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Delivery engine changed from OpenX?


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I have been a PhpAdsNew user for ages. I just learned about the existence of Revive. To be honest I would have preferred for Revive to make software that could be bought for a reasonable price to help developers (I originally donated to PhpAdsNew).

Anyway, here's the question. I show about 500.000 monthly ads to a range of countries. Delivering ads with limitations (country, in my case) has always been a problem. Contract campaigns (i.e. "AdViews evenly over the remaining number of days") do not meet contracted amounts more often than not (even for countries with 25% of the total impressions) and I end up having to create high priority campaigns that I need to tune manually every week. A huge pain in the neck, plus I end up giving away impressions in order not to fall short. At some point I switched to OpenX, but even with patches that were supposed to address delivery issues the results were even worse, so I went back to good old PAN.

Are there changes in Revive's delivery engine that will provide a solution to my delivery problems?


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Hi malmazan,

Thanks for the feedback! I'm considering a couple of options at the moment that we might move forward with to help raise funding for Revive Adserver, and hopefully allow the core development team to spend a lot more time working on and supporting the product. I feel like I'm seeing this request more and more on the forums!

There are possibly some updates in Revive Adserver that will help you. Certainly, there have been some threads on the forums and some other feedback that suggests that the updates we have made over the last couple of years have improved things. Specifically:

1. Blank impressions are now logged. If you can't display any banner, Revive Adserver now tracks this, and that helps it better understand what your zone's capacity is for traffic.

2. We fixed some bugs relating to calculating how many impressions to show in contract campaigns that caused Revive Adserver to be working out the wrong number of impressions to show if you were not using UTC as a timezone.

3. There's now an option to deliberately over-deliver on contract campaigns from the outset. This sounds counter intuitive, but getting ahead of the delivery curve (by a little bit, e.g. 5%) can make life much easier for Revive Adserver as the campaign progresses, and allow it some slack to ease through the remaining impressions over the rest of the campaign, instead of having to take an ever increasingly aggressive stance re: trying to grab all the impressions later on.



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