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    andrewatfornax reacted to Ian vM in Interstitial Pre-roll Ads in Mobile Apps   
    The "revive adserver mod website" is not affiliated with Revive Adserver in any way.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Matteo Beccati in "data-revive-id" not changing   
    data-revive-id is a hash calculated using the delivery and deliverySSL config values.
    @Adi The old one had "www" in the path while the new one doesn't, that's why you're getting a different id.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Josh in New banners not showing often enough   
    It's useful to look at the zone probability report to see what Revive is calculating for current probability. As you do this and make changes remember that caching can have some impact, switch to admin user and recalc probability in maintenance.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to AngryWarrior in Zone Invocation Options Drop-down   
    Thank you Andre. ūüĎć
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    andrewatfornax reacted to vioussoupov in data-revive-id (Asynchronous JS Tag) for Load Balancing pool   
    Thanks, andrewatfornax,

    I tested this schema: three servers via the load balancer and generating $etag in one place for all revive instances and this works for me.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Ian vM in Revive login page redirects from HTTPS to HTTP - why?   
    Login as system administrator
    Go to http://rsv.londynek.net/rserver/www/admin/account-settings-user-interface.php

    Force SSL Access on User Interface

    Click save.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to wojtek in Revive login page redirects from HTTPS to HTTP - why?   
    Many thanks, everything now working great.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Moshe L in Contract & Renmant campaigns factor.   
    forgot to reply.
    Thanks !  I am deeply testing it.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to paule in Random number   
    This is a cache blocker, you can generate it server-side or client side with JavaScript. But you can also leave it like that, however some browser configurations may cache the request and display the same ad which was delivered in the first request over and over again instead of requesting a new one in each page request.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Marco in Revive Installation and Configuration Steps   
    I'm new to Revive too but it's very easy to use and works fine out of the box.
    I just follow the documentation.
    How it works for me:
    First I create a Website with different Zones, then create Advertisers, Campaigns (Remnant only with date limit) and Banners, in this order.
    Then assign Banners to a Zone. I don't create any Delivery Rules or Limit.
    In Zone, in Invocation Code tab select Asynchronous JS Tag to see the code.
    Hope it helps.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Fabian in Getting Probability 0.00% in Contract campaigns   
    Finally after 4 hours it starts to work , contract campaign got probability¬†ūüôā
    (last change we did grand full access to Maintenance user)
    Stil not clear why it took 4 hours, but problem solved thanks to current thread !!!
    Thanks a lot

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    andrewatfornax got a reaction from Twobeef in Delivery Rule Sets   
    Use the Site - Channel option.
    See also: https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/997
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Krishnapriya Ravi in HTML5 Freezing   
    This is an issue of html5 zip file and not with revive ad server html5 plugin.created html5 file using current object (this) and we updated to specify div id issue get resolved.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to pansen in PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'new' (T_NEW) in .../lib/pear/PEAR.php on line 569   
    Problem solved!

    It's always good to look twice:
    The error occurred in an old revive installation still stored on our server but not in use since 3 years.

    Maybe some search engines have indexed the banners, so they can be accessed directly from search results...

    After deleting the folder containing the old revive version, the error disappeared in the server error log.

    Everything fine now.

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    andrewatfornax reacted to Ian vM in .htaccess Password protection for Administration login page.   
    Yes that will work just fine. You can also put it in www/api ūüôā
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    andrewatfornax got a reaction from Crssp in Using Revive for Html Scheduled content insertion?   
    Yep, HTML banner with wildcard sizes would be my first suggestion!
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    andrewatfornax reacted to itsme in Deliver ads async without iframe wraped around   
    I found the solution - and the option ūüėÄ
    Just disable the option "This banner can be safely displayed inside an iframe (e.g. is not expandable)" at the banner-settings. If this is disabled, the js-code is delivered without an iframe wrapped around.
    It's that easy!
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    andrewatfornax reacted to BaliDave in 4.1.4 Exceeding max execution times   
    OK, I found the problem -- one way out in left-field: the new RevAds no longer returns the same indication from my PHP call, that there are no more ads meeting my criteria. So an obscure page of mine wound up in an infinite loop! I found a new way now to detect a "no more ads" condition (not the same as previous RevAds) and changed the criteria, so that all works OK now.  So no more timeouts in Rev Ads are occurring.
    I retrieve ad information via a PHP call to a RevAds fucntion, and all my ads are "local" ads.  This gives me the html needed. which I display.  This code came from many years ago when I first started using OpenX, as it was called then. There's a very brief mention of this I found now on https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Tag+Variables
    But I didn't find any more documentation on this now, and don't have access to the old OpenX one.  If you know, please tell me where there's more documentation on this available now. 
    Anyhow my basic invocation to retrieve ad data has a call to the view_local function defined in alocal.php:
    $ad[$i] = view_local('', $zoneNum, 0, 0, '', '', '0', $phpAds_context, '');
    And I do this in a loop, bumping $phpAds_context each time I find a valid ad.  Previously in RevAds (last version prior to 4.1.4 I used was 3.0.2) the 'html' array element of this would return an empty value if no more ads met the criteria, and I'd break out of the loop.  My fix now is to check that this element has some sensible value (e.g. there's an 'href=' in it).  It'd be nice to have something more definitive -- let me know if you know of such.
    Anyhow all seems to be working OK now.  I'll report back later if something's still amiss.  Thanks again Andrew for all your efforts here, and my apologies for not finding this sooner.   I hope this saves someone else's time.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Eduardo Ecode in Banners Repeated/Duplicated When Using Single Page Call   
    I found this solution, works fine: 
    <script> var OA_zones = { 'zone-5-1': 5, 'zone-5-2': 5 };ÔĽŅ </script> <script src="//reviveserver.com/www/delivery/spcjs.php?block=1"></script> <script> OA_show('zone-5-1'); OA_show('zone-5-2'); </script>ÔĽŅ
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Display Name in Server Redirect me to an IP   
    Dear Admin
    I wrote this again and again so its the 2, 3, 4, 5,... Time.
    When I install Revive Server on an Laptop, Pc, Server,... who is in my Local Network the Server make an Redirect from the Login to the localhost,, 192.168.1.XXX or what Ever IP Adress the Webserver used. The Joomla installation works fine and the Replay to the URL who I enter.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Ats in Delivery Rule Sets   
    Ah yes, I see it now.
    Thank you very much!
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    andrewatfornax got a reaction from scott001 in MariaDB 10.2 Compatibility?   
    Hi @scott001,
    I had a call with our database guru on the team today, and he tells me that Revive Adserver sets non-strict mode as soon as it connects to MariaDB, so, Revive Adserver should be compatible with MariaDB 10.2 with its strict mode enabled.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Matteo Beccati in Installation failed to create the core tables   
    It's a known incompatibility with the utf8mb4 charset: https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/740
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    andrewatfornax got a reaction from Twobeef in Custom Query Parameters   
    Two ideas:
    1. Use two (or more) different variables, e.g. "reisen=true", "rostock=true", "katze=true". Then you can target accordingly.
    2. Combine everything into one variable, e.g. "thema=reisen|rostock|katze". Then you can target accordingly using the "contains" or "regex" options.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to vask0 in change / eddit to links   
    Hello I want to ask whether the link can look like this   forum.website/nauka (ok)    /    Not like that forum.website/forum/48-nauka/  (no ok)  hat is, there is an opportunity to remove that thing  forum/48-topics...