from google straight in the box. It only becomes messed up with using Revive for the same purpose. So my question is if anyone else has experienced this and if there is a fix/workaround for this? Thanks! Kind regards AngryWarrior
  9. Until the moment that revive supports responsive ads for both mobile and pc natively, I need to find a way to do it manually. I found this old thread on the subject: But I am quite uncertain on how to do it and do it properly. It seems that the suggestions are quite old and not working any more? So my question is if someone could be so kind and please outline a shorter "tutorial" how to do this the proper way please that works well with the current version of Revive? If I understand this correctly I need to create 2 zone & banner versions? One for PC Webbrowser sizes One for Mobile Browser sizes Anyways; any help in the right direction would be very appreciated. Kind regards AngryWarrior.
  10. Hi! Is there anyone here that could please tell me what this option does and what it is good for? I could not find any information in the documentation about "Support 3rd Party Server Clicktracking" if for example using Google Adsense then what is the correct option in the drop-down box? Thanks!
  11. Hi Andrew. So just empty or write 0,0 basically then, right? Thank you so much, I appreciate your help! Kind regards AngryWarrior
  12. Thank you Andrew for taking it under consideration! 😃 👊
  13. Revive devs! Please allow us to use have an option for response ads option in the drop-downs of campaigns/banners. 👍
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