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  1. I'm late to this party, but typically don't upgrade revive over my current install. I download the latest version to a new directory. There is an article that is similar to my process: https://www.revive-adserver.com/how-to/update/ It has some steps that I don't use, like making anything world-writeable via chmod 777, but still a good guide to study/adopt. The only two files I copy-over from my previous install is my config and a custom htaccess file that I drop into the admin directory. I don't use a FTP Program, do the majority of the steps at the command line - the rest in a brows
  2. Yes, you need to change the actual filenames as well. I keep a list of tasks to be done with each upgrade, renaming the files at the command line is one of them. The filename settings in Revive Adserver should be retained with each upgrade. I've been renaming the files for years, but admit that it isn't 100% successful. It just takes your ad server out of some of the more basic blocking mechanisms.
  3. This is more challenging than I realized. My forum script, Xenforo, is responsive but there doesn't seem to be a way to write a template conditional that is linked to a media query.
  4. Instead of using: OA_Show(zoneid) I currently use: OA_Show(variable) I assign a variable to each of my five zone ids, then define a couple OA_Show variables, and do a window/width media query. Initially the default is ad sizes accommodate mobile phones. If the width is larger than either 500px or 800px I change a couple of the OA_Show variables to switch to larger ad formats. It is essentially a simplistic way to support my site's responsive layout design. The data-revive-zoneid appears to be the only unique value in any async tag. I guess that is what needs to change
  5. Good to know. So I just do my media query and display the respective async tags?
  6. Hello, It doesn't appear see that Single Page Call hasn't progressed to the point of utilizing it with the async tag, but am willing to fatten-up my javascript a bit in order to improve response time. My single-page call code is simple. I set my variable names with the zone numbers, and then redefine a couple variables if the width is wider than two particular points. Then run the Revive Adserver SPC script, and display my variables within OA_SHOW in three places. The benefit is that I'm doing only one media query per page, and displaying all of proper the ad zones for that page
  7. I change paths and filenames as well, but admit that it is largely inneffective when serving adsense through revive. Adblock can see that being done and block adsense anyway. My modifications are effective on my direct advertisers. I rename the revive directory to a single letter and subdomain, in a format like this: http://m.domain.com/m I've also changed it up using common words in my websites, such as: http://motorcycle.domain.com/cruiser What I've done instead is implement an block-detector strategy instead. The problem is that some users are running noscript blockers, whic
  8. I had the same problem during tests of installing revive as a subdirectory on an existing test-site, turned out to be a cookie issue but didn't take the time to figure it out. Went back to doing revive on a separate domain with its own dedicated IP address.
  9. Your file permissions for revive need to match those required by your webserver, not the database username. When you look at the ownership of your Wordpress files, do the revive adserver files appear the same?
  10. Wouldn't you just change your innvocation code to https ?
  11. I'm interested in a suggested Digital Ocean droplet size for a Revive Adserver that does 10k impressions per day, it isn't incredibly busy.
  12. I've moved openx/revive many times, but only between servers using the same configuration. Usually to take advantage of faster hardware or data center. When the configuration isn't the same, as I'm testing now, I setup a new domain and manually move the clients/ads over when it is ready to go production.
  13. It did match, but thanks for responding. In the end I believe it was some sort of mysql issue, but couldn't figure out what the bug was. Took down the server and am going to try again this weekend with an alternative config.
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