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  1. Hi, Do you like to fix the issues? Reviveadservermod.com will provide solution for issue.Please contact them here https://www.reviveadservermod.com/contact-us/
  2. Hi, Do you like to deliver sequence of video ads as like TVs?It VAST standard its called as Video Ad Pod. This is the feature you required
  3. Hi, Your own campaigns you can set rate/price for pricing model CPM for 1000 impressions and CPC and CPA. Ex: CPP campaign - Rate per price - 2 - impressions 200 - revenue generate as 0.4.Revenue will be calculated every hour once.
  4. Yes,Revive supports by default for basic version of Revive. Seems there is third party plugin available for Vast supported Video ads.You can check for that.
  5. Hi Maro, Revive vast response return with Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * as default.You have to update this line with your specify domain where your video ads get published.
  6. Hi, This is an issue of html5 zip file and not with revive ad server html5 plugin.created html5 file using current object (this) and we updated to specify div id issue get resolved.
  7. Hi, Thanks for your reply.This issue happen in banner preview and ad deliver in blank html page as well.But when i open the index.html inside the html5.zip its working fine. Any idea?
  8. Hi, I have uploaded html5 banners and its working fine.When i open the html5 interaction on banners should be fine.But when i upload in ad server in banner edit page mouse over its start stopping interaction Please provide your suggestion.
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