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Getting rid of cookies at all

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we are considering to change to Revive AdServer due to GDPR issues here in germany.
We are loosing user range with our banners, because of the cookie consent banner.

Revive seems perfect to our needs and i am really happy with the performance and usability of this adserver,
but the do or die question is how to use it without any cookie, even the OAID cookie.

As i understand it, this cookie isn't needed by the core and is only used for counting returning visitors.
So ist there any possibility to really deactivating it?

We are totally aware about what a cookie free configuration could cause to the quality of data, but getting rid of the cookie consent bannerĀ  is worth it.

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Same here. We run a cookieless WP installation, but the only cookie is set by Revive. As Carsten said, it is not needed and therefore it should be possible to disable it completely.

We are the only online newspaper without cookie banner (at least in our region), and this is a huge advantage. I know the competitors are watching us closely, so we could sleep a lot easier if this cookie were gone ...

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I commented out the function where the cookie is set.

You could search for
if (isset($GLOBALS['_OA']['invocationType']) && $GLOBALS['_OA']['invocationType'] == 'xmlrpc') {

in files

Maybe you have to comment the function out in other files depending how you include your banner.

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