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  1. Hello, After further investigation and reading upon the Update guide: https://www.revive-adserver.com/support/upgrading/ I can see that it is fairly easy for an upgrade to be performed, my questions are related to: - is it possible to upgrade directly from 4.1.4 up to 5.0 or I will need to update from 4.1.4 to 4.2 then to 5.0 version? - What are the system requirements for the '5.0.0' version, since for the previous one I can see it is '7.0' php and yet there was a fix for using '7.4' php version, so that I can make sure that all necessary versions have been installed and if necessary update the mysql server version also. - I checked the 'New features and enhancements' and I can see that those will have some-what effect on my current plugins but not sure what exactly the effect will be, below is a list of the plugins that the setup is currently using: IAB VAST Plugin 1.11.9 Banner Delivery Logging Plugin 1.1.2 Invocation Tags Plugin 1.4.7 MaxMind GeoIP Plugin 1.3.10 . -> Effect on this one. Banner Delivery Cache Store Plugin 1.2.0 Reports Plugin 1.5.5 3rd Party Servers Plugin 1.3.1 Delivery Rules Plugin 2.2.0 Banner Types Plugin 1.3.0 If possible can anyone inform me if all of those plugins except the mentioned one will be able to work properly if such an upgrade is performed (from 4.1.4 ~ 5.0.0) and if something needs to be performed while doing the update for each of the plugins including what exactly will be the effect on 'MaxMind' while the upgrade is been performed? Thank you very much for the time that you have taken to read and answer my questions.
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