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  1. If you haven't already, move the current revive webroot somewhere else for later review. Do a clean install of revive. Move only your image files to new install and copy your config over after manually reviewing it. Review the append and prepend fields in _banners and _zones tables. Look especially for <script> and <iframe> tags that should not be there. This may help you find the file that was compromised. grep -rIP '(eval|exec|system|passthru)\(' /path/to/revive-install | grep -P '\$_(REQ|GET|POS)' Reset passwords and review rest of server. Through the files you found other areas may be infected.
  2. It's useful to look at the zone probability report to see what Revive is calculating for current probability. As you do this and make changes remember that caching can have some impact, switch to admin user and recalc probability in maintenance.
  3. check permission of all the *.conf.php files in var/ maybe the webserver (apache?) is the file owner and thus writable.
  4. Configure CDN Origin to be your revive /www/images In Revive admin Configuration > Banner Delivery Settings > update Image Store URLs to your CDN URL
  5. Search for HTML5 + clicktag. This site provides instructions for several creation tools. http://www.html5clicktag.com/clicktag-for-google-web-designer
  6. What invocation tags do you use? Look in Dev Tools > Network. Do you see double impressions being requested? Look in web server logs, isolate some requests and investigate them. Are they bots?
  7. Usage example for refreshing javascript async invocation tags. Got it working like so HTML <div class="ad-300x250" id="ad-300x250-1"> <ins data-revive-zoneid="153" data-revive-id="b7c2bd3ff3b3bed3a9daa932a43cc2a8"></ins> <script async src="https://ra.example.com/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script> </div> <div class="ad-300x250" id="ad-300x250-2"> <ins data-revive-zoneid="154" data-revive-id="b7c2bd3ff3b3bed3a9daa932a43cc2a8"></ins> <script async src="https://ra.example.com/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script> </div> JS // placements to refresh var adSlots = ['#ad-300x250-1', '#ad-300x250-2']; // remove data-revive-loaded attribute for (var i = adSlots.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) { $(adSlots).find('ins').removeAttr('data-revive-loaded'); } // refresh the ads (use your data-revive-id) reviveAsync.b7c2bd3ff3b3bed3a9daa932a43cc2a8.refresh(); // if your data-revive-id starts with number, access like so //reviveAsync['7bc2bd3ff3b3bed3a9daa932a43cc2a8'].refresh();
  8. Assuming you can control your invocation code output for new visitors, you could use Delivery Options to target source=new-visitor. And like Andrew said, use override campaign to make sure they are highest priority.
  9. This is due to bots. Bots most often won't execute js tags but will follow <img> (logging beacon) and <a> (click tracker). You can confirm this by looking at your web server logs.
  10. For "Alter HTML to enable click tracking" choose "Eyeblaster" instead of "Generic HTML" If that doesnt work, add the "ncu" param, like so <script src="https://bs.serving-sys.com/BurstingPipe/adServer.bs?cn=rsb&c=28&pli=22958752&PluID=0&w=728&h=90&ord={random}&ncu={clickurl}"></script>
  11. Sure. Disable the auto refresh and let it serve once per page load. Or put a frequency cap on the Campaign Properties or Banner > Delivery Options. Then add a remnant campaign to consume the excess.
  12. If it's a tracking pixel append or prepend should be fine. Try it and see! Campaign > Linked Trackers is for conversion tracking.
  13. Create three separate banners and assign them to your zone. Add the invocation code to your site (Zones > Choose Zone > Invocation Code). The iframe allows you to set "Refresh after X seconds". Perhaps this is what you mean by auto rotate. Revive will take care of rotating and separate stats for each banner.
  14. Add this to your <ins> tag data-dcm-click-tracker='{clickurl}' More info about Revive macros here http://blackriver.to/2014/01/openx-source-revive-adserver-magic-macros/ More info about DoubleClick tags here https://support.google.com/dcm/partner/answer/6080468?hl=en
  15. Revive 4.1 added custom events for refreshing. From release notes: Added custom events to the Javascript Async delivery, allowing the website to better interact with Revive Adserver, e.g. to refresh some ad placements. Any usage examples of how to use?
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