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    andrewatfornax reacted to adus in Extra redundancy   
    Thanks for the speedy reply!
    Yeah we make heavy use of AWS and RDS so sadly cant put the code on the DB server but I always meant to double check for scaling purposes if the task could lock as most of the php nodes would just be exact mirrors.
    I may spin a low end box up to handle the tasks but if I at least know it works as a mirrored then I can get under way with scaling anyway.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to raulfg in ERROR IN GLOBAL STATS (Revive 5.0.5)   
    Forget this!
    Sorry ! The problem the check of production site is disabled! when i enable the check the warning dissapear! 
    The warnings appears on php 7.2 & 7.3 (I dont know what happen in inferior versions... )
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    andrewatfornax got a reaction from adus in Extra redundancy   
    The maintenance process does have locking in place, to ensure that only once instance is triggered at a time, but personally, whenever I was managing a setup like that, I would put the Revive Adserver code on the central DB server too (even though it would not serve ads from there), and then run maintenance on that machine, so that there's no need for network traffic off-server to run maintenance.
    Every millisecond counts, right? ūüôā
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    andrewatfornax reacted to JLW in An error occurred while accessing the database   
    Resolved.... thank you for your comments.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to scott001 in Issue with Upgrade to 5.0   
    Ok, it might take me a week or so, but I'll get it together...
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Artistan in Insecure Cookies Warnings - Non-SSL Cookies   
    Our load balancer forwards requests to the web servers via port 80 (insecure on the local network)
    due to that, the web server + Revive does not automatically know that is should be serving secure links and cookies.
    In order to resolve this we had to add a forwarded header to the load balancer that tells the server + Revive code that the connection is secure from the users browser.
    search for `function setupConfigVariables` in the code to see what i am talking about, there are many different server settings to allow `$GLOBALS['_MAX']['SSL_REQUEST'] = true;`
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    andrewatfornax reacted to tbobker in Using Google Adsense With Revive Adserver   
    Hi James,  you can setup a banner and connect the banner to any number of zones from multiple publishers. Is that what you wanted?
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Artistan in Insecure Cookies   
    looks like this may be fixed in 
    Revive Adserver 5.0.4
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    andrewatfornax got a reaction from Sudhir in 403 Error on Adding a new banner   
    HTTP 403 is a permission error. Check you webserver logs.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Matteo Beccati in Is 4.2.1 long-term stable?   
    No, there’s currently no LTS version. Only the latest releases normally get security fixes.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to mitchems in Administrator Login loop on upgrade   
    I figured it out. I was installing the upgrade on a new AWS instance so that I wouldn't interrupt the old one. I found that it was still requiring HTTPS but I didn't have a cert on that server. By going into the host.domain,conf.php and changing requireSSL=1 to =0, that fixed my issue.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to stapel_eliz in error messages since update to v4.2.1   
    The problem turned out to be that my server host hadn't actually updated PHP from version 5-point-somthing, despite my request that they do so (and assurances that they had). When Revive did the update (via cPanel's Softaculous), it asked if it could update the version of PHP but, though I'd said "yes", the update didn't apparently go through.
    The solution was to do the update myself.
    Thank you!
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    andrewatfornax got a reaction from levarberry in Does Revive provide an api interface   
    Yes, there is - there's an XML-RPC API for this. 
    Unfortunately, documentation for this is still on my todo list... But the API is there!
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    andrewatfornax reacted to AgentPublishing in Redirected After Banner Upload   
    It does look like resetting cookies has helped! Thanks!
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    andrewatfornax got a reaction from Keval SMS in Upload banners on Amazon S3 Bucket   
    There is no native support for this, no.
    However, depending on your system, you may be able to mount the S3 Bucket as a filesystem, and point Revive Adserver to that mount point for image storage.
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    andrewatfornax got a reaction from Dofini in Add Delivery: Desktop / Mobile Only Option ?   
    Hi @manuel,
    Based on the order PHP "and" and "or" are applied (http://php.net/manual/en/language.operators.precedence.php), what you have is equivalent to:
    (Germany AND Windows) OR (OS X) OR (Linux). So, you need to set up in the UI:
    GEO Country Germany AND Operating System Version any Windows   OR GEO Country Germany AND Operating System Version any OS X OR GEO Country Germany AND Operating System Version any Linux I think that should do what you want, in one banner.
    ... This is where setting up targeting channels starts to make sense, so that you can more easily apply one or more channels.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to michel in Loop redirection to the login page when the route is changed   
    I updated revive adserver from version 4.1.1 to 4.2.1, using the following path /adserver and everything worked correctly. Later  I changed the path to / , and the project started to redirect to the login page every time you click the options of the revive adserver. Can someone help me with this problem ?
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    andrewatfornax reacted to haychart in Displaying the advert the wrong size   
    Thanks for this - i have been emailing Madhu with regard this
    I think it is an error on my template forcing it full width - i tweaked the css a bit and all is fine now
    thanks for your help
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    andrewatfornax reacted to clement_c in Following instructions on Revive for zone invocation code, but nothing appears   
    I found it, it was about probability of a zone, linked to the campaign's type !
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Madhu in No delivery rules   
    In this case the Revive installation process didn't fully install the default plugins. you need to install "Delivery Rules Plugin".
    you can goto plugins menu then click browse icon with select Delivery Rules Plugin.zip file and Install.
    Try this https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Revive+Adserver+Broken
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Krishnapriya Ravi in Unable to Display Graphs Charts   
    Do you like to fix the issues?
    Reviveadservermod.com will provide solution for issue.Please contact them here https://www.reviveadservermod.com/contact-us/
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    andrewatfornax reacted to tkat in Upgrading from 4.1.4 to 4.2.1/ Not Locating Plugins   
    I've made several attempts to upgrade from ver 4.1.4 to 4.2.1.  This entailed updating PHP to 7.2 as well as uploading a new SourceGuardian file.
    On Step 4. Configuration I keep getting the error message "One or more plugin files couldn't be located. Check install.log file for more information.
    The log file says:
    Starting file-check for plugins... Plugin: openXAdvancedMobileTargeting - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: openXBannerTypes - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: openXDeliveryLimitations - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: openX3rdPartyServers - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: openXReports - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: openXDeliveryCacheStore - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: openXMaxMindGeoIP - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: openXInvocationTags - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: openXDeliveryLog - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: openXVideoAds - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: apLoader - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: apVideo - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: TrackingPlugin - Unable to locate XML files Finished file-check for plugins ...
    I've verified that all these XML files exist in the current install.  
    Would really appreciate any insights into this issue.
    Thank you.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Diego Loureiro in error   
    Thanks, but neither option helped solve the problem. Could someone help me with this? Access the screen www.altosagitos.com.br/ad and clicking on accepted, it stays on the same page and does not go forward. Installing Revive Adserver 4.2.0-rc1
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Bono in 4.2.0 Litespeed is not supported?   
    Hi, yes I need to recompile PHP to include ZIP extension. I will do it this week and let you know.
    Thank you
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in Link to Revive 4.2 release notes is broken   
    Thanks for letting us know, Roy. The link has just been fixed.
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