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  1. thanks to you both. @Alpha1 Some additional questions for you. 1) Was there a specific reason you upgraded from openx to the revive version? 2) you running ros offers? I wonder if this can be done using OIO or a wordpress plugin and not require use of openx/revive? thanks -om
  2. Hello, Congrats on purchasing openx (i hope). I am a newbie to openx; but I wanted to explain my scenario and get some input from you knowledgeable people! I own 20 websites. Each slightly different niches - all on the wordpress self-hosted scripts. I want to install openx/revive and use one installation to push banners to ALL of these websites. 1) can I do this? 2) can one installation of openx/revive be used to drive banners/impressions on all of these 20 websites? 2a) I'd be doing standard iab sizes: 728x90, 300x250, 120x600 or 160x600 2b) Is there a suggested wordpress plugin? Is anyone else doing this? please provide any feedback here - did i miss any questions I should have asked? Thanks so much in advance -om
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