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  1. Hi: I have been a PhpAdsNew user for ages. I just learned about the existence of Revive. To be honest I would have preferred for Revive to make software that could be bought for a reasonable price to help developers (I originally donated to PhpAdsNew). Anyway, here's the question. I show about 500.000 monthly ads to a range of countries. Delivering ads with limitations (country, in my case) has always been a problem. Contract campaigns (i.e. "AdViews evenly over the remaining number of days") do not meet contracted amounts more often than not (even for countries with 25% of the total impressions) and I end up having to create high priority campaigns that I need to tune manually every week. A huge pain in the neck, plus I end up giving away impressions in order not to fall short. At some point I switched to OpenX, but even with patches that were supposed to address delivery issues the results were even worse, so I went back to good old PAN. Are there changes in Revive's delivery engine that will provide a solution to my delivery problems? Thanks
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