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Found 3 results

  1. I recently installed revive ad server and I'm having a problem. I've created a remnant campaign with weight 1 with no limitations. Then I've created 2 contract campaigns. I've tried different options for them. First with total campaign limit, then with daily limit, but the probability for the linked zones for the contract campaigns stays 0%, and for the remnant campaign is 100%. As a result the contract campaigns are not served. Even if I stop the remnant campaign, the contract ones still get 0% probability and are not served... I've tried to search in the forum for similar problem, but with no luck...
  2. I have set up 1 zone with 1 Remnant campaign as defoult ads when no override or contract campaign. Then i have set up 1 geo targeted override campaign for 1 country..who should be priority for this country. If i set limitation on 1 Remnant campaign, by sellecting all countries, unless the country used for geo targeted override campaign its working.. But if i not set limitation...my override geo campaign not display ads. I would expect a override campaign to get priority, and i would expect remnant to be secondary. Since there will be many different geo targeted campaigns, and they will change, its not a solution to must sellect all other countries for Remnant... I also tested limitation - IS NOT ANY OF - means not display contries same as im geotargetting, but not worked too Any ideas how to solve this a effective way? Nikki
  3. I have one Remnant campaign running and for testing purpose I put impressions to 10. but even after ad displayed many times the count never get decrease. Also Even after 10 impressions ad didn't stop displaying . I have set Targeting for banner as site Variable. why these impression count didn't updated after ad visits.
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