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  1. Hi there, time and again a customer asks us to add a nofollow tag to the banner link, whether it makes sense or not, and because I see there is no way to edit link rel-tags for only one specific banner, I usually unlink the "real" banner from zones, create a second HTML only banner, where I enter the desired code with the banner file as image source, and link this one to the zone(s). Working well, but tracking does not work. If I allow the html code to be changed for tracking (default), this code will end up in the page source: … title="xyz" rel="nofollow noopener"target="_blank"><img … (missing space before target!) while the original code was either one of those (no difference in result): … title="xyz" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank"> … title="xyz" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener"> … title="xyz" rel="nofollow noopener" > Anyway, my first "Feature Request" is to add a simple option at banner details to enable/disable rel=nofollow. Second request is an option to enable a direct link for a banner instead of the Revive delivery URL, which sadly would disable tracking, but having a direct link is another request from some of our customers. For now I also create a HTML only banner to make this happening. PS: I found there is a way to add rel="nofollow" for all banners, just mentioning, but this does not help me.
  2. Unfortunately I can't. The list of PHP settings in my post above are ALL settings which are available to me (using a "managed server"). For any other changes to PHP settings I will have to open a support ticket at my hoster and ask them to change the configuration, and they might not agree since it is not a PHP error.
  3. Here are all PHP configuration options and their current settings which are available from my hoster: display_errors – off allow_url_fopen – off expose_php – off mbstring.func_overload – 0 memory_limit – 160M max_execution_time – 60 upload_max_filesize – 30M max_file_uploads – 20 max_input_vars – 1000 extensions – none (available: APC, ImageMagick) zend_extensions – none (available: Ioncube Loader, Source Guardian, eAccelerator, Zend Guard, OPcache, XDebug) However I think none of these will help with mail problems. :(
  4. It is not resolved, at least for us. Until August 2017 everything was fine: the "From:" address of all Revive mails was exactly as saved in settings. Since then, it is looking like this: From: a <a@server01.our-hoster.com> "server01" is the technical server name (not our domain name) and "our-hoster.com" is the domain name of our hosting service. Where the "a" does come from, I do not know. I am not sure what has happened in August 2017. Maybe it started with PHP updates? We were using 7.0 in 2017, now 7.1, soon 7.2
  5. Hi there, we are using the Revive adserver since many years on our system, even when it was called „openx“, but now of course it is the latest version of Revive. Running perfectly fine and smooth. :) We never changed the local path and URL and so it still is like oursite.com/openx/www/admin and the local path is like …user/web/openx/ for the Revive installation. But „OpenX“ is a commercial service nowadays and it might be confusing for our customers using the address "oursite.com/openx" for our own Revive ad server. How complex and what are the steps to change the local path and URL of Revive without any interruption of function? Apparently I would have to update all Revive code fragments on all pages using our ads too. (Here it is 5 Sites * 5 Banner zones + a few extra zones = ~30 edits to page templates or widget codes.) Considering the work, maybe this is just utterly unimportant. What do you think?
  6. I too found this user and deleted it. But nothing suspicious seems to be going on on our server. How do I make sure? Currently using Revive Adserver v4.0.2 running on Apache, PHP 7.1.15 and MySQL 5.7.21-1.
  7. Hi there. I joined this discussion earlier, before you guys started to get really into technical details. Which is great. :) Unfortunately I can not contribute very much, but might I suggest something: I really think, especially considering the problems with more complex or unique banner codes etc., two simple and elegant solutions while using the same simple banner code for email banners as now: Make revive swap the banner & link which are returned for this email zone. Maybe a) on a timely basis, trying to make it equally shared for all campaigns in that zone according to their probability or b) swap on each delivery, or each 10th/100th delivery again equally shared for all campaigns. What do you think?
