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  1. I don't think that is the error because I have been using mysqli extension even in the old database. What I need now is how to edit the database config file to connect to a database which is outside the application server because I tried connecting to a new database which is hosted separately and I got the above error page.
  2. I have been using revive ads server for over 2 years now and I use a MySQL database within the same server I host the revive application. Now the database is overloaded and I have successfully migrated the huge data to a more scalable database server which is different from where I host the files. I have tried to input all the details of the new database server on my '/var/domain.conf.php' file but I keep getting error connecting page once I reload the page. How best can one edit the below with new database details. New database details (Database name: db-XXXXXXXXXXXX.a.db.ondigital
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