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  1. I understand the intricacies and difficulties of delivering. However, consistently wasting 8% of impressions (I can understand some small percentage due to the issues you point out, but not this) on Remnant campaigns does not make sense when there is no capping on any kind, most campaigns are running behind and delivery rules only apply to some 5% of my contracted impressions. Even with a setting of 99% over-delivery I could see a zone with 6 banners with 0% priority belonging to 6 different campaigns lagging behind (some of them quite significantly). For this specific zone, the banners had no delivery rules. Right now Remnant campaigns have 95% of the priorities in one specific zone. And one banner from an uncapped advertiser, uncapped campaign, and uncapped banner with no rules shows only 2% priority. For a 12-month campaign that is running 30% behind after 1 month. All campaigns have the same weight (5). And I see no wild over delivery for that campaign today in the stats that would justify a low priority right now. Also a another banner with a similar situation and 44% underdelivery. And that's with a 99% over-delivery setting. I also see some banners with 0% priority that belong to campaigns that are on schedule or over-delivering, which makes sense, but not the other two.
  2. Been there, done that, not a solution. I should not need to set overdelivery at all. The question is why are so many Remnant campaign banners shown in the first place when there is no capping at advertiser, campaign or banner levels, hardly any rules and I'm running behind on delivery.
  3. Ok, forget about the over-delivery issue, which is making the problem less obvious, and let's go back to the situation of 2 months ago when the over delivery setting was 0%. With no capping on campaign or banner level, and just some country delivery rules or some banners, I'm wasting 20k out of 300k monthly impressions on Remnant campaigns when most campaigns are lagging behind. I have some 15 campaigns and some 100 banners.
  4. Hi Andrew: Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. No, I meant over-delivering. Since I need the 99% over-delivery setting to minimize impressions wasted on Remnant campaigns. some campaigns overdeliver (I do not really undertand why, really, if anything, when there are more than enough impressions for everyone, they should all over-deliver in a similar way assuming they are all uncapped). Obviously if I do not have enough impressions for fulfill my Contract impressions that would be my problem. i had read all the documentation before, and use this forum as a last resort. It was there that I found the over-delivery setting, which minimizes my problem at the expense of creating over-delivery issues on some campaigns. To maximize customers' CTR, I always use an amount of banners that will roughly provide the needed impressions to meet contracted campaigns. Right now I'm lagging some 20% of a month's impressions behind but now have the number of impressions to compensate (and wasting a significant amount impressions -I'm talking 20k out of 300k within one month- on remnant campaign banner impressions does not help me get back in line, and neither does having some campaigns over-deliver to try and minimize the first issue). I do not follow your reasoning. If there are several campaigns that are lagging behind assigned to an area with little traffic, whatever little traffic there is it should be spread across them. I do not see why there should be more Remnant impressions because of this. There is no capping at the campaign or banner level (some banners in other campaigns do have some country targeting), and there is another zone selected in the chain settings of the problem zone. The zon'e traffic varies in a similar way to the rest of my zones. I could understand banners in Campaigns that are on target showing 0% probability sometimes, but I do not see how that should be possible with campaigns that are running 25% or more behind as per the Campaign Monitor plugin.
  5. I'm confused as to why my system is showing so many Remnant impressions even though most of the campaigns are lagging behind and use no capping or limitations of any kind on both the campaings or the banners. I have set an over-delivery of 99% in the Maintenance settings to try and minimize the problem, but I need to keep checking stats daily to ensure a specific campaign does not overdeliver. Maintenance runs fine every hour. In a zone that carries little traffic I just saw a remnant ad (and saw it also 1 hour later) and checked the zone's priorities. There 6 contract campaign banners that all but one belong to campaigns that are lagging behind, yet each of the banners' priorities is set to 100%, which the only Remnant campaign banner for that zone has 100%. This zone runs fine (i.e., shows contract campaign banners) in other days and times.
  6. If using "Delivery File Names", the files need to be redirected somehow (unless one wants to manually change file names every time one updates Revive), though I guess I could have used a symlink redirect that did not specifically redirect to an "http" URL. Way back then, though, I did not imagine Google will force us to go SSL Ideally, revive could write the symlink rewrites to an .htaccess files
  7. I finally fixed my ads being served unsecurely. I used .htaccess redirects for the altervative "Delivery File Names" and they were redirecting to http pages. That also seems to have fixed the javascript banners not being served at all.
  8. Still trying. I sequentially turned off (via dates) all campaigns and the problem persists. The https page is initially loaded as secure by the browser, but when the Asynchronous JS banners are loaded, it shows it as insecure. (When Javascript is off, the page loads securely alright via https, though)
  9. I did a new, fresh, test, install of Revive Server. Again, only Asynchronous JS invocation works. Regular Javascript does not. I was able to get lg.php to serve via https. I still do not understand why my working install does not. 'Some Http:' is only used as URL destinations. I even did an Phpadmin search to make 100% sure of this. Any ideas?
  10. Tried changing "protocol" (under [origin] in conf.php) from "http" to "https" Ended up locking myself from the control panel ("Due to a problem with the database Revive Adserver couldn't retrieve or store data"), though banners are still being served. Changing "protocol" back to "http" did not help with the CP issue
  11. I'm using standard invocation codes, only changing http to https where needed Also, although Asynchronous JS invocation does show banners over https, lg.php end up being called from http://, so browsers will not qualify the page as secure
  12. Hi all: Moving to https, it seems only Asynchronous JS invocation works. Regular Javascript (which is what I need) and iframe invocation do not seem to work, with relevant 'http' changed to 'https' and over a plain HTML file. I'm running revive 4.14. PHP is 5.6 (though problem was the same with PHP 5.5), MySQL 5.6, Apache 2.4 Thanks in advance for the help
  13. Can't be done officially. As a hack, I use addresses of this form in the email field: [email protected]>,<[email protected] Though you'll have to get it done manually in the data base
  14. Hi all: Everything I do for avoiding adblockers does not seem to work. Using iframe or asynchronous invocation codes does not work, at least not with Adguard for Firefox. I also tried creating a subdomain so as to avoid getting tracked due to the "www/delivery" bit, but that did not help either. I also modified file names. Has anybody achieved any success with current ad blockers?
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