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  1. It should be possible to change it there in the UI, but only while working as the specific account, not as administrator.
  2. The dashboard is the only place that uses it, so it won't affect anything else.
  3. Revive Adserver does not contain any functionality to detect and/or report viewability.
  4. Revive Adserver does not contain any functionality to detect and/or report NHT.
  5. That "dashboard" page isn't extremely useful, and not at all critical to the working of the ad server. I would recommend just disabling it altogether and you won't see that message anymore. To disable it: log in as an administrator, and switch to "working as administrator" go to the Configuration tab, and then "User interface settings" menu item on the left at the very end of that page, uncheck the "Enable dashboard" checkbox don't forget to save the changes Problem solved.
  6. That URL of the impression tracker you posted (I removed the domain since that's irrelevant) does not look like one that's generated by Revive Adserver. Did you modify the code in some way?
  7. Revive Adserver is what the name implies, an ad server. It's not an affiliate marketing/tracking application.
  8. There is no feature to 'save' such settings. All you do is to switch to the desired type of invocation code (in your case javascript) and then generate the tags (again). Next, you copy the javascript code that the application has generated and you paste it into your target environment.
  9. See the documentation at
  10. It says rather clearly on the homepage: About Revive Adserver Revive Adserver is a free, open source ad serving system that enables publishers, ad networks and advertisers to: Serve ads on websites, in apps, and in video players, and collect detailed statistics about impressions, clicks and conversions Manage campaigns for multiple advertisers and from ad networks all at once, via an easy to use interface Define rules for delivery of campaigns and ads, including frequency capping, URL targeting, geo-targeting Track and report campaign performance, including click-through rates, conversion rates, revenue, eCPM and conversion details, like basket value and number of items purchased
  11. The files present on Github are not packaged for installation, the files we publish on the Downloads page are.
  12. The ads you see on this forum are served via a Revive Adserver instance and are from Google AdX (the big brother of AdSense). Just to demonstrate that it does work...
  13. Google Page Speed Insights obviously has no clue about dynamic content like ad servers... No, you can not cache that file, it should be called anew every single time.
  14. The geotargeting plugin that ships with Revive Adserver by default will be installed automatically during install. You do not have to do anything manually.
  15. This is essentially the same as conversion tracking. However, please be aware that Revive Adserver does not support server-side conversion tracking.