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  1. The files present on Github are not packaged for installation, the files we publish on the Downloads page are.
  2. The ads you see on this forum are served via a Revive Adserver instance and are from Google AdX (the big brother of AdSense). Just to demonstrate that it does work...
  3. Google Page Speed Insights obviously has no clue about dynamic content like ad servers... No, you can not cache that file, it should be called anew every single time.
  4. The geotargeting plugin that ships with Revive Adserver by default will be installed automatically during install. You do not have to do anything manually.
  5. This is essentially the same as conversion tracking. However, please be aware that Revive Adserver does not support server-side conversion tracking.
  6. If you're website runs on a server with an outdated PHP version, and you include the Revive Adserver invocation code in that site, then it should work. Note: you will not integrate the Revive Adserver source code in the site, just some snippets of javascript code.
  7. If you're running an out of date version of PHP, it might be recommended to upgrade that too (for your own safety).
  8. Why would you install an outdated version if the newer one is available already? See
  9. You should be able to upgrade from OpenX Source v2.8.11 straight to Revive Adserver v4.0.0.
  10. If you publish your WordPress plugin in their directory at we'll consider linking to it.
  11. The message is pretty clear, the MySQL username you're using doesn't have sufficient permissions to create new tables. I suggest given the user "all privileges" (as described in the installation documentation). By the way, why do you intend to upgrade to an already out of date version? I recommend using the newest v4.0.0, see
  12. @soehlblaze You misspelled the product name of the software on your site. It's "Revive Adserver" (no extra space, no uppercase S).
  13. The password recovery process starts by entering an e-mail address. So that's where it was sent to...
  14. It is not possible to reduce that, the statistics will update once per hour, not faster.
  15. The data logged during ad delivery is stored in the tables with names ending in "bkt" (which is short for "bucket").