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  1. is it possible to define a maximum or minimum height/width in zone size? I know about * wildcard, but I believe in older versions it was possible to write for instance -500 for maxium 500 px or 600- for minium 600 px thanks
  2. this is really needed in Revive but if as paid plugin it can't cost several hundred bucks or even thousand as those plugins usually cost for Revive
  3. that's why I posted it as a feature request, it should be a standard feature
  4. found something on http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/517-how-to-display-ads-to-desktop-users-only/ still easy select buttons for desktop or mobile, would be great
  5. so no easy way to do this? definetely something that should be added in the next version
  6. is there a way to make sure Adblock doesn't block banners delivered by Revive?
  7. would be great to mass import banners in a campaign, instead of having to upload each banner seperately
  8. Hi, I wanted to ask what the easiest way is to do mobile targeting? I've found 3 plugins: Mobile Targeting Plugin for Revive Ad server, $300 mJAX Mobile Ads $1400 code.google.com/p/handset-detection-openx-plugin free BUT the detection by handsetdetection.com only gives you 20.000 detections for free Does anyone know of a free plugin? So far I've try to use > banner delivery options > Client - Useragent > regex match > Mobile|iP(hone|od|ad)|Android|BlackBerry|IEMobile Is this correct? Is there a better way? Thanks
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