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How To Display Ads To Desktop Users Only?


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Due to the fact, that this thread is still the top of the Google search for Revive and mobile banners, here is my solution to show banners only on certain devices. Just as described, go to the banner you want to show on special devices and go to the tab "Delivery Options".

Find "delivery limitation" - choose "client - useragent" and "add"
For "Client - Useragent" choose "regex does match"

Enter the following regex for




iPhone|Android.*Mobile|Windows Phone|BlackBerry|webOS|Mobile

Choose "regex does not match"

iPad|Android(?!.*Mobile)|Tablet|PlayBook|Kindle|iPhone|Android.*Mobile|Windows Phone|BlackBerry|webOS|Mobile

Of course detection of useragent won't cover 100%, but this is a good way to catch most of them


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