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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, recently I've set up a WordPress website and have set up Revive Adserver successfully alongside WordPress. The issue I'm having is that I have two banners that are causing a javascript conflict in the rotation, they are both Lexus ads, one being a strip ad and one being a block ad. Only those Lexus ads cause this javascript error when they load, if the page loads with a different ad. The site works fine (otherwise the plugin Redux Framework breaks and the images don't load). So my question is - what would the difference in these two banners be that one of them causes an error and the rest of them don't? Is it Flash Version? What could be the variable that does this?
  2. hi we just moved to a wordpress site and it only has one Post template It has a ad section with an option of one Inline Ad - which shows an ad in a post after 3 paragraphs Unfortunately it cannot be categorised so an ad for Finance will also appear in manufacturing, property, general news, sport etc is their a way of getting revive to check the section before displaying an ad cheers
  3. I have several WordPress sites which I self-host and they have no problems hosting Revive ads. However, I have a number of users who are running their WordPress sites on a wordpress.com *hosted* server. That is their WordPress install is hosted by wordpress.com directly. The reason the Revive calls do not function on these sites is that Wordpress explicitly disables ALL javascript on their own servers, for their own reasons. My sole solution to this so far, has been to recommend my users to move to a different hosting provider. Naturally this is not ideal, and most users balk at the idea. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions for a different, more user-friendly, work-around? Cheers.
  4. On our site http://hanfjournal.de we are having this problem: sometimes two skyscraper banners (right edge of the screen) are shown as layers on top of each other, where one banner has a bigger width than the other and you can see a part of the wider image below the smaller image. Both images are of valid, active campaigns. But why are there two banners at once? This happens on very rare occasions by the way and I don't see any common reason. It happens at less than 1 of 100 site reloads, but it keeps on happening. Every now and then and totally random. Here is a cut from a screenshot, showing two banners overlaying each other on the right edge of the screen.
  5. hello, Im using revive adserver to serve ads to my wordpress site. In my wordpress site I need to create a sponsor section, where I need to display the logos of my sponsor. I would like that each logo could come from reviveadserver so that I could control the impressions, etc. The problem is that I dont know if reviveadserver can help me on this. How should I configure this on reviveadserver in terms of zonesn, campaigns and banners? Shouls I create a banner to each sponsor and link each banner in Wordpress side? Or what? Any ideas? Im a little bit lost... thank you, fwu
  6. Hello, Congrats on purchasing openx (i hope). I am a newbie to openx; but I wanted to explain my scenario and get some input from you knowledgeable people! I own 20 websites. Each slightly different niches - all on the wordpress self-hosted scripts. I want to install openx/revive and use one installation to push banners to ALL of these websites. 1) can I do this? 2) can one installation of openx/revive be used to drive banners/impressions on all of these 20 websites? 2a) I'd be doing standard iab sizes: 728x90, 300x250, 120x600 or 160x600 2b) Is there a suggested wordpress plugin? Is anyone else doing this? please provide any feedback here - did i miss any questions I should have asked? Thanks so much in advance -om
  7. Hello there, I did install the WP SuperCache plugin to speed up load on our blog and since then I had few problems with the ad served. Randomly the pages are not loaded properly caused of the ads been generated dynamically and the only way to go back to normal is to delete the cache on WP SuperCache. I was reading an article about you http://www.contentrobot.com/making-openx-and-wp-supercache-work-on-your-wordpress-blog But it's referring to OpenX 2.6 and i'm sure something is different with the new version of the server. How do you perform a single page call code from the settings and what else is need it? thank you. A.
  8. Hello Revivers, I have an OX ad server (v2.8.9) I create at work and it's running ads for multiple sites (all our branded sites - 5-6 total). One of the sites is a Wordpress site using a OpenX-WP Widget plugin. Before I upgrade the server to Revive 3.0.0, does anyone know if the calls made by the OpenX-WP plug-in will still function with the revive 3.0.0 upgrade? Here is a link to the WP plugin page: http://wordpress.org/plugins/openx-wordpress-widget/ If not, can anyone point me in a direction for a Wordpress Revive plugin? Ideally something that is asyncronous, since the current plugin is not and does blog load times on the pages with heavy ad placement. If someone needs an example of the WP widget code, let me know, I'll copy/paste whatever is needed.
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