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  1. Has this been resolved by now? Or is there a workaround? I have the same problem. Cheers, Alex
  2. Same here. We run a cookieless WP installation, but the only cookie is set by Revive. As Carsten said, it is not needed and therefore it should be possible to disable it completely. We are the only online newspaper without cookie banner (at least in our region), and this is a huge advantage. I know the competitors are watching us closely, so we could sleep a lot easier if this cookie were gone ...
  3. "How are you comparing the CTR being higher with local mode tags vs. something else? " Local mode shows more impressions AND more clicks. JS shows fewer impressions AND *a lot* fewer clicks. So CTR is higher in local mode. "Are you doing in-place A/B testing of identical zones on identical pages, and comparing the CTRs?" Only one Zone in use, invocation the same on all pages. Comparing imps/clicks/ctrs per banner from days/weeks before switching local mode to JS mode. I just looked at one of my banners. The day I switched from local mode to JS, daily average impressions fell to about 1/3, and clicks went down to almost ZERO. I compared that with other campaigns, banners, it is roughly the same. While I understand that impressions are lower with JS invoking (as you explained above), I don't get why the clicks are also down? In local mode I have so much more clicks. Clicks should be the same, or not? click is click, after all? Puzzled, Alex
  4. Thanks for your time to answer this! Yes. I knew that page but since it did not mention local mode ... I get it now, but isn't this somewhat counterbalanced by higher CTR? I guess after all most banners ARE served because the CTR definitely IS higher. In your scenario the CTR would be less, or not? No Banner, no click ... I think that it could be possible that local mode serves as a sort of "workaround" for Ad Blockers, since there is no JS to block, and if you rename your directories there wouldn't be much to detect. I am wrong? Cheers, Alex
  5. Hi! When I use local mode for invocation, I get much higher imps and ctrs. However, there is a warning that this wold not comply with IAB rules. Can somebody please explain? Cheers, Alex
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