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  1. Hi Erik, hi Andre, Thank you for your quick answers. we are currently assessing how to have a basic implementation following the tracking guidelines described in http://blackriver.to/2014/01/openx-source-revive-adserver-conversion-tracking-tutorial/ We identified some commercial plugins that would enable a perhaps a smarter way to implement tracking/targeting on network information Best regards Pierre
  2. Hi Thank you very much for a fantastic piece of solution, very impressive. I am rather new to Ad Serving. We plan to activate Revive on a WiFi infrastructure, meaning our main displaying platforms will be the various captive/login portals we are using to control access to network. In term of tracking information, we are able to capture at minimal at login time: - User MAC address - Access Point MAC address (which can be used for geolocation both in reporting and targeting) We are trying understand what is the optimal way to inject/insert these information, either directly or indirectly (Portal translating the info into one directly understood by Revive, e.g. a group of AP MAC addresses could be considered as a zone), into Revive tracking module (looking at table rv_data_raw_tracker_impression I am sure I can identify fields that could be used). I would appreciate some guidance, knowing that I plan to capture other kind of demographics info, e.g. via social login. - Could it be done as is - Should we go the plugin route - or ad-hoc development Eagerly waiting for a direction. Best regards Pierre
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