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  1. Well it seemed to work properly... I have a cron job that starts it. I've also tried with the option "Automatically perform maintenance during delivery if scheduled maintenance is not set up" Lets see how it is going to work after the reinstall. I will wait a few days and will monitor it. Then I will write back to share the results.
  2. 400-500 is the total amount of impressions of the zones all together. All campaigns are linked to all the zones. In fact, they started to show in the last hour, so it seems the problem was solved with the clean reinstall. With the previous version none of the campaigns that I've had for the past six months wanted to show when they were set as contract type - one time I've waited 4-5 days and nothing.
  3. Hi Erik, All of my zones generate about 450 - 500 impressions per day. Those are landing pages for WiFi access points. I have this problem since November. Today I reinstalled Revive with a new database and recreated everything from scratch. I'm going to wait and see if campaigns will start to show. The BACB campaign is set to expire tomorrow with 300 impressions, but it doesn't show either.
  4. Hi everyone. My problem still exists. I reinstalled revive from scratch, created all my zones (27) and all my active campaigns (4 contract + 1 remnant). All my zones are 620x980px. All my banners in the campaigns are HTML5 banners and I've set the same width and height. My maintenance script works properly. The remnant campaign is showing everywhere normally, but non of the contract campaigns does. As I look through the zones I see that the remnant campaign is with 100% probability and all of the contract campaigns are with 0% probability.
  5. Hi @andrewatfornax, Yes, the maintenance is running properly. It is set as a cron job and everything works fine except the contract campaigns' delivery. About an hour ago I've set a new contract campaign and the problem still exists... Now I have only this contract campaign and a remnant one. And again, when I look at the probability tab of the linked zones, it gives me 0% for the contract campaign and 100% for the remnant. I'll wait for several hours to see if something is going to change, but I realy doubt it...
  6. Hi @andrewatfornax, Yes, I've checked the FAQ and all of my setting, but with no luck. In the probability tab all the contract campaigns are with 0% probability and the remnant one is with 100%. I've changed the type of the remnant to contract, then it's probability also became 0%. I've changed the type of the contract campaigns to override, so I can deliver them, but it shouldn't be like that.
  7. How did you fixed it? What was the problem? I have similar problem - 0% probability for contract campaigns and 100% for the remnant one...
  8. I recently installed revive ad server and I'm having a problem. I've created a remnant campaign with weight 1 with no limitations. Then I've created 2 contract campaigns. I've tried different options for them. First with total campaign limit, then with daily limit, but the probability for the linked zones for the contract campaigns stays 0%, and for the remnant campaign is 100%. As a result the contract campaigns are not served. Even if I stop the remnant campaign, the contract ones still get 0% probability and are not served... I've tried to search in the forum for similar problem, but with no luck...
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