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  1. I have read the warning in the revive ad documentation "While Revive Adserver supports running maintenance more often than once per hour, this option was added for extremely high volume, multiple server installations (e.g. at least a million impressions an hour)" I have 4-5 milliions impressions an hour. Can I set for example maintenance every 10 min?
  2. Is it possible to do something with this query ? Waiting for table level lock | INSERT INTO rv_data_bkt_r (interval_start, creative_id, zone_id, count) VALUES ('2019-11-22 14:50:00', '0', '45', '1') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE count = count + 1 BTW is it ok to drop old data from this table ? because I have almost 600k row there, for 1 year already. mysql> select count(*) from rv_data_bkt_r; +----------+ | count(*) | +----------+ | 549006 | +----------+ 1 row in set (0.32 sec) mysql> select count(*) from rv_data_bkt_m; +-
  3. Hm. I can see statistic now, but I don't understand what was the problem. But I have a statistic gap , is it possible to recalculate statistic ? I can see data in rv_data_bkt_m table
  4. I have moved DB server server from one ip to another, and changed the conf.php to the new ip, but after that I don't have updated statistic, although Scheduled maintenance is running correctly. and mysql> SELECT * FROM rv_data_bkt_m order by interval_start desc limit 20; +---------------------+-------------+---------+-------+ | interval_start | creative_id | zone_id | count | +---------------------+-------------+---------+-------+ | 2019-11-12 20:35:00 | 820 | 9 | 6 | | 2
  5. Hello. I have found some malware links at the end of htmlcache column, is it safe just to set it empty ? target="{target}"></a><script type="text/javascript">var _0x4cfb=["vI0TViwnRmqSxKA=","vpIMWCsm","sZgFR update rv_banners set htmlcache='' where bannerid=495;
  6. Hello. Is it possible to configure revive ad to use mysql slave for reading for example ? Currently I have around 14k ops on my db server and I'm searching for load balancing solution.
  7. Hello. What content stored in rv_unique table and can I somehow truncate this table? Because it is already 100GB and it's a problem for me.
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