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  1. Hi, Execute these queries into phpMyAdmin tool : TRUNCATE TABLE `rv_data_intermediate_ad`; TRUNCATE TABLE `rv_data_intermediate_ad_connection`; TRUNCATE TABLE `rv_data_summary_ad_hourly`; These queries will delete all the statistics(Only Statistics) information. Thanks.
  2. Hi, No, the feature you needed not available, you have to make customize the scripts with your developers, but its recommended to dont change core files. You have another options, this may help you to stop storing unwanted clicks. Login as Administrator and click "Configuration" menu, then click "Banner Logging Settings". Here you will see setting as "Don't count Ad Clicks if the viewer has clicked on the same ad/zone pair within the specified time (seconds)". This will helps to not store clicks if user clicked on same ad/zone pair after particular time. Example, enter 300 as secon
  3. Hi m!k and MaDo, You can pass the value in invocation tag document.write('&width=' + screen.width);document.write('&height=' + screen.height); Then apply the limitations for the banners using "Site - Variable" option with the width and height value. This will give the solution to target ads based on the user's device targeting. Thanks.
  4. Try to delete template cache files from "/var/templates_compiled/" directory and check it.
  5. Hi, Might be the following reasons for not show another banner in same page : 1. Have you enabled "Don't show a banner from the same campaign again on the same page" option while taking the invocation tag? 2. In advertiser edit page, whether you checked this option " Display only one banner from this advertiser on a web page" ? Regards, www.reviveadserverplugin.com
  6. Hi, In all Revive Adserver versions this feature available. Please edit your clients(advertisers), click "User Access" => click "Action" ==> click "Add user". Then choose username and then fill all details. Share credentials with your clients. That's it. You can do this same for publishers if you need. Thanks.
  7. Hi, If we pass the value in invocation tag document.write ("?zoneid=5&campaignid=22"); and it will generate and call the adserver like you mentioned https://revive.myserver.net/www/delivery/ajs.php?zoneid=5&campaignid=22. But it wont target both zoneid and campaignid means it wont fetch ads linked this zone and campaign, instead of this fetch only the ads from campaignid, delivery script will not consider zoneid passed. In this case zone id will treat as '0' for logging details for impressions, clicks. This only i was explained in above. Only you have to pass the value
  8. Hi Erik, I also explained yes that possible by using like this in invocation code document.write ("?campaignid=13"). I mentioned When you use campaign id like this, zone statistics reports will not generate, impressions and clicks will store with bannerid only and Zone id will be store as '0'. So nothing wrong in the post above i described.
  9. Hi, No this feature is not available. If you don't want to use zone for tracking information then there is solution available. This solution only useful when you serve ads on your own website. In Javascript Invocation tag, instead of "document.write ("?zoneid=24");" change as " document.write ("?campaignid=13");". you can specify the campaign id and it will display ads from this campaign id. By using this code only advertiser statistics reports will be shown. Thanks.
  10. Hi, Please check this plugin, http://www.reviveadserverplugin.com/product/log-clicked-user-ip-address-plugin-for-revive-ad-server. When user click on revive adserver banners and the click will be store in table and the reports will be shown for administrator.
  11. Hi, In advertiser add/edit page there is option available as "Display only one banner from this advertiser on a web page", chose this and save changes. This option will prevent same ads showing from same advertiser on same page where multiple zone placed. In each zone different advertiser ads only will be shown. Hope this will work.
  12. Even-though you set the style to be none from display, it will not visible to the users but all the codes inside will work. Example, If you set display none for ad-code, that code will fetch ad from revive and store impressions in back-end but it wont show in front.
  13. Hi, Banner dimension and zone dimension should be match. Then only banners will be available to link with zones.
  14. Hi alejandrox86, Follow this URL https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/commit/0777bbe75667631e17cf2a51c6395c6829da17fe steps to fix the cookie issue.
  15. Hi carlosT, if you create user for Default manager and then with the same username tried to add user, under advertiser then only this is possible, Otherwise it wont list other users. When you login with that account username and then all the account related with that username/email will list out to switch over.
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