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The OAID cookie, GDPR and cookie policy

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We are currently working on becoming compliant with GDPR and the Cookie Law.

I understand that enabling "compliance mode" in v4.0.4+ updates OAID to use a static (rather than dynamic) value, preventing any way of uniquely identifying the visitor and resolving GDPR tracking / privacy issues.

The Cookie Law however requires all non-essential cookies to be disabled until consent has been given, as well as a description of what each cookie does in the cookie policy.

This page explains that OAID was introduced for an old defunct feature and no longer has any use but then goes on to say that OAID is needed to detect if the browser supports cookies (without any reason why).


This means:

1) We cannot display ads on our site until after the user has consented because of OAID and the Cookie Law

2) We cannot find a clear reason to justify OAID in our cookies policy


So the questions here are:

Why does Revive Adserver need to know if the browser supports cookies,

and what's the potential for say a "cookie law compliance mode" in the future.


I can see someone else had this issue as well:



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