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  1. I spotted this player recently: https://www.openplayerjs.com/ Looks to support many things, including all sorts of ad types. Look like a possibility to use with Revive? A bundled Video Ad Player would be an awesome package or plugin, for something less than big bucks that most video ads resources seem to be charging, which is sometimes $100-dreds of dollars.
  2. Can anyone confirm, running foliovision FV Player with Youtube videos, along with Revive AdServer for Vast ad tags, and whether Revive AdServer would need any additional expensive plugins to do so?
  3. I guess I did not explain from the outset. The output intended is an embedded PDF. Normally they appear in an iframe on our site. Has anyone ever done a PDF ad type of some kind? My output so far is my wordpress code is not rendering, only the code text appears on the page.
  4. Generic HTML is not accepting * Wildcard sizing, is requiring a number... Thought it would, trying others... Ooop... think I still had my Zone Settings wrong, checking... 🙂 The code includes Wordpress Code, so far all I'm getting is text on my page, the code is not being rendered then by wordpress. The code also includes WordPress shortcodes to render.
  5. OK, replying to myself once again, the IT guys shot down my use of the WordPress plugin (Excellent solution, lol). Maybe all I have to do is use Wildcard sizing. Totally forgot for the size of an ad a person can just use * for width and * for height. Wish me luck then.
  6. Thinking now to use this WordPress plugin, which we have used in the past, and it works well: https://wordpress.org/plugins/timed-content/ Sorry for getting off topic. Any solutions for a varied size and width html content section ad type, would still be great and useful information.
  7. Tried Using an HTML ad with a Text Ads Campaign type. The Ad still requires a size. I don't wish to set a size in pixels, so the iframe can be responsive with 100% width. Stuck... I could try a text banner, that does not require a size, but not sure my wordpress page would realize the text is supposed to be html code, not text characters?
  8. Hey just started working on an idea that I could use Revive AdServer to schedule a weekly content page. I will setup 2-alternative ads, one runs, a week, then the next runs the following week, and so on. Not sure what ad type to use, I'm thinking it should just be a 'Text Ad'. The actual content is html code that inserts a PDF into the page, that changes every week. i don't think I want the ad to define any sizes, as the iframe code will do that. Any thoughts on what sort of Ad Zone definition, and Ad Type would be best to use for scheduling content into an html page?
  9. Hey just wanted to chime back in here, my contract ads are actually pacing nicely, and trying to catch up (since they I didn't get them started till late in the month). Most of the ads are to deliver 25k impressions per month/ breaks down to about 833 impressions per day -once things level off. Meanwhile as of now they are overdelivering by 20% or so, which is just great. The only problem now is House ads are tending to deliver more than the paid remnant ads I have like my google adsense ads. I have adsense ads now weighted ten, and my house ads weighted just 1, mayb
  10. Thanks for the reply Andrew. It takes some level of learning to figure out how any system works. We also use google/DFP on some of our other sites, and it continues to teach me ad trafficking pitfalls. When we actually get enough ads loaded to go to a live setup, I will maybe place them on inside pages first, to get the behavior to level out before placing the ads on the homepage. That should help get w/ a smooth launch then. If other people would do a better job in the forums of replying with what they found to be solutions, they would be better community members :) I am guessi
  11. Some followup info, so far Revive is only installed on this one page, that is a demo page, with only me hitting the page. But if I created these ads yesterday, wouldn't the ads already be 833 view behind? I took 1440 minutes per day, and divided that by 833 the number of times an ad would have to show per day to get to 25k per month (30 days). So far I only ever see one contract ad at a time, I've never seen it load both of them. wondering whether I should set all campaigns to remnant/ Tenancy or something if that would provide a more even distribution. Until the ad
  12. Ditto for me just created a new topic, with almost the exact same issue and question. Too bad no answer here in this thread. :(
  13. Having troubles getting my ad zone banners to show up correctly for me. The setup is something like 300x250 Zone 1 300x250 Zone 2 300x250 Zone 3 Zone 1 will have a Google AdSense ad possibility Zones 2 and 3 have a single remnant ad, we'll call Remnant Banner 1 and Remnant Banner 2 Meanwhile, I have created contract ads for individual advertisers, each having a 1-campaign 1-banner. The Contracts are to deliver a set amount 25k impressions per month and linked to all 3 zones, with each advertiser set to only show 1-ad per page. My remnant ads have
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