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Greetings -- Fellow Banner Ad Servers


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Congrats on purchasing openx (i hope). I am a newbie to openx; but I wanted to explain my scenario and get some input from you knowledgeable people!


I own 20 websites. Each slightly different niches - all on the wordpress self-hosted scripts. I want to install openx/revive and use one installation to push banners to ALL of these websites.

1) can I do this?

2) can one installation of openx/revive be used to drive banners/impressions on all of these 20 websites?

2a) I'd be doing standard iab sizes: 728x90, 300x250, 120x600 or 160x600

2b) Is there a suggested wordpress plugin?


Is anyone else doing this? please provide any feedback here - did i miss any questions I should have asked?

Thanks so much in advance



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I can answer 1 & 2 - which is Yes, and Yes.


2a isn't really a question, but Revive can support any size banner at all, really, so this is not an issue.


2b isn't something I really know much about - I know there is a Wordpress plugin, but we have not really looked at bringing this over from OpenX to Revive at this stage. But that doesn't matter - you can do all of the above even without a Wordpress plugin.

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I do a very similar things. So far since upgrading to revive, i've had nothing but misery. I'm pretty sure revive's impression/click tracking is completely busted, but anyway...


1) Yes.

2) Yes

2a) Ok good.

2b) There is an old Wordpress Plugin, OpenX Widget, but it doesn't offer many options. If it doesn't do it for you, use the text widgets. Using widget area for ads is smart, it allow you to control the pages they show up in via jetpack widget visibility, and can be easily moved and changed.

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1) I upgraded from openX because openX was dated, lacked recent PHP support which created many errors in our log files, and many things have been updated in revive, such as support for limitations by browsers to include OSes since XP.


2) We ran straight advertisements, a leaderboard, 960x90, 4 sidebar ad blocks (300x250) and some 468x60 banners. We ran them on 3 sister sites (Wordpress network) and outbound enewsletters for reach site. We racked up over a million impressions within 8 months of use, sometimes up to 5 or 6K a day.


I'm the web developer and assumed the role of ad manager too when we created this product, which we do run of site, and you pay per issue. So for say $500, you get a run in our enewsletter, and 2 weeks on the website. Ideally you'd be on the web for a week, we'd publish content, curate it, and generate an enewsletter with a custom plugin, and send the newsletter with ads. You'd see 5 ads in the enewsletter, and when you click any article in it, we take you to our site where you'd see the same ads.

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