  8. Well I'm confused too. This malfunction appeared just out of nowhere, neither configuration of Revive nor PHP was changed. To see if it helps. I changed the from address at email settings more than once, settings are being saved and I can see them in .conf.php file – but they don't work. The mails I receive are showing this address: From: "a" <a@server23.our-host.de> The mails some customers receive show this senders address: From: "Default Account" <admin@our-main-domain.de> Which is a valid address at "our-main-domain", but it is not used in Revive anywhere. However, all other mail sending applications on the same server as this Revive instance, Wordpress and plugins of Wordpress, don't show any problem using PHP sendmail. The server is running PHP 7.0 wit OPCache. (though we will soon switch to 7.1) and it's a managed server, so I am controlling just a few options like extensions and everything else is "full standard". I am not sure at all it's a server problem. But still I would be glad for any help.
  9. That's a bit like hacking Revive. :) But I'd rather do this with in-house means, or with a good valid plugin or not at all. After all, it's production, not experimental. I found two plugins to use multiple banners in an email zone. The price is $60 each. 1. http://www.openxmods.com/openxmods/Multiple-ads-in-an-email-zone/prod_1461.html They don't explain how their plugin works. The 2-server and source code options are slightly cheaper here. 2. http://www.reviveadservermod.com/others/multiple-ads-in-an-email-zone You can see an example of the bannercode here and a short explanation. If I understand correctly, the email recipients will see a new randomly picked banner each time they open the email. That's nice, but still I think just changing the banner daily would be easier. The email banner code would be the same, and if campaings usually run several months (which is the case at our site), then a daily rotation of all two or more banners in the zone would be quite fair to the advertisers too. Anyway: Anyone got some experience with one of the plugins? Unfortunately there is no try-before-you-buy option.
  10. Creating single day campaigns is just too much work, in our case it's not worth it because the email banner is just some "extra" that we would give to those who have booked a regular website banner campaign. Now it can be only one. Using a plugin for changing the email banner sounds nice though.
  11. Hello, I see there is a limitation of only ony active banner in Email/Newsletter zones as explained here https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Only+One+Active+Banner+in+Email-Newsletter+Zones But I wonder, can Revive change this banner on a daily basis? I thought of creating campaigns that would last a single day and have another campaign each day, but the work for this setup is too much … also, I would rather use some existing campaigns and include the email zone to linked zones where it fits.
  12. Hi there, I'm sorry, but I am continously getting bogus "from" addresses in the email sent by Revive! Using Revive Adserver v4.0.2 running on Apache, PHP 7.0.22 and MySQL 5.5.57-0+deb8u1, OPcache enabled. Instead of the name and address specified in the email section of the configuration, the mails now have the (nonexisting) username "a" and the domain name of our server as sender's address (which will not work for receiving email): From: "a" <a@server23.our-host.de> What can I do? Though the parameter "logOutgoing=1" is configured, I can not find an email log in the revive/var folders.
  13. Hi there, I just noticed that an automatic email about "Impending campaign expiration" which Revive has sent to our customer (using a French user account) has a wrong from address. Strange however, the same email sent to me as administrator (in English) has the correct from address which has been set in Configuration/Email Settings. Furthermore, that email "admin@oursite.net" actually is the real default administrator email adress used in varios server settings, but it is NOT being used anywhere in Revive for user or administrator accounts and oursite.net is not even the domain name that Revive is configured with. Revive Version: v4.0.2 / Apache, PHP 7.0.21 and MySQL 5.5.57 Here is what I got from our customer: (You also might notice, the translation is incomplete. I don't speak french however.) Le 28/07/2017 00:01, « Default Account » <admin@oursite.net> a écrit :
  14. By the time, I found the "Easy Code Placement" plugin that makes it possible to enter JavaScript code at (almost) any place in WordPress, also on menu items. https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/easy-code-placement/ This plugin makes it possible to enter the full Revive code for a (text) banner as a menu item. I've tested it with asynchronous JS tag and the long Javascript tag (molded to one line), both working fine on the main menu. I haven't tested it with image banners however, not sure if that would work too.
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