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Found 8 results

  1. I have a system that has been running well/fast for over a year. Last night disk space got low (less than 10 MBs before I freed up space to well above 10 GBs). However, since then, my AdServer no longer delivers the images, instead we just immediately get 1x1 pixel images. Everything else is fine, JS snippets get on the page, the HTML/CSS for ads gets spit out... but the image itself does show up. I have walked all the database tables doing Analyze and Check Table; there are no errors. I have restarted the web and mysql services. I have checked MySQL and PHP logs, there are no errors in either. I log in to Revive, switch to admin, check/run all maintenance; no errors, everything reports fine/good/success. This gets generated in the target HTML page: {http mydomain}/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=14&n=53cd814 But the result is just an immediate 1 pixel image. I have tried a number of different ways to search for help on this, but always seem to land on topics where the user needs help getting setup and it only overs the basics. Only clue so far. The issue started at about 2:44am last night. In the SQL error log I do see \bin\mysqld: Sort aborted as well as \bin\mysqld: Incorrect key file for table 'C:\Windows\TEMP\#sql748_19fda9_1.MYI'; try to repair it These errors stopped at 6:40am when I freed up disk space and restarted the services. There are no errors now - but also no images being delivered. What am I missing?
  2. Hello everybody, I have the following escenary: I have a EC2 instances cluster and a RDS Database MySQL server, all in AWS. Our website has 1500 visitors per minute, and in a specific hour of the day, the connections pass from 10 to 1200 per second, with 3 EC2 intances, then there are some intermittences. This is my revive DB configuration [database] type=mysql host="my.db.com" socket="/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock" port=3306 username=revive password="mypass" name=ultra_ads persistent= mysql4_compatibility=1 protocol=tcp compress= ssl= capath= ca= [databaseCharset] checkComplete=1 clientCharset= [databaseMysql] statisticsSortBufferSize= [databasePgsql] schema= Please, tell me if you need any more information or configuration file, I'm really new to this kind of service.
  3. Hi All, Doing a fresh install of Revive on a Ubuntu server hosted by DigitalOcean. All goes well until the installation script connects to the database. After I input the name/user name/password of the database I created and click the submit button, the following error appears: Installation failed to create the core tables It does not elaborate from there. Now, Revive HAS connected to the DB, because two tables (the same two every time) get written – rv_database_action and rv_upgrade_action. No other tables are created in the database by Revive. Revive has full access to the database, so it's not a permissions issue. I'm simply stumped at this point.
  4. Hello All, In a separate thread (which received no responses) I detailed a specific issue I'm having with installation. Essentially, no matter what I do, only two tables will be written to the MySQL database for Revive Adserver and I get a simple error message telling me "Installation failed to create the core tables." I've, frankly, given up on the installer script. Does anyone know of a workaround to somehow manually "install" the tables in the database without using the script installer? Any tips would be welcome. Maybe some kind of MySQL dump from another server, etc? Just looking for tips. Been pulling my hair out for a week over this. Thanks!
  5. My Revive installation stopped counting stats all of a sudden the other day. The reason was quite simple, one of the Mysql tables (<prefix>_data_intermediate_ad) was broken (and the var/debug.log grows quite fast). Here's how to fix, in case someone else runs into the same issue: mysqlcheck -uroot -p <revive_database> --repair
  6. Hi! What privileges is needed for the mysql user as minimum after installation? Is it enough with select, insert, update and delete?
  7. I installed the Revive Adserver a one click install through my ISP Heart Internet. This has however installed an older version and I am trying to upgrade to the newest version. On running the upgrade installer I'm getting an error (see screenshot also) which is not letting me complete the upgrade due to a MYSQL user permission error, however I can't see anywhere in PHPMYADMIN where I can change permissions. In the Revive Adserver documentation under upgrading it says the following "Create this new database, and also make sure that the MySQL user “revive_adserver” has “all privileges” on the new database." Please help
  8. Hello, We manage a few different Revive AdServer instances (all v3.0.2), but on one of them I have been noticing some pretty frequent errors. NOTE, all were previous OpenX upgrades. As far as I can tell, everything appears to be working as expected, but our logs are catching MySQL errors from delivery/spc.php The error is due to invalid SQL syntax, resulting from an empty trafficker_account_id: $aZoneInfo['trafficker_account_id'] // trafficker_account_id does not exist! Here is a snippet of the failing SQL: SELECT 'default_banner_destination_url_trafficker' AS item, apa.value AS value FROM `ox_account_preference_assoc` AS apa WHERE apa.account_id = AND apa.preference_id = 2 UNION SELECT 'default_banner_destination_url_manager' AS item, apa.value AS value FROM `ox_account_preference_assoc` AS apa WHERE apa.account_id = AND apa.preference_id = 2 UNION SELECT ... Link to the full script on GitHub: https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/blob/master/www/delivery/spc.php#L740 Does anyone have any insight into why this trafficker_account_id would not be populated? I would imagine it's mostly likely an issue with our configuration or banner / zone setup, and not related to the migration to Revive. Any recommendations on what I could check to help correct these errors would be appreciated. Regards, - Mike
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