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  1. Just an update, when I said it works earlier I need to qualify that. What I mean is I can now select a Country and type a City from the Delivery Limitations section. However, I can't get it to work from the ad serving side. I've tried my country (UK) and local city (Cambridge) with a test banner but nothing shows. Which is a major shame unless anyone has any ideas?
  2. Terribly sorry, just after I posted this I found that I can download a .DAT file from Maxmind which I've just installed, updated the plug and voila! it works! Thanks Russ.
  3. Hi folks, I want to be able to display ads to potential customers within an approximate radius of an advertiser. It appears I was able to do this using the free Geo data from Maxmind using a .DAT file. I'm guessing they no longer provide a .DAT file just either a CSV or a MMDB file which Revive won't import ? Is my plan dead in the water?! Thanks Russ.
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