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  1. i'm not trying to exclude mobile stats, i'm trying to exclude a banner from being delivered to a mobile devise when visiting the site.
  2. Hi how accurate is the delivery engine now, i.e if i put a campaign in at 100k imps, finish say 31/08/2014 on priority 10, is it going to do exactly 100k spread across that period, as previously in the old openx, it used to be way off?
  3. Hi how can i easily exclude mobile traffic without having to enter endless amounts of user agents into the "client useragent" delivery limitations box?
  4. ok, but does this table also hold all the stats data, I don't want to get rid of that?
  5. Hi, we have a huge table in the openx source and thought I would ask you guys if you know how to solve it or if it can be solved. We dont want to jst go delete stuff incase at this stage? mysql> select TABLE_ROWS from information_schema.tables where TABLE_SCHEMA = 'XXXXXXX_openx' and TABLE_NAME = 'ox_data_summary_ad_zone_assoc'; +------------+ | TABLE_ROWS | +------------+ | 56,936,233 | +------------+
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