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How to disable cookies OAGEO and OAID? (Please also reply and confirm if this is not possible)


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In short: How can we disable any cookies that Revive sets? The only data we need is impressions and clicks. Cookies should not be needed to get this data, so we are looking for a way to disable any cookies.

This will simply our privacy policy and make it easier to comply with GDPR.

Several other have asked this question, but no answer has been given. If it is not possible to disable cookies, then please confirm this, so we can stop trying to figure out how to do it.


And here:


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On 12/15/2022 at 10:22 PM, Lukas93 said:



In this Link you can see, where you can "disable" OAID Cookies. But the Geo Cookie I don't know. But perhaps, there would be soulution any time. I have found this software today, I have to say 😄

 I can not find the part on the page linked above about how to disable the cookie. It says that the cookie is not necessary at all, but then only explains how to rename it. 🤔

PS: I tried what happens when I remove the line "viewerId=OAID" or change it to "viewerId=" or "viewerId=none", but in all those cases, Revive just does not work anymore. It must have a viewerId other than none.

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With nginx it can be done by adding these location blocks:

    location = /delivery/asyncspc.php {fastcgi_hide_header Set-Cookie;}
    location = /delivery/lg.php {fastcgi_hide_header Set-Cookie;}

Most likely you'd have to also repeat the php configuration (fastgi_pass etc.) inside each block. Also make sure that locations actually match your specific setup.

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