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  1. Hi, I have been running the adserver for some time, and being a bit niave I used domain/xxxxx-*** is it possible to change it to domain/xxxxx? If so how do I do it and what do I need to change? Thanks, Gerald
  2. Thanks andrewatfornax, I've just got to finish the new site now. Regards, Gerald
  3. Hi, Just a quick question to clarify if I am right. I am hoping to run another domain on the same server as I have adserver running. Am I correct in saying that I can run the one instance of the adserver, add another site in the admin and just get a separate invocation code to place on the second site? Thanks, Gerald
  4. Thanks for the reply, There is a default.conf.php that is set to 644 also. The var folder is set to 755 is that correct?
  5. I have checked the permissions and they are set to -rw-r--r-- (644) yet it is still showing as unlocked, what else can I do?
  6. Hi all, I have been having trouble with me adserver installation and I have had to install it again. When I go to the adfministratior page I get this message It is possible to edit all settings because the configuration file is not locked, but this could lead to security issues. If you want to secure your system, you need to lock the configuration file for this installation . I am 71 and the grey matter is getting a bit slow, how do I lock the configuration file? Thanks, Gerald
  7. Hi, Thanks for the reply. It does show on a blank html page but not through the ad server. The code is javascript, a javascript banner from Webgains shows and if I add the TradeDoubler script after a </BR> only one banner shows the Webgains one. Gerald
  8. Hi, Thanks for the reply, already read that page and tried everything. The banners don't even show in the admin page even when attached to another banner from a different affiliate company.
  9. Hi, Wondering if anyone else has got problems displaying TradeDoubler banners on revive 4.0.2? All the other affiliate companies I am with display display the banners properly, I even made a copy of a campaign and added the TradeDoubler code after the original code with a couple of inserted breaks. I either get the main banner followed by an empty square or just the main banner. I have tried all three of the versions of the banner codes provided by TradeDoubler but with no luck. Any help much appreciated, Gerald
  10. Hi, I'm trying to install the latest version on my server which has just had the domain moved from sub domain to main domain. when I run the installation and get to the database section it all goes well until after I have entered the database settings and click continue, it runs for a few seconds and returns an error message. MDB2 Error: connect failed connect: [Error message: Access denied for user 'xxxxx_xxxxx'@'localhost' (using password: YES)] [Native code: 1045] [Native message: Access denied for user 'xxxxx_xxxxx'@'localhost' (using password: YES)] Installation failed to create the database xxxxx_xxxxx Any ideas as to what the problem could be? Gerald
  11. Hi, I'm wondering if I need to change the path in the invocation code now that my domain has moved from sub domain to main domain on the server? Might it be an idea to install the latest version as new ad server, I haven't got a great many banners and advertisers. Thanks, Gerald.
  12. Just had a look on the actual site and loaded a few pages, no banners are showing the ad server is in the root folder, do I need to change the invocation code, from https://www.mysite.net/revive305/www/delivery/ajs.php':'http://www.mysite.net/revive305/www/delivery/ajs.php' to https://www/revive305/www/delivery/ajs.php':'http://www/revive305/www/delivery/ajs.php Gerald
  13. Hi Andrew, I have received an email from the hosting company saying they had swapped the domains around, sub domain is now the main and main now the sub domain. I have just accessed the ad server and it seems to be working okay without altering anything, admin shows and all the banners are appearing. I'll try it for a few days to see what happens. Gerald
  14. Hi. My site is about to change from being a sub domain to the main domain as the old domain is about to expire. What do I need to change to ensure that the ad server works? Looking at conf.php it looks like when the site is transferred by the host it will still say www.mysite.net will I need to change anything in the database files? thanks, Gerald
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