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Ads Stopped Appearing after Low Disk Space

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I have a system that has been running well/fast for over a year. Last night disk space got low (less than 10 MBs before I freed up space to well above 10 GBs). However, since then, my AdServer no longer delivers the images, instead we just immediately get 1x1 pixel images. Everything else is fine, JS snippets get on the page, the HTML/CSS for ads gets spit out... but the image itself does show up. I have walked all the database tables doing Analyze and Check Table; there are no errors. I have restarted the web and mysql services. I have checked MySQL and PHP logs, there are no errors in either. I log in to Revive, switch to admin, check/run all maintenance; no errors, everything reports fine/good/success.

This gets generated in the target HTML page: {http mydomain}/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=14&n=53cd814  

But the result is just an immediate 1 pixel image.

I have tried a number of different ways to search for help on this, but always seem to land on topics where the user needs help getting setup and it only overs the basics.

Only clue so far. The issue started at about 2:44am last night. In the SQL error log I do see

\bin\mysqld: Sort aborted

as well as

\bin\mysqld: Incorrect key file for table 'C:\Windows\TEMP\#sql748_19fda9_1.MYI'; try to repair it

These errors stopped at 6:40am when I freed up disk space and restarted the services. There are no errors now - but also no images being delivered.

What am I missing?



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As I mentioned above, that is the first thing I checked - AND i rechecked it about 20 mins ago. Went table by table; opened it to view data/rows, did ANALYZE on each, then did CHECK TABLE (medium) on each table. All were good/success, no indication of problems.

Since this was your first thought also, have you encountered this before? If yes, which are the most likely tables to have issues? I am thinking of truncating a few and then manually reloading some of the database from backups - but it would be nice to know which ones are the most likely targets... which ones have the most frequent writes/changes. Thanks - Jeremy

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Any other ideas on what I can investigate or where to look to reveal the error/issues? This is affecting a busy site and I am 8 hours now without delivering any ad impressions. Thanks!


To answer your Q, it was not sudden, the real problem was that the notification system (e.g. on low disk space sends us email warnings and switches to TXTs when critical) was not working, that is also fixed. But we didn't have a system in place to detect that that system was not working. ;)

So it just caught us by surprise. Growing logs and a few too many automatic SQL backups. Normally we get an email and clean it up a week or two before it gets critical.

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34 minutes ago, Accuraty said:

Any other ideas on what I can investigate or where to look to reveal the error/issues? This is affecting a busy site and I am 8 hours now without delivering any ad impressions.

Hard to say from the outside what might be causing this. Virtually no information to work with.

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Could you suggest additional places to look for errors? I have checked MySQL and PHP common places, but in Revive I have only found the logs for the maintenance. I am not familiar with Revive at all - are there other places it might be logging errors? I am at a loss here and open to any suggestions.

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Ok, so this is interesting. About 12 hours after the low disk space situation was fixed - things suddenly started working again. I can only assume this means there was something corrupt, cached, that was stopping ads from being delivered as expected. It seems like once that expired and was regenerated, things just started working again.

Can someone describe to me the steps one would take to clear and rebuild all the ads and images without affecting currently setup campaigns? In other words, keep all data and uploads, but completely expire everything and recreate it all. Thanks in advance - Jeremy

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