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Exclude Mobile Traffic

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You need to do customization on default plugins which used to store impressions, clicks and conversions. On that, Use PHP library files to detect mobile devices, if its mobile device and skip to log the traffic on table. 

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We can skip ads deliver on mobiles devices by changing the delivery section files. Apply that PHP library code to detect mobile device and you will get it work. If you have developing skills and Spend some time and you can get this done easily. 

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We have managed to achieve this, It is via the limations box but we done all the work for you ;).  by doing the following.


1. Goto banner you do not want on mobile site.

2. Goto delivery options and add the following limitation: Client - Useragent

3.  Add this value: /Mobile|iP(hone|od|ad)|Android|BlackBerry|IEMobile|Kindle|NetFront|Silk-Accelerated|(hpw|web)OS|Fennec|Minimo|Opera M(obi|ini)|Blazer|Dolfin|Dolphin|Skyfire|Zune/  This will cover 98% of mobile users. Enter it exactly how it is above even with / at the beginning and end. The remaining 2% will be mobile users that have pre historic OS so any website built after 2004 wouldnt load of this type of device anyways so no worries in covering them.

4. Delete certain cache files to make change's instant or wait 20mins.


Location of cache files: var/cache

Files to remove: anything that starts with deliverycache_


Hope that helps

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