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  1. My solutin will be to check by an Script if the Banner get load. And if not the User will get an Message to Disable it. At the moment I dont know how but it will work.
  2. It would be nice to have some limited access for customers to add there own ads and settings.
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    Banner show on wrong Useragent

    but i dont had enough time to check if the useragent thing worked. I am not at home and dont login to the backend: does it is possible to check for an part of the useragent? For example the useragent of my FF is: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:57.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/57.0 there are Bus/ Train company who have an onboard touchscreen thing who i want to get listed to ad partner but for that I dont want show any adds maybe some together with the company who i want to get listed. The best solution (i guess) is when the add to there useragent the company name. so its possible to say show the ads NOT to: Useragent: CompanyX
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    Banner show on wrong Useragent

    So I installed the current Version on an other Subdomain and we will see what happened. Now it looks good the show the Adult Banner.
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    Banner show on wrong Useragent

    http://refx.at/ there are 2 Demo Banner 1x for the User Agent 1x for the Time thing EDIT: The local Time is 00:44 so the "Adult Contend" should show up.
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    Install Tron -> just 3.x avaiable

  7. Display Name

    Banner show on wrong Useragent

    page refx.at there you see the problem. I use the latest version who is available in the c panel: 3.0.5 Here the "Adult Banner": the "non Adult" is the same but the time is select between 06:00 - 21:59
  8. Display Name

    Wrong Time

    I will do this: https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Time+Delivery+Rules?src=search The Time on the Server is right also the Timezone. Where in the Revive Server I can see the Time? The problem is the server show the banner when the want. Now here is: 00:11 and the Server would not show adult contend. So what is wrong? The installation was running without any problems!!! Thanks
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    Banner show on wrong Useragent

  10. Display Name

    Banner show on wrong Useragent

    WTF! Now the would show the "Adult" Contend! Now its outside of the Time!
  11. Display Name

    Banner show on wrong Useragent

    I also play arround with an "fake" Adult Contend Banner. The should just show up between 22:00 - 06:00 outside of the Child Protection. But what happened? Just the Child Protection Banner show up. Here its GMT +1 what mean 23:30 so it should show up?!
  12. Demo Page: refx#at. When someone with an FF just FF should show up. For that I select in the Banner just show up on FF User agent. but "none" shows up from time to time. I select the same but "is not any of" and FF, IE, CR,... so the "none" Banner should just show if the Browser is not the FF or any of the other.
  13. Hi I use the C-Panel and the use Installtron for the Revive. Installtron just offer me the 3.X Version. So Mr. Admin pls Update the Installtron System.
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    Delivery Rule Sets in

    No idea? The System sucks. What is the correct way to create an add? THX
  15. Hey I have a simple problem. In the old Version I could set an Option for the Banner on with Role the should be visible. For example when the User use an Firefox and the IP come from Country X. Does it was in the "Delivery Rule Sets" ?!